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March 28, 2011

Oh Shoot Me. Just Kidding.

Hi! Yes, Hello. *ahem* That was a greeting, fyi.

  Ssoooooo Squeaks has had an interesting day. My poor posterior has been absolutely KILLING me all day. But (haha, pun not intended lol) but...I have managed to beat the old thing into working with me as I walk around. On campus it was killer...absolute killer: walking UP and DOWN more than 300 stairs a day is just...killer. What more is there to say?

  Another thing, I have returned to journaling *whispers* hehehe, I love journaling. I still haven't filled up a journal yet...but, my beautiful blue journal is getting there! I think I've got 15-30 pages left before I strike out. In fact, wait a moment and I'll go count them.


Actually, there are 40 pages left :P 20 if you don't count both sides. Looking back through my most recent entries, I shake my head and feel like ripping out the paper. It's so silly! Essentially I talk to myself about how my emotions swing up and down and sideway and long ways and upways and forwards and backwards and *rants on and on about how emotions swing loop-de-loops and twirly tuskalloos*

*ahem* Pardon the rant XD So yeah, since....November 30, 2010, I haven't written a single worthy thing XD and since that day, I've only filled up 10 pages (5 if you don't count both sides). Pitifully small amount! And to think my life has gone upsides downwards and inside out and sideways, long ways, upways, backways, forwards, backwards, inside, updown, *rants on and on about how life is so twisted*

*wipes sweat from forehead* Yuck, I did it again, didn't I? *exasperated sigh* Oh well, I guess I have to live with myself somehow. Besides, I like the feeling of the keyboard clicking under my fingers. I know, I know, it's a pitiful excuse to go off on a rant, but at the moment, keyboard keys under my finger pads feel so therapeutically awesome!

  Yeah, lately I've been looking for some writing inspiration. Can you believe it's been over 4 months since I've written anything pertaining to novels? *headbang* *facepalm* Ugh! I can't believe I've put it off THIS LONG!???!!! Of course, school is Way more important, but'd think that my internal-writer would be screaming and kicking inside me to get out and grab a pen (or keyboard ;) ) and start furiously scribbling whatever came to mind. Pitifully, that hasn't happened :(

  I have noticed though, and this is good news, that my imagination is coming back. Slowly, of course, but sometimes the slow poke wins the race :D (not that this is a race of course). So yeah, I'm starting to find myself wanting to describe things. A piece of paper, a torn shoe lace, the red leaves on a tree (wait, there aren't any leaves out yet XD ), the dusty sidewalk, a spring flower, etc, etc, etc.

  So is this good news? I guess so. I know my posts haven't been very "Informative" for you folks, as of late, but hey, I'm just starting to get my brain back into writing bear with me :) I only hope I don't disappoint myself when I get that wondrous burst of inspiration, only to discover that my writing talent has seeped down to a beginning-writer's level :( That would just totally not make my day.

  Thanks for the support so far, and for reading my rants XD You folks have been amazing! And encouraging :P *takes up TD's offer on ice pack* Yes, very encouraging and very helpful. LOL!

  Have a good evening me lovely chums! Hopefully I'll bring something worthwhile to this table soon!

Signed with the letter 'k' (which was pried off the keyboard for this sentence and then tactfully replaced),



  1. Ohhh, I'm sore-y that you're so sore. (Pardon the joke, my fingers sometimes get away from me.) I'll send you a chocolate donut and a pinkie toe ring. Hope they help.

    And your background. . . did you meet TFK, because I noticed the photo is signed by them.

  2. LOL! You're hilarious, Eldra XD I did meet TFK, but that was back in '06 and I don't remember it very much, except that their music was WAY too loud for the small building we were in :P (it was for a program called RUSH). I got this image off a Google Image search, so no, I didn't get it signed by them :P I really like the CD's good stuff. But my fave song so far has to be Phenomenon from their album Phenomenon (I got it from my brother who got it off iTunes, so I don't have the rest of the album).


    {ps. thanks for the chocolate and the toe ring XD I love toe rings! XD}

  3. You're welcome! Funny thing: Leauphaun (my sister) did a painting of that photo, except she didn't paint the far left guy, as he isn't in the band anymore. It was just funny seeing the photo like that.

  4. Ah Squeaks! *happy sigh* I love your random posts. they are such a bright spot in my overly hectic day! :D

  5. @Eldra, that's awesome! Tell Leauphaun that I think those drawings are AWESOME!

    @Star-Dreamer: *squeaks* AAAH!!! HIYYAAA!!! Good to see you again *ahem* more thy words again XD I'm glad you like my posts! :D


  6. *nodnod* Random as ever! Romp accurately describes this post. :D

    Inspiration...hmmm. Paintings can be inspiring, especially fantasy or clean steampunk paintings.

  7. Hehe I enjoyed your *rant* I sometimes feel like I go over board with them. But yours was a good rant.

    BTW what is with everyone saying TFK is to loud? Isn't that the point of a rock concert?

    Also you have an award you can pick up on my blog:

    Good post!

  8. @Goldarrow, thanks!

    I know I know (about TFK) they were alright but the music was too loud for enjoyment. My ears were literally ringing...and while I agree that rock concerts should make your ribcage vibrate XD they shouldn't make you vibrate out of the building haha XD it was interesting though :P



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