News: My thoughts are clouds I cannot fathom into pastries.

--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

March 30, 2011

"The Secret of Nimh"

The pictures should say it all. If you're still clueless, just look for the captions (note, all pictures are NOT fact, none of the pictures on this blog are mine unless I specifically say so lol!)

Awesomely captivating; don't you just LOVE Jeremy? (the crow)!!! He's epic!

Oh No!! It's a CAT!! XD

Mrs. Brisby, running from evil mouse dude with sharp pointy thing :S (ps. I <3

;( I shall never forget how horrified I was when I saw this the first time; so sad! I NEVER want to conduct scientific testing on mice...sooo mean!!

Uh oh...evil mousy dude returns (note: he's an unnamed character...the REAL evil guy (Jenner) is even worse!)

SPARKLY!!!!!! + creepy old mouse guy's looong finger nails XD eww!

*ahem* again, old creepy mouse dude with glowing eyes and freaky nails XD hahaha

AH!! It's a CAT! RUN FOR IT!! (silly Jeremy, you should seriously untangle thy feet! XD) least Mrs. Brisby will help cut through the twine.'d much rather show off...

...and flatter the little lady...
...but that's only because you WANT her sparkly! XD

Now...if a mouse could be called hot, Justin would be one very hot mouse XD

He's a gentleman ... never pushes his way (unless it's life or death lol)
...he's a dutiful guard (just look at that stance! epic! haha)

...he's got a cute mouse nose XD (wait...I can't remember if he's a mouse or a rat :| )

...and best of all, he's an epically awesome fighter!! <3

...yeah, Justin is so unlike Jenner ^ who just oozes with fake charm.

Umm, yeah. Jenner is really uhh...not so cool. XD Let's all vote Justin!!

So now you have undergone my first picture rant on my most favourite movie, "The Secret of Nimh"!! <3 And you also know that I'm in love with a rat. Okay, I'm just kidding XD But you have to admit, Justin is one good-looking rat. The guy who plays his voice [Peter Strauss] does a really good job...I think I could listen to him talk all day haha (probably make me fall asleep lol!)

Have any of you folks watched "The Secret of Nimh"? If not, I highly suggest you watch it. Here is a synopsis if you're interested: This is the best synopsis, and...this is the good synopsis.

Signed with a sparkly ;)


March 28, 2011

10 Things On My Mind...

1. Thousand Foot Krutch -- I find I really love their lyrics XD The guy's voice is awesome too, minus the screamo parts :| They really don't have to ruin the music putting those screamo sections in. I love their softer music <3 <3 <3!!!!  {don't you just LOVE their look? So snazzy and sharp!}

2. Starfield; their worship music is so...awesome! I can't explain how much I LOVE this band! It's AWESOMENESS to the fullest! *YAY* Laundromat Awesomeness! Tim and Jon are both so adorable :P {@SOTK, if you read this, no I DIDN'T stretch Tim's face this time XD lol}

3. Writing. Why, that should be on every writer's mind XD But that doesn't make me a writer if I think about it all the time. I have to actually WRITE in order to become a writer :P

4. So Good. Seriously, it really is. How about we all go soy for a week XD I LOVE SOY BEVERAGES!!

5. iPod's. I love my fat little iPod -- uber cute and amazingly useful! (especially when it contains wonderful goodies like Downhere, Starfield, TFK, Skillet, and a ton of other amazing bands). [I own the green one]

6. Feather pillows. I love my fillow peather. Err umm, make that feather pillow (note: that's an actual spelling error. I chose to leave it unedited XD haha, my brain is wacked).

7. Screaming. Not for musical purposes, of course. I just think that letting off the steam every now and then (think: kettles) is cool. Too bad I'm surrounded by people constantly...screaming in public is NOT advisable. But, (see item 6) if you have a feather pillow you can always scream into the fluffy goodness XD haha! [note: sometimes I feel like Mr. dude below...haha, my computer can be sooo annoying too!! don't blame him XD]

9. Sentimental Lyrics. The kind that makes you cry. I love that mushy stuff XD well, the stuff that makes you think...the music that makes you feel, and the emotional result = crying :P I don't usually cry when I listen to my music (Unless I'm SUPER stretched out).

