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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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December 1, 2010


Yes, it's my latest word (oomis). It's defined, by me, as an exclamation of sudden surprise, delight, and randomness. Oomis. Happy Oomis Day.


So, now that I've exclaimed, with significant gusto, my return to blogging (and whadd'ya know! I'm writing this five days before I actually "come back" into the sphere of significance...goes to show my desperation to write something useful) I wish to state some things. 

First, I wish to thank -- God. Because -- it snowed!! The ground is covered in soft white fluffy bits of frozen water. YUM! It looks like an iced world out there, layered in whipping cream. *shivers with delight* Wonderful. 

Second, I wish to thank -- MOM! Because -- she opened her first public blog!! Thanks for opening a blog mom :) I love you!! Read her blog HERE <-- Click click!!

Thirdly, I wish to thank -- SOTK. Because -- he's my bodyguard (and bodyguards always should be thanked with highest respects).

FOURTHLY, I wish to thank -- my patient readers. Because -- you've waited a month! for me to return and...return I have. Merci! I thank you for your patience :)

So on to the excitable stuff. What's new? Perhaps you're flipping over backwards because HD AND The Minstrel have new skins (I am!!). I warned things come December! It's a time of fun stuff.

Now, if you don't forget easily, you'll have remembered that I promised you a big surprise. But before we get to that big surprise (which happens to have nothing to do with you -- in case you were wondering) I have something to say:

Ding dong, hop along
Swish your tail and clap your clong.
Cling-clang, wing a nang, 
Hoop-a-hoola o'er the bang. 

Jump up! Squeamish cup
Quilting with a bitter frup!
Lie down, don the crown, 
Heave, high low, the droomish bown.

Two verses from my most excellent random poem. *scratches head* Unfortunately I cannot remember the had the words Pipely Bong in it but that's all I can remember. Remind me to give you guys the whole thing later. ;) you deserve a grand dose of randomness.

On the 24th I wrote my longest poem ever. Exactly 13 hand-written pages. What was it about? I'll give you a synopsis. I might post it later:

The poem was about a person in hell (how lovely eh?) being tortured (inspired by Angel Fall), then being whisked off to a fake universe where they believed the lie of the fakeness. Then, Jesus saved them and all became good. Beautiful. End of story. Moving on.

What else is new? Hmm, aside from the snow, our two pastors moved out with the warm weather. *ahem* That is, they left. Bye! Gone. *bleh* I do suppose I shall miss them, but I am excited to find out who will be pastoring our lovely church later on :)

Books! Books are also new. I have acquired many more books. *grin* You know what that means -- and endless supply of reviews shall be streaming into HD over the next bit. Wonderful.

  • Dragons of the Valley -- by Donita K. Paul
  • Masters & Slayers -- by Bryan Davis (<3 this book!)
  • Sword in the Stars -- by Wayne Thomas Batson (grrr...still haven't read it - Hurry up SOTK!!)
  • Angel Fall -- by Coleman Luck (chilling describes it wonderfully)
 That's about all for books at the moment. And while we're on this topic...I shall introduce my SURPRISE!! Yes, we've all been waiting for this, eh? Here goes.



Huh? What's that supposed to mean? 

I'm a NaNoWriMo winner! Yehaw chummios!

It means...I have finished my VERY FIRST BOOK EVER!!! *squeals with joy* (that's not exactly an attractive term lol)
Yes, I've written my first book and am a NaNoWriMo winner. It was previously called: In the House of Ramsy Motch: The Widdoclan & Abrie's Foolishness
I changed that title though, so it now reads:  
The Adventures of Ramsy Motch: 
The Widdoclan & Abrie's Foolishness

Wonderful!! So it's in editing stage at the moment. (sorry, I think Children of the Song has been abandoned until a later time). Now, I wish to thank some most amazing people for encouraging me in my writing: 

