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The Fellowship

October 1, 2010

Voting Time

Now is the time for voting! Those of you who have watched the Green Giveaway progress so far know that we have a total of 7 amazing entries. Here's how the winner is going to be're the judges. That's right, YOU :)
To view all 7 entries, please see the Green Giveaway Page.
Now for rules:

  1. I put a poll up on the right side of my side-bar. It has options like Entry 1, Entry 2. You choose which of the entries you think is most descriptive and best portrayed, and vote for it. You will only be able to choose one entry, so choose well.
  2. Don't go back and change your vote. I know you may feel like it, especially if the piece you chose is tied to your own piece, keep your vote the same. I won't be able to tell if you do change, so I can't do anything about that, but I'm hoping you all will be honest.
  3. Don't vote for your own writing piece. I know it's tempting, but it's not very fair. Again, I can't tell who votes for what, so I'm going to have to trust you guys on this one. 
  4. I opened up the comments on the contestant entry page so you can give positive critique for the work. If you've got something negative to say, don't say it at all. We're here to build each other up, not tear down!
How to Judge

Essentially we're looking for the following attributes in each story.
  • Good description: the writer makes the scene come vibrantly alive in your minds eye. They draw on all of the senses (taste, smell, sound, touch, and taste) to give you the whole picture. 
  • Usage of "cool" words: the writer has used a wide vocabulary to portray their description.
  • If conversation is included: it should portray the emotional undercurrent of the characters in a clear fashion
I've checked through all the entries and they all include the word "green"; they also come within the word limit of 250-600 (note there are a couple entries that went just slightly over this limit; but I gave them the go-ahead since it wasn't much). Also, all entries either came from descriptive scenes from current writing projects or the given allowable descriptions (e.g. fire, water, earth, air).

So now it's your turn! Use the above judging rules and pick which story really struck you as being the most descriptive...the one that is brought truly alive in your mind. As for me, I'll be waiting!

And to all you writers who participated, great job! Whether you win or not, this has been a lot of fun. I greatly enjoyed reading all of your entries and I look forward to getting to know you all better over time. When this contest is over, I will be releasing the names of those who wrote each piece. If you don't want your name to be released, please email me and clarify :)

In the mean time *flag is waved and tournament riders come back in from the field* let the voting begin *crowd cheers in excitement* {Voting time: October 1st - October 6th; to see the entries please click the Green Giveaway Page}

Signed in a flowing script,


{P.S. If anything does not make sense to you or you want clarification, please don't hesitate to ask in a comment!}


  1. Sweet! I'm looking forward to seeing who wins!

  2. Heh...this should be interesting. Also, I noticed the poll said 'Poll closes in 4 days', instead of five..or six. Whichever one it was. :)

  3. @Jake, yes it closes at 10:00 AM (my time) which is really 5 days from now but since it's past 10 here it says it closes in 4 days :P Don't worry, you have till the 6th, which is Wednesday.

  4. I just reviewed each one, and let me say, the first one blew me away! *le gasp* I can't wait to find out the wonderful blogger who wrote the piece.

  5. So, I'm guessing it's too late to enter... oh well, that's what comes of going on vacation!

  6. Thanks for following my blog, Squeaks! As of now I am following you, too. :)

  7. Thanks Eldarwen! I've heard so much about you on bloggosphere that I figured I'd better follow and find out more :P

    And note to all the rest of you (thanks for the comments, btw!) the poll has been updated to end on the 10th, not the 6th; hopefully more votes will come in. I've got 52 followers and only 9 votes so far! *blink* how does that work? *shrugs* I dunno...


  8. Before Oct. 10, I'll try to get ye some traffic from my blog. :) I know several of the entrants, though... XD I recognize writing styles.

    I think I was going to say something else--but I cannot remember now. :P


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