10. God. I'm always thinking about Jesus XD I love Him so much, so no wonder I think about Him so much haha! It's only logical...and it's MORE than right for a person to obsess over God :P


Signed with a sixteenth A flat trill,


Oh Shoot Me. Just Kidding.

Hi! Yes, Hello. *ahem* That was a greeting, fyi.

  Ssoooooo Squeaks has had an interesting day. My poor posterior has been absolutely KILLING me all day. But (haha, pun not intended lol) but...I have managed to beat the old thing into working with me as I walk around. On campus it was killer...absolute killer: walking UP and DOWN more than 300 stairs a day is just...killer. What more is there to say?

  Another thing, I have returned to journaling *whispers* hehehe, I love journaling. I still haven't filled up a journal yet...but, my beautiful blue journal is getting there! I think I've got 15-30 pages left before I strike out. In fact, wait a moment and I'll go count them.


Actually, there are 40 pages left :P 20 if you don't count both sides. Looking back through my most recent entries, I shake my head and feel like ripping out the paper. It's so silly! Essentially I talk to myself about how my emotions swing up and down and sideway and long ways and upways and forwards and backwards and *rants on and on about how emotions swing loop-de-loops and twirly tuskalloos*

*ahem* Pardon the rant XD So yeah, since....November 30, 2010, I haven't written a single worthy thing XD and since that day, I've only filled up 10 pages (5 if you don't count both sides). Pitifully small amount! And to think my life has gone upsides downwards and inside out and sideways, long ways, upways, backways, forwards, backwards, inside, updown, *rants on and on about how life is so twisted*

*wipes sweat from forehead* Yuck, I did it again, didn't I? *exasperated sigh* Oh well, I guess I have to live with myself somehow. Besides, I like the feeling of the keyboard clicking under my fingers. I know, I know, it's a pitiful excuse to go off on a rant, but at the moment, keyboard keys under my finger pads feel so therapeutically awesome!

  Yeah, lately I've been looking for some writing inspiration. Can you believe it's been over 4 months since I've written anything pertaining to novels? *headbang* *facepalm* Ugh! I can't believe I've put it off THIS LONG!???!!! Of course, school is Way more important, but'd think that my internal-writer would be screaming and kicking inside me to get out and grab a pen (or keyboard ;) ) and start furiously scribbling whatever came to mind. Pitifully, that hasn't happened :(

  I have noticed though, and this is good news, that my imagination is coming back. Slowly, of course, but sometimes the slow poke wins the race :D (not that this is a race of course). So yeah, I'm starting to find myself wanting to describe things. A piece of paper, a torn shoe lace, the red leaves on a tree (wait, there aren't any leaves out yet XD ), the dusty sidewalk, a spring flower, etc, etc, etc.

  So is this good news? I guess so. I know my posts haven't been very "Informative" for you folks, as of late, but hey, I'm just starting to get my brain back into writing bear with me :) I only hope I don't disappoint myself when I get that wondrous burst of inspiration, only to discover that my writing talent has seeped down to a beginning-writer's level :( That would just totally not make my day.

  Thanks for the support so far, and for reading my rants XD You folks have been amazing! And encouraging :P *takes up TD's offer on ice pack* Yes, very encouraging and very helpful. LOL!

  Have a good evening me lovely chums! Hopefully I'll bring something worthwhile to this table soon!

Signed with the letter 'k' (which was pried off the keyboard for this sentence and then tactfully replaced),


March 27, 2011

I Am Not a Bouncy Ball

Hola Amigo's!!!

  What brings Squeaks to her keyboard at this unearthly (untimely) and most silly hour? To recount a tale of woe and sorrow of the great pain in the bottom. Indeed...I come to tell you of an event that happened not more than 30 minutes ago (although it will probably be more than that by the time I finish writing this whole account).

