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December 8, 2010

The Really Really Fun/Lame Game

We're going to play a game *gasp*


What? Squeaks? We're here to read...not play.

I know that, folks, but this isn't just any game. It's the Really Really Fun/Lame Game. How does it work? Here...lemme show you:

How to Play The Really Really Fun/Lame Game

  1. First, you will look at the picture I provide
  2. Second, you will guess:
    1. The name of the Blog (2 points for totally correct guess -- 1 point for partially correct guess)
    2. The name of the person who wrote the blog (2 points for totally correct guess -- 1 point for partially correct guess)
  3. The person who gets the most points wins The Really Really Fun/Lame Game Button! (soon to come)
  4. If you own the blog, I'm afraid you will only get points for guessing the name of the blog. That's all :P 
  5. See the very bottom of this post for information on how to get 5 instant points towards winning The Really Really Fun/Lame Game button! Mwhaahahah -- can you find it??

Ready to play? Here we goooo.....

Picture 1: Home Sweet Home {this one doesn't count}

My Dashboard Home :) Now...on to the REAL quest :P

Picture 2: What's Pink and Pink and Pink all over? Guessalations!

What's the name of this most amazing blog & whoooooo make's it what it is today? (who's the author? lol)

Picture 3: You're a Poet who Don't Know it! That has nothing to do with this, of course...

Blog name? Author Name? Can you guess any other...missing names?

Picture 4: Mwhahahaha!!! Desolation! Fire breathing mongrels! *deep grim laugh*

Blog name? Author name? Any other names?

Picture 5: Poky! Tis a blog of great wonder! And great...strangeness. Hehehe, this is the HIDDEN STATEMENT!!! And you probably don't even know that it's here unless you're a genius! Now look for more of these messages for extra points!!
Author Name? Blog Name? Who ran away with the evil R's? (guess what the r's are too, but you don't get points for that)

Happy Hunting! Oh right...and I forgot to mention, if any of you find the HIDDEN STATEMENT (somewhere in this'll know when you find it!) *grins like a hippo* then you'll get 5 extra points! The hint? You'll find the answer in the last place you look. {Edit} And I've thrown in 1 extra point for the three statements that you'll be directed to find AFTER you find the 5 pointer one :P Directions included in that statement :P

{EDIT!} Okay, so my mom said I didn't give enough of a hint (I showed her the 5 pointer :P) so here's the better find the 5 pointer, you have to do something you normally wouldn't think of doing. Even that's saying too much. Okay? And even if you don't find it, I'll release the answer later on so you won't boggle your mind out :P Oh right, and the 5 pointer CLEARLY SAYS that you've won...seriously, when you find it, you'll know it.
Hehehe, how's this for a trial? You're getting close my pumpkin!
Signed with a loose tooth,

{p.s. I don't really have a loose tooth lol...just a lazy eye (see Fivel Goes West, the movie}


  1. Oh! Oh! I know number 4! That's my picture on the sidebar ... *scurries to look it up*
    Ah! The Christian Writers Haven, by SOTK aka Son of the King. Don't know his real name, but he's your brother. Do I get extra points for that? :P
    BTW, did you use crayon on those screenshots? Or just spraypaint?

  2. Muahahahahah!!!

    Pic #4 is Sotk's blog, "The Christian Writer's Haven."

    What other names are possible to guess??

    #5 is Jake's blog, Pen In My Hand.

    i recognized pic #3, but I can't remember the name to save my life lol.

  3. To answer the questions that have come in (but I cannot post the answers yet until everyone gives it a try :P )...

    1. I used crayon :P My paint program is Windows Vista 7, so it's uber awesomely ahead-of-the-times :P

    2. Other names to can guess anything that has been blacked out on the screen.

    Hint 1: All of these blogs are linked from my blog, so you can find those pages somewhere by clicking links and such on my blog :P I really hope someone finds the hidden phrase!!!

    Hint 2: So far, two people have commented and one of them has more points than the other (they're ahead by 2).

  4. Pic #4--as I am nearing the end of my first book, "Into the Mystic Lands."

    Pic #5--The Underground :)

  5. @ Squeaks,

    Picture five is Jake's Blog,

    Picture four is my blog

    Picture three is Icewolf's blog

    Picture two is Emily's blog

    ~Son of the King~

  6. Second one- Bleah Briann (think i spelled that wrong) ~With love and kisses~
    Third one- I'm touched (slightly in the head, but that's not what I mean)! That's my fun little bloggie, isn't it? *beams* Define Normal (for my lack of one)
    Fourth one- Son of the King- Christan Writer's Haven
    Fifth one- no idea.
    What statement? I'm confused on that one...and I wanna win, I've never won a button before...

  7. 1) *gasp* Squeaks has another blog?!

    2) No idea. ;)

    3) Also no idea. ;)

    4) My good friend and yer sibling, Son of the King for Christian Writer's Haven! :D

    5) MY BLOG! *Bwahahahaha*

  8. Well Squeaks! This was fun and I knew 3 out of 4 right away the other took a little figuring out but HA! I thinks me have it. (Yes very improper inglish :P :D of me I know. lol! gr!)

    A. Bleah
    B. Ice wolf? I think...
    C. SOTK
    D. Jake's blog pen in my hand.

    Still searching for hidden statement!

    Have a good on Squeaks!

  9. Picture #2: With Love and Kisses, owned by Bleah Briann

    Picture #3: Define Normal (for my lack of one), written by Icewolf

    Picture #4: The Christian Writers Haven, owned by Son of the King

    Picture #5: Jabberwocky, owned by whisper! (very awesome blog!)

    And here are the hidden statements!

    1.) Hehehe, this is the HIDDEN STATEMENT!!! And you probably don't even know that it's here unless you're a genius! Now look for more of these messages for extra points!!

    2.) Hehehe, how's this for a trial? You're getting close my pumpkin!

    3.) What? A LOOSE TOOTH????

  10. My entry:

    2. With Love and Kisses by Bleah Briann

    3. Define Normal (For My Lack of One) by Icewolf

    And I'm not really familiar with the find-the-hidden-phrase thing, but I saw TRRFLG in the "Labels"...

    That was fun! I hope you do it again! :)

  11. Ooooooh!!! I know the last blog! (But not the others, how horrible of me.). The last blog is PEN IN MY HAND, and the author is Jake.

    (Ps. I agree with the strangeness comment you made. :D)

  12. *is now officially confused and bewildered and just gives up on Squeaks' epic mysteriousness* I bet whisper can figure this one out... :P When I think I am being mysterious, she finds me out! :O

    EDIT: Woh, my word verification is A REAL WORD! Fella! ;)


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