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The Fellowship

December 12, 2010


I've tallied up all your points for The Really Really Fun/Lame Game! Here are some points to put out first, before I go through the list:

  1. A lot of you misread the instructions :S And only put down the author name! So I'm afraid you'll only get...*sigh* 2 points for those entries. 
  2. Only 1 person discovered the hidden message with just the hints on the screen!! I'm very proud to give -- *ahem* but we'll get to that in a moment. Now...for the Answers and the Points!


  • Elizabeth Liberty: 4 points!
  • Caroline: 4 points!
  • Manny: 4 points!
  • SOTK: 6 points!
  • Jake: 6 points!
  • Director: 8 points!
  • Icewolf: 10 points!
  • Jessica: 10 points!
  • Noah: 20 points!!!


  • Picture 2: Bleah Briann's blog "~With Love And Kisses~"
  • Picture 3: Icewolf's blog "Define Normal (for my lack of one)"
  • Picture 4: SOTK's blog "The Christian Writer's Haven"
  • Picture 5: Jake's blog "Pen in my Hand"
  • Hidden Statement's: They're all written in white ink, so you have to highlight the page with your cursor and find them XD I'm trixy eh? Okay, so...
    • 5 pointer: Highlight the text after the description for Picture 5, you'll see in small print, it says: Hehehe, this is the HIDDEN STATEMENT!!! And you probably don't even know that it's here unless you're a genius! Now look for more of these messages for extra points!!
    •  1 pointer: The first one is located at the top of the blog. Go to the rules for TRRFLG and head down to point number 5. At the end of the sentence, highlight the space after and you'll see: Mwhaahahah -- can you find it??
    • 1 pointer (x2): The next two 1-pointers are at the bottom of the post. The first one is before my signature "Signed with a loose tooth" (in the white space between the paragraphs) It says: Hehehe, how's this for a trial? You're getting close my pumpkin!
      The second 1-pointer is just after the signature "Signed with a loose tooth" in that white space. It says: What? A LOOSE TOOTH???

So how did you do? Did you get stumped with those hidden messages? It was a lot of fun watching you guys :P Only Noah got everything correct (and by everything, I mean, Everything!)

Congrats NOAH! You can take this really cheesy TRRFLG Winner button and put it on your blog or wherever you wish to put it! Next month, we'll find another winner...and there will be NEW challenges! Now here's the button for Noah!!

So *dusts hands off* that's that. Thanks for participating folks! Next time, you're the one who's name will be on some random button...this one has spilled milk and American colours (minus the blue)...the next one may have a rabbit, or a broken egg -- whatever is random goes! So, cheerio for now!! (and don't steal the button unless you're Noah...but in that case it wouldn't be called

Signed with Captain Hook's sword (yup, I was watching Hook), 



  1. o_O Confusion is settled! Genius, my friend. :P

  2. Aw! But hey, at least I got second!!! :D Better than nothing, right?!


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