  I was riding my darling Cearazo today and decided to go up the 200 acres (a plot of land that is... 200 acres lol!) I told SOTK that I was heading up, and after equipping myself with my helmet and my horse I started off. The initial kilometer was rather enjoyable. The wind was warm, the sun was warm, the dogs were panting noisily beside me. The ground was not slippy (very little snow at that level). Cearazo was just breaking a little sweat.
  Then, my sense of curiosity nabbed me by the fingers and I directed Ce-Ce up higher. We went an additional that point the road became slippy, the snow was a foot deep in some places, and the wind was cold. The sun itself decided to hide his little face behind a gigantically puffy white cloud with angry grey streaks. I imagined sounds of breaking branches, bear grunts, cougar yowls...essentially I psyched myself out and decided to turn around before I even found out where the path really went.
  Thus, Ce-Ce and I began the treacherous descent. I pushed him into a little trot and we bounced our way down the path. I let him pick his way as I dodged the branches and thorny bushes that attempted to snag me off his back. To my great dismay, something shocked Ce-Ce as we were about 3/4 of the way down the hillside. He took off into a canter. At first it was controlled, so I tried to bring him into a trot so I could stop him. Yet, the nasty little creature decided to do things his own way. A nice straight stretch of path loomed ahead of us and Ce-Ce grabbed the bit in his teeth and tore off.
  I frantically tried to stop him, since I knew that there was a lovely copse of trees ahead that stood directly in the middle of the path and if we barreled through that...well, I'd probably lose my head. To my dismay, despite my attempts to calm the wired horse, Ce-Ce pushed even faster. The hill was at about a 60-75% grade at this point...pretty steep. The branches were flying at my face. If I leaned forward I would propel him to go even faster. If I leaned back, I'd get my face smacked silly. A corner appeared between the trees and I realized that either I was going to bail or gravity would take me off. After a second of indecision, gravity decided for me; we went into the corner at a gallop and I flew off the side of Ce-Ce. As his pounding hoofbeats slowly dissolved into the distance, I was brought to realization that I was covered in snow and that my bottom hurt like heck. I lay there for several moments, having a little pity party. Our black lab (Beauty) approached me and tried to lick my face *gag* so I forced myself to roll over and get up. My bottom felt as though it were on fire.
  I was considering taking it slowly down the mountainside when I suddenly realized, Oh dang it all! What will my parents think when they see a riderless horse come barreling down the driveway, fully saddled and bridled? Grimacing against the pain, I bit my lip and vaulted down the pathway. When I emerged from the trees, I realized that I would have to go cross-country for about 1.5km downhill in order to even think of making it home in time to head off or at least follow close behind my naughty horse. So, I started slip-sliding down the hillside, running when I dared and sliding in my rubbers when I daren't (is that a word? whatever, I like it anyways).
  I made it to the last ridge just in time to see Ce-Ce trotting down the driveway towards the house. I let out a loud hollar, hoping someone would hear and grab the beastie.
  "Ce-Ce!!!!!!!! CE-CE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! GET BACK HERE!!!" I cried as loud as I could as I continued cutting through the muddy hillside. I was so intent in my calling that I almost ran straight through the barb-wire fence. Now that would have been absolutely horrid. Not only would I have a bruised bottom but a bloody torso XD Not good.
  Thankfully, mom was down by our little bridge and heard my cries, she tried to head off Cearazo but he passed her quickly and ran straight for home. I flew down the hillside, acutely aware of my throbbing backside, and finally caught up to my mom.
  "What happened?" she asked, "Did you fall?"
  "Yep." I said breathlessly, rubbing my back and cringing when I felt the pain of some bruise.
  In the end, Ce-Ce was caught by my brother. I rode him around to cool him off then put him away with a mouthful of grain (he really didn't deserve it...but that's grace haha). When I got in the house I checked my back and ... yes ... I have a lovely red and purple scrape. My shin was also bruised (a minor one compared to the other). Now, I sit here rather awkwardly at my computer desk, sipping some Vanilla Nut Cream tea (Stash tea, if you ever want to buy it...tis great!).

  Thus, the moral of this story is: I am not a bouncy ball. I will not rebound immediately after my fall and ... I highly suspect I will enjoy the lovely caresses of pain tomorrow as I attempt to walk the 300 stairs at my school XD

  I'm afraid that this whole post may have sounded scattered and even over-flamboyant in word choices. Please forgive me :P I haven't been writing for a LONG time and I'm afraid I've relapsed back into ga-ga-goo-goo baby talk :( I haven't really had much inspiration for writing lately but, BUT BUT BUT!!! I have been writing poetry :) So at least what is in my brain is not utterly lost! haha

  Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this, and if you didn't enjoy it then ... *gulp* I hope you enjoy what I will be writing later. I can't guarantee *states in nasally annoying sales-clerk voice* that I will be back soon but I can guarantee that you have not seen the last of me :)

Signed with a hoof-pick,


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