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February 17, 2011

Well Hey Now!

Hey!! FOLKS!!! I am here again! Probably not for long lol, you see I have a week break which is AWESOME *jumps up and down* but that week is slowly coming to a close :(

So, what has been up in the life of Squeaks lately? Hmm, well, lots of craaazy things have been happening, but I won't bore you with the details of my life. Let's get to the grit and grime shall we?

I've officially taken up watching all of LOTR again. Almost finished. Just have one more disk to go :P And let me tell you, at first I was terrified. I forgot how scary the Nazgul's were and the evil orcses and the goblins and *shivers* Smeagol. But, putting that behind me, I had one night of absolute torment and then I woke up the next day totally not scared at all. It was amazing. So now I can watch heads fly and intestines get strewn all over the place and I don't even shirk. It's amazing what a steeled brain can do. Just put up the walls lock yerself in and voila, you've got a pretty good chance of making it through LOTR alive.

Talking about disgusting things, while I'm on the topic I might as well bring up something that's absolutely sickening and will probably make you skip this paragraph (hint hint: if you're weak of stomach, please skip now!!!).

I had to do this psychology experiment where I was the subject (yes, I was being experimented on) and the point of the experiment was to lie to the experimenter. In other words, they asked you questions and you had to say "NO!" to every single one. But FIRST I had to watch three movies.

So here's how the story goes. I was pretty much in panic mode because I had just come out of a really tough physics midterm at the university and now I had to find the room in which the psyc experiment was held. Took me 5 minutes to find was a MAZE of hallways :( But, I managed and I got through. So, it was room 342 or something; I found the number and went in and....

*dun dun dun dun* the lights were dim and no one was inside :S So I looked around and decided I'd walk down the hallway towards the private offices. I go down the hallway and there, in a tiny room with NO WINDOWS was Brandon. He looked up with that weird psychology person type smile and said, "Hey! Come on in!"

What did I do? I went in. I didn't hesitate or scream or be like, "Oh my goodness!" Although I probably should have because it's kinda odd for an older guy to ask a girl into a room with no windows, close the door behind her, and then interrogate her :| Yeah...weird. So I went about my business, signing the sheets that handed my mind over to him for 45 minutes.

What happened next was most vile. He said, "Ok, so I'm going to have you watch some movies. You can rate them here (gives me a little sheet with some questions) and just hit pause if you need to." So I begin...and what meets my eyes practically turns my stomach inside out. The first video is in an operating room. And the surgeons and nurses are joking as they uh...remove dead white blood cells from large pockets on a man's back. *ahem* in other words, for those strong of stomach, they were popping humongous pimples. *gag*

It was so gross. I remember looking over at Brandon and making probably what looked like an absolutely disgusted face. He was very good at holding back his smile...but I saw the corner of his lip twitch. He must have had that reaction many times :P So yeah, that was absolutely sickening. I had a hard time eating or drinking anything for days afterwards lol!

Well, on with the discussion, perhaps to something less vile now eh? I have good news! I am doing a LOT more singing in my church. It's so much fun folks! I love to sing and being given this opportunity is amazing. My family (church family that is) are all so very encouraging to me, thus, the more I sing the more encouragement I get, the more I want to sing. It's a good type of circle.

I miss ya'll a TON and wish I could be part of bloggosphere more, but I just have so much stuff on the go and *wilts* I have not the strength or energy to post much on here these days. I'm afraid you won't be hearing lots from me in the weeks and months to come, but hey...whatever little you do get I dare say it's worth while because, in my opinion, the things that come from the mouth of Squeaks here *grins* are worth hearing. Well, most of the time that is.

I have not given up writing altogether. I haven't touched my book at all for two months and I haven't even done any descriptive writing, except for a wee bit here and there :( But, I do write poetry still. Every now and then I'll get some kinda weird instinctive urge to write and I'll pick up my pencil (or pen) and scribble my hastily formed thoughts onto the nearest writable surface. So, at least my skill is not entirely flushed down the drain. Perhaps in the summer I'll pick up the pace a bit more and start using my mind for USEFUL stuff, rather than wasting its energy on chemical equations and integrals.

