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February 21, 2011

Epic Awesome Piercings

And it's in! I got all 3 piercings done! It didn't hurt at all, just a little pinch, although cleaning the helix piercing killed that first day...I almost passed out :P If it weren't for the help of my steadfast brother, who sticks with me through blood and skewering metal things, well...I'd have probably been on the floor in the bathroom ... out cold. :P

So, here is a picture!!

It's epic! I took that picture with my phone like...20 minutes after I had them done. You can see my ear is really quite red lol XD but the pain is totally worth it!

Now, two days later, the lobe piercings ache every now and then but don't hurt if they're bumped. The helix, on the other hand, it causes constant headaches and hurts if something touches it :( but it'll get better soon! And it looks soo rad! haha!

First day back at university was awful, but my night was made when I found out I passed my two midterms with nearly 80% grade in both!! I thought I was going to bomb them because the physics midterm was super hard and the psychology mid term ... well, I didn't have enough time to study for it :( But I did fairly great! Not the grades I want (I want higher) but hey...Jesus is so good to have let me received something I don't know if I deserved lol!

And on a side topic, I have this friend (I'll give him the alias The Wizard, because he's pretty epic haha) anyways, we were discussing the fact of owning dragons and creating palantir's :P He said he'd get together a team of 100 awesome scientists and with the creativity of our brains we'd create the newest phoning system :P It would be so epic haha...and then SOTK, he would come in with the pyrotechnic displays to show off the newest addition to Apple's software (or whatever company we choose to grant usage of our amazing invention).

Anyways, enough blabble for now. I hope you've had a good start to the week!

Signed with a spritz of sparklies! (I love shiny things XD)



  1. I so want to get mine done! Well you know I need to check it out with my doctor. Hoping and praying it will be a go!

    Glad SOTK was there to catch you, must say you never made a squeak. Hehehe!


  2. Hey-- awesome ears girlfriend :) RAD!! :P

    Loved the post <3

  3. @ mom, lol XD yes, I winced but it didn't hurt too badly.

    @ Director, thanks!! They are totally RAD! :P And now that they've stopped aching so much I'm actually enjoying the new look :P


  4. @ Squeaks...

    Lol, u would seriously let me be the pyrotechnic for your invention. I wouldn't be surprised if I mistook the stage fireworks for napalm....jk But one thing people could say is that the promotion would totally be a BOMB...:P. Oh, that's right, you might even want to make your phone fire proof before you start advertising would cut down the risks of it catching on fire. :P

    ~Son of the King~

  5. (OO) *has now seen Squeaks' ear*

  6. @ SOTK *looks intently at your face and then changes mind* :P

    @ Jake, *snickers* yes...indeed XD now everyone knows I'm blonde XD


  7. Nice Squeaks :) I just got my ears peirced too!

  8. i'm not alowed to get peircings :( but yours look cool, i'm sure i'll get my ears peirced eventually, but until then i just have to suck it up, just like i have to wait to get facebook, a cell phone, etc, etc. i don't mind my parents setting odd and extream rules, i love them all the same.

    Never alone

  9. @Camerie, thanks! That's awesome you got yours done :) I'm guessing you did the lobes... :P

    @Jolayne, my parents were like that that I'm 18 they're ok with it (my dad was a bit iffy lol). They won't let me get a facebook, and I only recently (as of December) got a cell but that's because I'm riding the bus to the next town over so I need some way to contact them in case things go wrong :P



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