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The Fellowship

March 30, 2011

"The Secret of Nimh"

The pictures should say it all. If you're still clueless, just look for the captions (note, all pictures are NOT fact, none of the pictures on this blog are mine unless I specifically say so lol!)

Awesomely captivating; don't you just LOVE Jeremy? (the crow)!!! He's epic!

Oh No!! It's a CAT!! XD

Mrs. Brisby, running from evil mouse dude with sharp pointy thing :S (ps. I <3

;( I shall never forget how horrified I was when I saw this the first time; so sad! I NEVER want to conduct scientific testing on mice...sooo mean!!

Uh oh...evil mousy dude returns (note: he's an unnamed character...the REAL evil guy (Jenner) is even worse!)

SPARKLY!!!!!! + creepy old mouse guy's looong finger nails XD eww!

*ahem* again, old creepy mouse dude with glowing eyes and freaky nails XD hahaha

AH!! It's a CAT! RUN FOR IT!! (silly Jeremy, you should seriously untangle thy feet! XD) least Mrs. Brisby will help cut through the twine.'d much rather show off...

...and flatter the little lady...
...but that's only because you WANT her sparkly! XD

Now...if a mouse could be called hot, Justin would be one very hot mouse XD

He's a gentleman ... never pushes his way (unless it's life or death lol)
...he's a dutiful guard (just look at that stance! epic! haha)

...he's got a cute mouse nose XD (wait...I can't remember if he's a mouse or a rat :| )

...and best of all, he's an epically awesome fighter!! <3

...yeah, Justin is so unlike Jenner ^ who just oozes with fake charm.

Umm, yeah. Jenner is really uhh...not so cool. XD Let's all vote Justin!!

So now you have undergone my first picture rant on my most favourite movie, "The Secret of Nimh"!! <3 And you also know that I'm in love with a rat. Okay, I'm just kidding XD But you have to admit, Justin is one good-looking rat. The guy who plays his voice [Peter Strauss] does a really good job...I think I could listen to him talk all day haha (probably make me fall asleep lol!)

Have any of you folks watched "The Secret of Nimh"? If not, I highly suggest you watch it. Here is a synopsis if you're interested: This is the best synopsis, and...this is the good synopsis.

Signed with a sparkly ;)



  1. That's too funny :) I have to totally look into this! I hadn't really heard of it before just now, lol. AWESOME post ;) I love that you're in love with a rat. *snorts*

    PS, I just read your Quote thingy at the top of your blog. *coughs and turns red* I don't suppose you were talking about me, could you? *coughs again* That made me smile, anyway. I'm not sure I want to know the train of thought, though ;P

  2. I think you'd really like it, TD!! It's an awesome movie :P Haha, yeah...I'm in love with a rat XD LOL! (that actually sounds funny to say haha)


  3. aaah! I havne't heard from you in like... FOREVER! :DDD

    Why on earth am I not following you????

    Well I re-followed you.

    And BTW... I love that movie. But most people don't even know about it. :D


  4. Niiiiice. I've read the book. I've probably seen the movie, sometime. :) Entertaining post, btw. ;)

  5. @ Bleah, Aaah!! You followed me!! Thanks!! <3 I most certainly miss your awesome posts haha, good to hear from you!! :D

    @ Jake, that's one thing I haven't done...I haven't read the book O.O surprise surprise eh? You'd think such a huge fan of the movie would perhaps have read the book :P I'll have to look into that.


  6. Hey,

    I was just wondering how you got the whos among us widget on your sidebar?



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