News: Since April of last year I have managed to accomplish several monumental things in my studies, but I update you now to tell you that three nights ago I had the best sleep since I last visited my aunt's house (years ago) and probably will never have another good sleep like it for years to come *nods sagely*.

--12 March 2017 --

Quote: I really dislike how glasses slide down your nose impetuously when you're glaring down at your unfinished work. -Me

The Fellowship

November 1, 2010

Squeaks is feeling...

...very pleased about having written two 1000+ word devotionals :) Just writing about God and reading His Word lightens my spirit. I love Him so very much :) + my Bible smells good. I love the smell of Bibles :)
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Signed with a heart,



  1. I love the smell of Bibles too. haha.

  2. They really do smell good :P I haven't really counted, but I think I have over 5 Bibles in my room alone XD We collect different editions but we have mainly NIV. lol...I love the Bible. God's Word is great.


  3. Ahhhh...Bible-smell. >_> Excellent. I have an ancient Bible from the nineteenth century...from Sierra Leone or Liberia. :) I forget which.


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