  • First and foremost -- God!! Without His encouragement and words of wisdom through the Bible, the comfort He instilled in my soul and the awesome ideas that He popped into my brain, I'm a'feared that I'd never have finished. 
  • MOM! Yes, mom you're the best. You were encouraging and patient. I can't wait to give you a copy of TARM for Christmas :) You're the best mom in the whole world (Note: I've got an extremely biased opinion here, so it won't do you any good to argue with me) :P
  • SOTK -- despite your nagging and annoyance, you really are a good brother and I thank you for your kind words, for reading my small excerpts and telling me how excellent a writer I am even though I know it's not true at times :P
  • Jake! You're very encouraging and you always have a good word to say. I'm greatly honoured to have you as a NaNo buddy and Blogger neighbour (kinda lol). I'm also very happy to know that YOU'VE FINISHED 4 BOOKS!!! And that NaNo just resulted in the 4th! You're the most awesome teenage writer I've ever known ;)
  • Millard! You're a grand writer and the fact that you finished 2 books (with NaNo) this month *gasps* you're amazing. Without your encouragement I'd be wallowing in the pit of despair with my book stuck at 15,000 words. God bless you! (all of you, of course)
  • Shilah; although I've never really talked with you and I only leave a comment on a blue moon, your blog has been a great place of inspiration for me. I love reading about your characters; they're so full of life and depth. Thanks for blogging!!
  • All of my other NaNo buddies and blogger pals!!! I know there are so many to name so I sha'n't try to do so :P

Also, I have a new WiP (the excerpt is already released). It's called Legend of the Shwiyaer. This piece is more of a strict epic fantasy than TARM (yes...that's the new name lolz! It's not ITHORM anymore).

So Squeaks is accomplished :) Oh and I forgot to mention that I wrote TARM#1 in only 11 days. Heh. Amazing? Perhaps -- but I burnt out my brains so I was unable to finish the second book (called Wizard Grox and the Pigeons of Snid) {I only got to the 20,000 word mark and brain died}

Yes, TARM was written with the aid of NaNo frenzy. Insane. Yet I feel bad for burning out my brains because now I have little desire to write. It's been nearly half a month since I stopped writing... :S I hope my brains come back! good to be back :) So good to feel the keyboard pound under my fingers as I stream my useless, random thoughts onto a blank page (which happens to be not so blank anymore).

OPERATION: COMBAT is officially over (it ended on the 23rd). That was fun, although very time-consuming. I fear I wore away at the nerves of my readers since I was terribly TERRIBLY late with some of my devotionals.

Music! Music is good to talk about too! I have been doing lots of music lately (both playing and listening). My family got a *new* Manafest CD, so I was pretty stoked about that.

In piano I'm learning Nocturne by Chopin and Intermezzo by Brahms. Terribly wonderfully exciting. Nocturne is so much fun to play (maybe I'll record it and put it up for you) but unfortunately my playing does not satisfy my teacher. He's all about the emotion and motion in a piece. And when I play Chopin, I play horrid. My fingers just don't move like they should.

Intermezzo -- one word describes my time with that piece so far: torture. I swear, the octaves and sevenths you have to play are going to cause my fingers to break in half one day. *hums tune* Sounds easy to play, *looks at sheet music* looks hard, but it's neither of these. Intermezzo is torture. Pure and simply put. I told my teacher (on the 29th) that Brahm's music made my fingers hurt. He laughed and said, "You just quoted a famous pianist word-for-word." (but I cannot remember that pianist's name at the moment...phooey)

I'm also playing some Christmas-y music, which is fun. I've got several pieces to learn, all of them are notched up to a jazzy level. Fun, but the chords can get a little icky at times.

And singing *sigh* I haven't been doing too much of that lately. I sing for church and that's about it. Perhaps now that our youth pastor is going I'll get to lead worship with the youth group. The bummer? I can't play either I've got to do something with the piano  or keyboard, or I gotta wave my hands in the air. I'm getting used to it XD I did sing for a Christmas-y kinda potluck thingy for our Church. I did a piece called "Maria Weigenlied" (sp?)...while I didn't look at the audience, mom says that some of the older folks got tears in their eyes (not many people sing German in our church these days). The applause was astounding, but my greatest hope is that somehow God was able to use me to touch the people :)

Winter-wonder-land, here I come :) That's about all for now folks. I can't think of much more to say, except: HI! I'm back :)

Signed with an assortment of Christmas-y smells (good ones, like shortbread cookies and cinnamon) and the fried tongue of a lizard,



  1. Well I see you have made a come back to HD! Awesome, but remember 2 exams on Saturday and one today. :)

    Nice post and thanks for putting right below God, makes me feel special.

