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The Fellowship

January 25, 2011

*weakly waves*

Hey guys...I'm still here...weakly though. I'm frustrated right now with how my writing has taken a turn for the worse. And even more so how I've given such little time to perfecting it.


  Life has been hectic since I started going to an actual university campus. I've had more exciting and depressing situations in these last few weeks than in any other time of 2010 (ok, maybe not quite...but in a few weeks it's like, insane). I might tell you more of it later, but for now, I simply wanted to weakly wave hi and let you know that Squeaks hasn't altogether disappeared. :( I wish I could write more, I just simply don't have the time or the strength to get much out. My poor brain has been pushed to max.

  I'm afraid this is all that I can write at this current moment. I'll try and do more later...I really will, I just can't guarantee much.

Signed with a wheeze (I'm not actually sick lol...although my blogger persona is hehe),



  1. So glad to know your still alive! =) Hang in there, Squeaks! You can conquer your overwhelmedness, I am sure!

    ~ Liz

  2. Poor, Poor Squeaks..Does she need a Cup of Coffee, a Hershey bar and a long book to read?
    Don't press yourself too hard, thats what ruined the Composers.

  3. Sending some prayer your way, Squeaks.

  4. Ya I know what you mean about life being very hectic right now. Is for me too!

    Isaac Permann
    Owner of:
    The Land of Natac

    (Forgive me for advertising):)

  5. Squeaks! Good to hear from you again! I'd been thinking of you lately and wondering where you'd been. I was hoping we'd hear from you again soon! :) You have my sympathy; these past few weeks have been ridiculously, hugely crazy for myself as well. I am consoled in the knowledge that someone else is suffering under college too; I hope you're likewise comforted somewhat. :)


  6. Just glad to hear from you! Hope everything is going well

  7. Praying for you! Thanks for posting anyway. ;) *cyberhugs*


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