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October 6, 2010

"Vivifying Love" by Squeaks

Yes, it's another poem XD I figured that if you like poetry so much I'll give you another good dose. This one is an allegorical story of a girl who is pure physically but is an adulterer at heart for she gives her worship and adoration to other gods. The moral of this poem: stay pure not only for your husband (girls) or your wife (guys) but also stay pure for Christ.

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Vivifying Love

I was a jewel,
Proudly displaying my pomp and glory.
I opened up my doors
To the street and called for my love to come in.
And in he came, a roaring lion;
Not at all the gallant knight I
Thought he was.
And he tore apart my house,
Left me in ancient ruins.
He laughed.

So I shut my door and slipped away.
I was horrid.
Like a prostitute: giving my soul to idols.
I knew them well, by name I called them.
My abusive lovers who stole what I had
And gave me nothing in return.

With my rococo, flamboyant speech, I
Prayed my vain attempts at happiness
Would enable me to accomplish some flight from society.
Yet it was not so and never would be.

The regnant authority in my pitiful
Life {if life is such a word}
Was none other than a force of the pit.
Spewing asphalt and sulfur in my face,
It would belch in satisfaction at my
Long held devotion.
And I never knew.

When one would drop by to chat,
I’d get up and leave,
Go back to my hovel.
What a horrid life {if life is such a word}!

Soon my heart became eristic and
Struggled with my evil soul.
Mind and spirit warred against each other.
And with a great “huzza” my heart and spirit
Did squash the reign of terror held by heart and soul
Laying them in a grave together;
A wondrous slaughter, never before seen!

And it was then I could understand the phenomena
Around me, of which I had
Paid little attention.
And finally I comprehended;
I was an adulterer.
And I wept.

But a knock on my door
Set me on my
I peered through the peek hole.
Was a lamb, munching tender
Shoots of grass.
And my heart did soften
And melt.
I threw open the door and ushered
In the lamb; I let it slake its thirst.
And then I knew I had not been forgotten.
My worship was still received and I
Was forgiven.

With word of mouth or pen,
I cannot vivify to you
How serious our love-lives in spirit are.
May you see Jesus as the tender
One He is and be satisfied
With no other.

He is my love,
No other is greater.
And I will wait for Him for He’s been waiting Longer.
A name of sweetness;
Vivid love.
The ecstasy of staying true till the
Wedding: none other is better.
And so shall I live,
My eyes up, my heart at His feet
And my door open so others may see
Our sweet communion.

Signed with Valour,



  1. *breathless* That was beautiful... I love your poems, and I envy you. I could never write a legitimate poem. :D

  2. Thanks Icewolf :) This one was actually fairly simple to write. I don't often do rhyming poems because they're SOOooo hard :P (Rhyming doesn't come without thought for me lol). Essentially this is a free verse. They're really easy to write too..

    All you have to do is think of what you want to say (or like all great writers just write and be surprised XD ). Then you put it down on paper with the most descriptive words possible (lots of action words). You break up the lines wherever you want :) And then poof; you've got your free verse poem.

    *yeah yeah, i like to talk lol* So if you look at the part where I talked about the knock on the door and the girl got up and let in the lamb...check out how the phrases are really choppy. It's my poor imitation of breathlessness and a building of tension :P I'm working on it and while I might not be great like Chaucer or Milton, at least I'm learning lolz!

    I hope I didn't bore you too much with my blabbering :P I like to write about what I do lol


  3. Not at all, the best comments are long ones I always say.


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