    Love and hugs,

  2. OOOh yes! I forgot to add in congrats on finishing your book, I am so excited to read it.

    God Bless your writing, music and you.

    Love you lots,

  3. @ Squeaks,

    Great to hear that you are back to posting on Hidden Doorways again, I didn't notice how much I actually missed your random posts! Anyway, I want to thank you for calling me your body guard, it is extremely kind when you say something so encouraging...hey, maybe I can also be your assassin, you know taking a toll on those cookies up here. JK. :P

    Oh, about the nonsense poem, I just wanted to say that it is great. I have those first few lines stuck in my head now and, well, I cant exactly get them to stop rattling around.

    Once again I congratulate you on finishing your first book in TARM. Even though I have given you much praise about it already I still think your deserve more for being able to FINISH IT, unlike the other 15 (I am giving you grief). :p

    Finally I want to give you one word of advice. If you don't like playing the song Intermezzo and you are having a hard time with it, bring my guitar into your lessons and ask him to teach it to you on there. JK. :P Sry I couldn't resist.

    ~Son of the King~
    (ITML is standing at 33, to get more in)

  4. @ Mom; Thanks!! <3 <3 <3

    @ SOTK -- *ahem* yes...thank you. You're a good bodyguard *winces* Umm, but I think I can take care of the cookies myself. ;) As for Intermezzo on the guitar...*sigh* I'm afraid your strings would be reddened deeply by the time you got the notes down. *shakes head* But thank you for the suggestion :P

    <3 Squeaks (Note to others: I put the <3 because they're my family...hehehe *evil laugh* you don't get to do that often on bloggosphere do you? ROFL)

  5. Hee hee, that was fun seeing y'all banter back and forth. Maybe I should start calling my brother bodyguard.... ha :)

    It's great to have you back, Squeaks! Love the new look on the blog-- oh hey and can you send some of that snow down here puh-leez??

  6. OOMIS! I'm so glad you're back. I enjoy reading Hidden Doorways immensely =)

    Congrats on winning NaNo!!!! Good luck with book two!

    ~ Liz

  7. The fried tongue of a lizard?!

  8. @TD: Start? Goodness gracious! Being my sisters guard is about the most fun a guy can get!(for his respective sister) It's not often you get a job where you can harass your employers, still get free cookies, get bugged back when you aren't doing you chores, and STILL get a say in important life decisions! YEESH! I have it made PAT :D

    I just realized I read most of this post earlier..then exited and forgot to comment! Gadzukes that's consciousness scatter terribly brained horrible my! ;)

    Congratulations on completing you first book, I'm impressed! I thought you'd have completed tons by now:0 and to find out just one..*shakes head* I'm blown away, and you FLEW through it. Seriously--any faster and you'd have put the Portland Nanowrimo section to shame ;) And then I'd have cried....not in public of course, maybe in some dark closet. Preferably borrowed so I don't have to sop up the tear drops. *Looks around*

    Oh.Right. Great job Squeaks, well done! Writing is a wonderful tool and you have an amazing gift for it, just remember one thing. The highest call of writing is for the King, the highest audience, is an audience of one. The highest content, is the content that pleases him. :)

    Ok maybe that was three? Four? Counting just muddles my brain.

    Good luck and Good Ridda--Wait! Wrong quote!
    "Fixed fortifications are a monument to man's stupidity." <_< Nope, but I do adore that one...I wish I'd have said it first. Halt! Don't stop reading yet, I'm sure to have a good quote!!!!!!

    Edison:Any fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the
    opposite direction.

    But for a writer-ly quote?

    The cruelest lies are often told in silence--Robert Louis Stevenson.

  9. Nice to see that you've returned. In the meanwhile, I've enjoyed reading your posts over at the Minstrel Warrior. By the way, I never knew that Child of God was your mom! How cool!

