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December 4, 2010

A Few Excerpts

I haven't done much writing lately, but I figured you folks deserve a few excerpts from whatever I can scrounge up. Sooo...I've put together a few snippets taken from various places within The Adventures of Ramsy Motch: Book 1.

{Note -- these excerpts are not edited :P I haven't had the time (until now) to edit so be prepared for some awful writing}

Chapter 1 Excerpt

"I'll sit by Ramsy here, I think." she laughed and flopped down beside her twin. Her hand snaked out but Ramsy caught it.
"Don't even think of messing my hair with those filthy hands! I don't exactly want to go to school with bleached mane, Elly."
Elly's blue eyes glistened as she laughed loudly. She swung her long blonde braid over her shoulder and huffed.
"You're impossible, Ramsy Motch. Absolutely impossible."
"Good." he said, "At least I keep the girls away."
"Not for long." grinned Abrie.
"No Abrie, I don't want to hear your romance stories again." said Ramsy with a wave of his hand.
"What!" cried the older girl in mock hurt, "You have so much to learn about the world, my dear."
"As do you." snorted Elly.
"And you." sneered Abrie.
"Alright, enough." said Ramsy, "Last thing we need is a cat fight in the middle of the lab."
Both girls broke down into laughter and soon, Ramsy joined them. After several minutes they quieted down, Ramsy rubbed his stomach, wishing the ache of multiple bruises would disappear.

Chapter 8 Excerpt

When they had finally left the bustling city of Odraine, the sun was halfway to its final destination. It hung like a burning globe in the center of the sky and forced Ramsy to remove his outer jacket. His jeans were heavy and his t-shirt was thoroughly soaked with sweat. Elly, too, was suffering from the heat. She complained that her track pants were itchy and her cotton shirt was sticky. Aarty simply looked at them and hummed.
The road was a dirt one and stretched far into the horizon. With each footstep, a plume of brown dirt puffed into the air and coated the children in a grimy layer dust.
"Is there anywhere we can wash ourselves?" asked Elly, after emptying her shoes, which had filled with dirt.
"Well, you can take a dip in Lake Ohp, I dare say. It'll be very chilly though." Aarty gave her a sip from a water pouch and then pushed the children along.
"I've never quested before." said Ramsy.
"How old are you, son?" asked Aarty.
"Twelve years, but I'll be thirteen in three months, as will Elly. We're twins."
"Only twelve years! And twins! Why, my mother would beat the socks off my feet if she found out that I was encouraging a young 'un like you to go questing." he laughed nervously, "Thankfully she's no longer around to do so."
"How old are you, Mr. Aarty?" asked Elly.
"Oh, I'm three hundred and twenty two. Gettin' up there in years, but I'm still young enough to do questing."
Elly and Ramsy stared at Aarty with shock. Three hundred and twenty two? Why, he was ancient!
"Eh, what's that look for?" asked Aarty, when he saw their faces.

 Chapter 16 Excerpt

At that moment, when Aarty's back was turned, Ramsy spotted Flower. She swirled and dipped by the water, oblivious to any danger.
"Flower!" he called and began to walk towards her. His mind was entranced by the grumbling sound coming from out in the ocean.
Oh Ramsy! There you are, come play with the fish!
Ramsy threw off his pack and ran down the slick slope.
"No Ramsy!" cried Elly. Aarty turned sharply around. When he saw where Ramsy was and who was leading him to the edge of the water, he nearly went ballistic with rage.
"FOOL!" he shouted, a vein stuck out on his forhead, "STOP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" he screamed.
Yet Ramsy didn't hear him. A thrushing sound reached his ears, followed by a melancholy tune that floated through the air.
"What is it, Flower?" he asked as he waded into the water, completely oblivious to the stink.
Tis the sound of the Gloxton. You might wish to leave now.
"No, if you're staying, I'll stay."
Ramsy's eyes glazed over as he looked at Flower.
The water is warm, is it not?
Ramsy waded further in. Something deep inside his head rang a warning bell, telling him to go back, to turn around, but the bell was so soft and grew softer as he looked at Flower longer.
"Ramsy!" came Elly's cry. She splashed into the water and grabbed him around the waist, dragging him back to shore.

Chapter 23 Excerpt

Ramsy felt his eyes water. They'd written to him! Then, he felt sorrow fall upon his heart. They didn't know about Elly. Flower nudged his face; he turned to her and smiled.
"They're listening, Flower. They're here! They've returned, I'm not alone anymore."
You never were alone, Ramsy. He was always with you.
Ramsy opened his mouth and then shut it. She was right. The Maker was always with him; had he been so blind to not see that?
He knew his parents were waiting to hear about his journey; they were probably wondering about Elly, yet Ramsy knew he had more pressing business. He got down on his knees, wincing at the pain from where the arrow had entered his calf, now no longer embedded in his leg.
"Jesus," Ramsy felt his throat clench, "I'm sorry for being such a rotten person on this quest. I've lost so much and been so foolish, but I've learned so much. Thank you for always being with me, even though I didn't know it. You really are a great God. Thank you for the gift of the Great Oneness, I never did thank you before, so I thank you now. Thank you for giving Abrie back to me and for restoring communication with my parents. Just let us get out of this whole thing safe and sound so we can return to being a normal family once again."

That's all!! I hope you guys enjoy reading from my book :)  Tis an unfinished masterpiece :P

{Note: all characters and ideas in these excerpts are mine so please don't steal them -- if you do, I shall have to send my Baelinur to hunt you down -- 'nuff said}

Signed with a spiky thorn,



  1. AAAAHHH!!

    That's it?

    That is to say, I totally loved that! I love your writing style.

    *smiles really big when you mention Jesus*


    If anyone is interested in reading the entirety of your masterpiece, how would one go about it?

    You rock.

  2. Thanks Director!! I'm afraid I won't be giving out many more excerpts. The only way you'll be able to read the entirety is when it's published :P Unfortunately, that might not be for a while :P

    Thanks for your encouraging comments! I appreciate them :)


  3. Sounds great! I can't wait to read the whole thing!! Get working on editing and let's see if we can get this thing published. :)

    Love and hugs,

  4. That is, AWESOME!

    I wish I could write like that, .

    How do you go about publishing your books?
    See, I found a local publisher(for me)that does it much, MUCH cheaper, but, it still is too expensive for me. And how would you market it?

  5. Mwahahaha! I agree with CG--the whole 'get this thing published' thing. AHHHH this is going to kill me 'fore it's over. :P Alas, no excerpts! Wails and hallucinations! AY! *faints dramatically and then sits up, realizing it is unbecoming of a young male of the species*

  6. Hehe

    @ Mom -- yup...the editing is proving to be more tedious than I thought. I'm only halfway through chapter 2 and my pages (since I printed them out) are covered in purple ink.

    @ Ashely - I'm certain you can write well! Just keep working at it :) I haven't thought much about publishing yet, it's just an idea floating in my rather empty brain at the moment. Promotion will probably be through my blogs and by word of mouth. I might even start a website or something, but that's all just thought right now, not action. Thanks for the encouraging words!

    @ Jake. LOL! Yes it is very tedious to watch how many excerpts I release :P Just make sure you stay alive long enough to get the book if I ever publish :P *looks concerned about the fainting business*

    Signed with a bird's claw,



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