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December 6, 2010

Editing -- What It's Like for a First Timer

Editing. The very word sends shivers up my spine and causes my flesh to crawl with unseen phantom-bugs. Editing. Why on earth did they have to give such a wonderful task a terrible, no, a horrid name? It beats me.

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I'm editing right now, even though I wish not to be. You see, I've edited before, but I've never edited a book. I've re-written essays and short stories, even a couple poems, but never a fully finished (and beautifully completed) book. So what have I done? What's gotten into my strange mind?

The Adventures of Ramsy Motch has taken a crazy -- a terrifying -- change. What? How? What did you do, Squeaks?? Hold on, let me tell you. TARM is no longer going to be a measly 50,000 words long. It's not going to be filled with boring characters that act as puppets to convey a tale of nobility, courage, and honour. It is NOT going to be a child's book. No longer. That form of TARM died officially, yesterday morning. How did it happen? Let me tell you.

I woke up yesterday (duh!) and came upstairs. Dad had already fed the animals, so the only thing for me to do was sit and stare at mom as she drank her coffee. We'd be off to Church in two hours, so I had time to stare and do nothing. Then came the inevitable:

"So Squeaks, what's going on with TARM?"
I stare at mom some more and then think about my beautiful book. I let my mind reach out to the character's I've come to love and adore. What is going on with TARM? Then, the purpose of my book hits me like a smack in the face (yeah, I guess it kinda hurt).

"I've decided," I say as I finally begin to piece together the puzzle, "that TARM#1 is not fully finished."
"What do you mean?" asks mom as she sips more of her heavenly coffee. I stare openly at the steaming cup, wishing I'd be given permission to have some of that angelic brew. Why parents decide certain things is totally over my head. *huffs*

"Oh well," I say as I pull my focus away from the cup, "TARM is not finished. It's not going to be a 50,000 word book. It's going to be a 150,000 word book. Maybe even more than that."
Mom gives a small gasp (barely audible), "Why? I thought it was a kids book?"
"No, I'm making it a teen book. I want to develop the characters more. I want to spend more time getting to know them. 50,000 words for one book isn't enough. So I'm going to combine the first three books I'd planned and lop them into one."
Mom looks at me strangely.

So that's how it happened. Now, as I edit TARM#1 (which is really going to read TARM Part 1...there'll be 3 parts to the book) I think of the long road ahead of me. 150,000 words. I've already written some 70,000. Not even half-way. That's kind of depressing for me to think, but it's true. Now this might not make any sense to you since you don't know much about TARM, but I assure you, I'll let you know more.

{not my image}

At the current moment, I've printed out the copy of TARM P-1 (it's 108 Microsoft Word pages, but I print on both sides of the paper so it's only like 54). I hole-punched it and stuck it in a green soft-cover binder. I made a lame cover page and now, the first 1.5 chapters have been thoroughly doused with purple ink. My editing pen, so I call it.

I spent 10 minutes on Saturday expanding first bit of the opening scene. (huh?) Yes...originally the part I was working on was some 70's like 200 now.

So what are some of the issues that I've noticed so far with my writing?
  1. The sentence structure needs quite a bit of work. I've noticed that I'm telling instead of showing and that I'm sometimes telling things that are totally unnecessary to the plot line. 
  2. Conversation doesn't flow too smoothly. I've had to re-write the first scene 3 times so far (and I doubt it will be the end of it) because of sentence and conversation smoothness. 
  3. I realized that the main race on my planet (Yiddel -- the people are called Yiddelites) can fly (of course I knew this before) but I only mention it in the beginning of my book. The rest of it alludes to their skin pouches with wings (don't look at me like that...I'll tell you more later) but nowhere do I show any Yiddelites flying except in chapter 1. That needs to be fixed.

There are also many more issues, but we'll speak of those when the time is right. Now...a sentence for you from Chapter 1 (hehe I'm evil to give you such small

The boy in front of him seemed as though he'd been made of rock. He sneered down at Ramsy and moved forward. Ramsy backed up and felt the heel of his sneaker hit his locker door.

TTFN -- ta ta for now!

Signed with a trounce,



  1. Aw, thanks for giving us a glimpse of your writing life!!

    150k, huh? Awesome!

    Oooh....Yiddel sounds so cool!!! :D

    Have fun and Lord bless as you edit away!!


  2. LOL, my sentence structures need attention, too; I have this habit of awkwardly wording them. XD

  3. I guess I won't be able to read my Christmas present until December 2011? Good thing I am very patient. :)

    Too bad you couldn't use this for University credits.

    Happy editing,

  4. (OO) Excellent! I look forward for more about this. But don't look to me for advice :P 'cause I have never fully edited one of my novels. ;) A shame, really... >_>

  5. Thanks for the comments folks :)

    @ Mom, no you'll read it this Christmas, but it'll only be 1/3 of the whole whamboozle ;)

    @ Jake, you haven't? I thought you'd edited before...a shame indeed! XD

  6. Wow *looks at Outcasts, which is in truth, a short book* And I only did 74 microsoft word pages! But hey, it's not gonna be a major one in the series so...I hope the next one is going to be longer.

    Can't wait until you post more of TARM.

    Ps. I must say as well that I lack in the editing area, but I did go through a hard copy. :P

  7. I agree with you. Why do the little thing when you can do the whole shabamg? My book 'The key to D'lair' is not, I repeat not, going to be 100 pages. I aim for upwards 300. hopefully. .

    I have another question. What is the down side to posting your whole story here? (not like I'm trying to weasle it outa you, just for my book's sake.)

  8. @ Icewolf :P merci!

    @ Ashely, I'm not posting my whole story because doing so would totally negate the whole concept of publishing. People would just be able to read everything on my blog and wouldn't want to buy the book. Besides, it makes you guys get interested. What fun would it be if you bought my book and knew everything about it?


  9. *gah* double *gah* my blogger thing is MESSING UP. *head/desk* and doesn't show me when you post. It's doing that to ALOT of blogs... and it's really ticking me oFF! But I love your quote at the top, so... I feel better already! :D


  10. Alright! Keep it up Squeaks! That's really exciting. Looking forward to hearing more about the adventures of Ramsy Motch (I love his name!)

  11. Wow. Lots of words. :) I know the current big project will be about 150,000 words. And it's a sequel. I've been working on it for eight days. 28,000 words so far. The third book in the trilogy should be around 180,000. Which means I'm going to have a trilogy as long as the Lord of the Rings. O.o

    I was looking through your blog followers...and I know Meaghan Ward and Elizabeth Liberty. Are you on the Holy Worlds Fantasy Forum?

  12. @Bleah, ack! I know what you mean about it "messing up" :P Sometimes blogger makes me want to throw my computer out the window. hehehe but I usually reconsider before I do so :P

    @A Servant of the King: Thank-you for the encouragement :) I can't wait to share more!

    @Matthew, That's awesome. Yeah, I'm hoping to write a longer series some day, but for right now I'm settling with the smaller books lol. Concerning Holy Worlds Fantasy Forum, I'm not part of it, but I do know of it :P


  13. Okay. You should join up. The administrator...Jay, is my cousin.


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