  10. What's!? I have a five hundred word comment---RE-WRITTEN UP! IT TOLD ME IT DIDN'T POST! Now what do I do? *sigh* Might as well post it...I guess?

  11. @TD, methinks, if you have a brother, he is unbeknownstly already your bodyguard. They tend to assume that position whether you officially employ them or not :P I honour my little brother (who's waaaaaaay taller than I) when I call him my bodyguard. For a while I called him my underguard, but then I realized that was a term for deodorant and...well... XD You get the picture :P

    @ Liz; thank you and thank you!! You too! It's awesome how so many people I know have finished and conquered the terrifiable NaNo monster :P

    @ Izori -- yes...fried lizard tongue. A specialty, so I've heard :P (kidding lol)

    @ Millard -- *blink* That's one of the longest comments on this blog :P (note I said one lol). About the Portland comment ... :P I almost did getcha! But, it's said that a car that goes full speed uses way more gas than one that coasts -- my point: I used too much brain power and now I have none left :P

    I agree that the King's Calling is the Highest Calling. That's what I life for, breathe for, and write for ;)

    It's also sad news to know I've got 18 started books (most to just past the 6000 word point) but none were ever even NEAR being finished. TARM#1 is the first one done! :) I'm immensely happy!

    @ Dakota -- :) I'm happy to be back! And I'm glad you're enjoying the Minstrel's really grown and changed from what I previously wanted it to be.

    Yep, Child of God is my mom and SOTK is my brother. My dad doesn't type (well...he does but he uses 2 fingers) so he doesn't blog lol! I'll have to find a nickname for him on here...maybe -- The Strongman. Or something similar :P

  12. Oh oh! He needs an awesome name like.

    The enforcer.

    Or, Manchester United ;) Well..probably not MU :P Call him Prince of the King or something ;)



    SQUEAKS IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! :D :D :D :D WHEE! *dances for joy* Huzzah! Looking forward to many many posts of much excellency. :D

  14. YAY FOR YOU!!!!


  15. ~YAY~ *happy dance* More poems and randomness galore! Welcome back, and congrats over your first novel! :D

  16. @ Millard, cool ideas...I shall research :P

    @ Jake *gasp* you forgot!! Jk...don't worry :P I've received so many awesomely capitalized and thoroughly punctuated comments from you I'm sure if you missed one or two posts your previous comments would suffice :P It's good to have you back commenting though!!

    @Ashely, W00T W00t!! Now I really hope I come up with something interesting in the future :P

    @ Icewolf -- yesss!! More poems and randomness!!! I love randomness...and thanks for the congratulations :P ... if only I'd finished that second book :( ah well.

    *goes to toast with Witchdrale then...realizes mistake and settles for fairywater instead*


    {ps--if the Witchdrale remark boggled you, read Sword in the Stars by Wayne Thomas'll understand what I mean :P }

  17. Hi again. My second comment here. I really like your blog. :) You seem so packed with energy.

    You play Chopin? AWESOME. So do I. I've been playing piano for fourteen years. Right now I'm working on all four of Chopin's Ballades and all four Scherzos, as well as part of his Piano Trio, the Piano Concerto in E Minor, his first sonata, and various other pieces. I have almost all of the sheet music he ever wrote.

    Yeah, I'm just a little obsessed with Chopin. :D

    -Luke Alistar

  18. @Matthew, thanks! Yes, there are times when I'm literally a bursting conglomeration of energy and other times when I appear to be a black hole sucking the life from others XD oy haha, but hopefully the majority of my posts will be energized rather than life-slurping :P

    As for Chopin, I don't play much of his stuff, just that one song. I'm only at a grade 8 level in piano but I don't intend to do my RCM exam for grade 8 (I did it for 6 & 7). While I do love my piano, I happen to prefer voice (singing) far better :P


  19. I see. I'm trying to start a band and I have a guy singer/guitarist, a trumpet player, and me (pianist/composer), but I want a girl singer. I suppose it's too much to hope we live in the same part of the country. :P I'm in Washington State, close to Portland, OR.

    -Luke Alistar

  20. haha! That would be fun! Unfortunately, my home is across the border and probably a couple hundred kilometers away :P


  21. Canadian Border? I know a few people up there...


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