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December 4, 2010

Do You Really Read My Posts?

Check out the bottom of my posts, and from now on, you'll see a little checky thingy that says:

I have read this post

It's my way of keeping count on how many of you actually read my stuff. It's kind of something that lets me know "Hey, I'm reading and I'm interested." So please, after you read each post, click the I have read this post button!

Please & Thank-you!!

Signed with Sugar,



  1. What if we're reading it in a reader? (I came over and clicked it anyway.)

  2. Mwahaha. >:) *clicks on the button and cackles* I read every post, Squeaks. Indeed, I believe I have read every single post ye have ever written...ever. :| No joke. :D

  3. That's a really good idea actually. I may steal it...

  4. Alrighty, but I always read them anyway. :D

  5. @ Lady Greenleaf -- I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying that you can't click the button in a reader? If that's so, then don't worry about it lol

    @ Jake, yes yes you're most awesome! I'm glad you read every post for I fear that if I write something you've never read, no one else would read it either XD

    @ Devin: Go for it! I took the idea from Whisper (I think) at the Jabberwoky. *glances around* I hope she doesn't mind XD

    @ Icewolf -- :)

    @ Everyone -- (lol I have a lot of "@'s" today) I just see the usefulness of it now! Check it out - only 4 people have commented (exempting myself) but 26 have actually read the that's what I call useful :)

    Signed with certainty,


  6. I read all of your posts and everything that you have written except those JOURNALS!! ;P



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