What are some of the useful things I've been up to lately? Here are a few:

- I've been emailing a lot more :P
- I've been BAKING!! Yippee for chocolate cake that has such thick icing it makes you sick :P (actually it was really quite good).
- I've been cleaning >:|
- I've been singing (either worship songs or strange made-up tunes that have little/no rhyme and the randomest words in the whole world)
- I've been dancing (yep, gotta dance to Starfield music :P too bad SOTK don't dance with me!)
- I've been dreaming (about whatever I dream of)
- I've been praying (about many many things)
- I've been hoping (about many things too)
- I've been memorizing (Scripture, along with many items on my useless list, which I won't bother to put up)
- I've been typing (as I am doing now)
- I've been not making my bed :P (I don't think there is a difference between making it and unmaking it, except that when you unmake it, it's far easier to snuggle into the sheets XD)
- I've been watching LOTR
- I've been listening to music (woot!! I LOVE MUSIC!)
- I've been eating peanut butter (can't get any better than that)
- I've been riding on a bus (on my days when I must attend the torture center {aka. school})
- I've been carrying a huuuuuge backpack (actually, it's not huge, just really heavy)
- I've been kissing my kitty cats!! (should they make this into a sport? LOL!)
- I've been smiling a lot (it's fun!)
- I've been getting mom to crack my back (no it doesn't relieves the pain in me poor vertebrae!)
- I've been doing-too-much-nonsense-writing-at-this-moment-and-I-think-I-should-stop-before-I-thoroughly-ruin-my-reputation-for-good-writing XD

Yes, that felt really good. Just get that randomness out of your system and *poof* it's like you're back to normal. Mind you, I think my normal is someone else's random. Good stuff, good stuff...and good times too :P

So, tell me, are you happy Squeaks returned for a wee visit? I hope to be back again!

Cheerio folks!

Signed with a great big smile,



  1. *screams* SHE'S BACK!!!!!! *screams some more* (it feels good to scream sometimes).

    Yay! So good to see you again Squeaks...missed you SO much love your amazing writing and entire occasional randomness...

    Sounds like life is la crazy but a good kind of CRAZY...why don't brother's dance with their sisters? It should be a crime you know...don't think THEY would agree with me though *sigh*

    :P totally right for the weak of heart *holds hand high* I should have skipped it...but why are people who try to get into your brain always slightly creepy? I am not sure but there should be a warning label tattooed on their foreheads....just saying.

    Have a beautiful day Squeaks or night or when every you feel like being beautiful!

    Jessica (sorry I am Miss Rambley Random tonight) :D

  2. So great to see you here again! I too miss you!!!! AAAAnnnnd I can seeee you! Ha!

    Tight shoes, loose pants and messy hair.


  3. I LOVE YOU! We seriously need to meet in real life, because I think we were separated at birth. This was seriously one of the best posts I've read in awhile.

    Starfield music= W00T!!!
    LOTR= W00T!
    Creepy tests with medical videos= not so woot.

    I wonder if I would have been bugged. My dad's a doctor, anyhow.... XD

    Too funny.....

    Glad to have you back, girlfriend <3 Thou was sorely missed.

  4. @Jessica, LOL! You're hilarious! Good to hear from ya! :P Thanks so much for the comment haha...


    @The Director, OH MY GOODSNESS!! HAHAHA! You're kidding me not when you say your dad is a doctor eh? Because MINE IS TOO!!! LOL! He specializes in respirology but also does critical care at our local hospital :P Man...we're so rad lol!


  5. Squeaks......
    That's FUNNY. Mine does family practice. :P Has his own clinic and stuff- it's smallish, you know, but he's awesome :) We ARE so rad, bwahahaha..... XD

    Like I said.... we need to get together sometime... :D

  6. BAAAAAACCKKKK!! Squeaks. Is. Back. :|

    A thousand apologies for not welcoming you earlier: due to technical difficulties I could not yet comment, though I read every word. Welcome back! Your presence has been missed. :)

  7. @ Jake, *jumps up and down and sends a shockwave of laughter across to the USA* YESSS!!! I AM BACK!!! LOL! Can't say how regular my presence on here will be, but I am trying to do more writing! It's good to hear from you! I forgot how much I missed all these folks on bloggosphere :)


  8. Haha, you have indeed been missed. Good somethings with your writings! (Methinks luck has nothing to do with it.)


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