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April 20, 2011

Huzzah! It's Award Time (jk)

So I don't actually do awards or tags on my blog anymore, due to the time consumption and stuff, but sometimes if I happen to get handed a really cool one then I'll do it for fun (or if I'm just really bored lolz). In this case, it was the famed Stylish Blogger Award :P Thanks Eldra and I do believe another person awarded me as well but I couldn't figure out who it was because there is just so much stuff on my dashboard and in my comments section XD sorry!!

Essentially, I'm just supposed to tell you 7 things about myself :P and no, I'm not going to pass this along since I'm not "officially" receiving the award lol!

  1. I love my villain. Yeah, his name is Omriel and he's amazing :P of course this is not from my NaNo novel, I put that away for a looong time since it's originally what stole my inspiration (please see archives and hunt for details if curious). 
  2. I feel hippie today. I'm wearing my hair down long and a soft hat :P k, that's not super hippie but w/e
  3. I LoooooOOOOOooooOOOOooooVE Kraft peanut butter (light smooth) and I absolutely delight in Mr. Christie's Arrowroot baby cookies :P
  4. I have 2 more exams to go and then I'm done for the rest of the summer! (I know, that's not really 'about' me but w/e it's cool info!! haha)
  5. I love cats and dogs and horses and cows (we have all of em) 
  6. I despise mushrooms and tomatoes (for those of you here last year you may remember that great hubbaloo we got into over tomatoes and mushrooms haha
  7. I'm engaged. :D ...

    ... the art of writing. Don't spazz folks! Remember, there are many definitions for the word engaged ;)

And that's it for now :) Adios!

Signed with water, 



  1. Oh, yeah. THAT conversation. That was awesome! Some thirty comments it went, right? I'm just glad nobody brought out the turkular weapons on that one.

  2. XD yup, you got it! That was so amusing haha :P

  3. You got me with the 'engaged' part for a second.

    You don't like tomatoes?!? How do you live? Everyone in our family likes to tell the many stories of me stealing tomatoes off the counter and shoving them in my mouth as a toddler.

  4. You are welcome for the second awarding of the award :P

  5. Lucky Squeaks... *mutters* Has cats, dogs, cows, AND horses. We have just a dog. :P

    I like Jiff peanut butter. :)

    *gags* I HATE tomatoes and mushrooms! XD

    Engaged... hmm. :)


  6. *blinks*


    *raises an eyebrow*

    I still hate mushrooms and tomatoes. :|

    Great post! :D "I laughed, I cried" (because I was laughing), " moved me, Bob." Out of my seat, and on the floor laughing. >_>

    [EDIT: What's with these word verifications? "Calmo"...really? :P]

  7. :D Glad to see you are back! Must second peanut butter though not that variety never had that but cannot live without my peanut butter...

    And I hope that engaged means that you are busy and not leaving us all for handy dandy dashaoming (that is handsome and dashing squished together jfyi) young man.

    Ha you are on twitter...I am gunna look you up.

    Have a lovely evening!


  8. @Izori haha! Yeah no, I despise tomatoes XD *gags* sooo disgusting! they're slimy and taste...metallic and weird :P

    @Noah, thanks!! :D

    @Vrenith, Yay for similar tastes in foods!! *high5* :P Bahaha

    @Jake, I don't get the whole Bob thing *raises eyebrow* *chuckles nervously* :P Did you actually ... cry?? LOL

    @Jessica, YAY! (((hugs))) great to see ya too!! I know! I can't live without peanut butter, I'd disappear into a little nothing without it. Clothe myself in sack cloth and put ashes on my head...wait, that means I must shave my head *does double take* hmmm, I must rethink this.

    Engaged referred to the fact that I was busy with know, "I'm engaged (busy) at the moment, give me a sec." :P Although dog gone it all I wish it were a dashaoming prince HAHA! jk

    Yes!! I'm on Twitter :P I followed you too!! It's a snazzy bit of machinery :P



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