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February 18, 2011


Hey Folks,

  I've returned with much gusto today, parents agreed to let me get 3 piercings! Two in my ear lobes and one in my cartilage. So, check 'er out!

The cartilage piercing I want to get done is on the helix. Apparently it doesn't hurt much at all initially, although after a few days it really aches. Also, it's important to keep the area clean or you can get nasty infections. But...I'm willing to brave these things because this is a piercing I've wanted for quite some time!!

And then of course, the lobe piercings...but you folks all know what those look like ;)

So yeah, hopefully tomorrow I'll go into town with my mom and get them done :D I'm quite excited!

Signed with a pointy object (which reminds me, I had blood taken today for testing :S not fun!),



  1. Hey! Nice :)

    I got my ears pierced long before I turned 1... uh-huh. It's a cultural thing to get the daughters' ears pierced early... but anyway. Cool! :D

  2. :D it is cool!! I had my lobes pierced when I was 10, but they got really infected and I had to take them out :( Now there are big lumps of scar tissue I don't know if I'll actually be able to get the lobes done. I'm going to talk to the piercest about it. But, I did make a crucial decision yesterday, I'm not getting all three piercings at once. I'm going to probably get my cartilage done today and do the lobes (if it's possible) another time). I'm very stoked!! Maybe I'll post a picture XD


  3. Cool! I can't wait to get my ears pierced!

  4. that is so cool!!! I've really been interested in getting one of the cartilage piercings for a long time and I still can't decide whether I want one or not.... :P

    good luck!!

  5. Nice! I've wanted to get cartilage pierced for a LONG time! That's awesome!

    I got my ears pierced when I was 11... still remember dancing around my grandparents living room trying to get them to notice the difference. lol!

    BTW, glad to see you back! Even if it's only for a little while. :D


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