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April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding + School + Small Update

I know I know there are lots of things I've wanted to post about, especially Easter, but with finals and stuff I just haven't had a chance. Now, I woke up this morning at 7:30am PST and realized, "Waah?? The royal wedding is already over!!" I was disappointed :( but oh well, I've been looking through pictures and stuff online and some of the outfits are awesome!! (some are atrocious!) and I loooved Kate's dress! So beautiful! Definitely princess ;)

Now I'd like to add pictures to this post but I'm currently in stunned mode thus too lazy to do so :P Maybe another day.

So many things are going on are a few:

  • The royal wedding!! I was stoked for that :D
  • Voting time! Our Prime Minister (currently Stephen Harper) is on the campaign trail again and on Monday we'll be voting for who we believe should take that position (either Harper or another folk from another party). If you read this, it would be awesome if you could keep Canada in your prayers :D
  • I'm DONE SCHOOL!!! I'm so stoked haha!
  • My final marks are back :D I got...
    • A- in psychology
    • A+ in physics
    • A in chemistry
    • A in English
    • -- in calculus (mark is still pending; I'd be surprised if I got an A...)
  • I've got a job :P on the farm and in my dad's office

Thus, my life is fun :D I hope yours is awesome too! I shall write more later (I promise!) but for the moment, I wish to just enjoy these moments of utter nothingness!

Signed with a whisp, 



  1. Yeah, I only saw a breif part of the royal wedding while eating breakfast. I agree, Kate's dress was beautiful! :)

  2. I'm happy about your Job! Now you need to help me get one. :P

    And your grades on school were GREAT! :) maybe you could help me with that too? LOL

    I honestly... didn't like Kates dress. It looked so -- old. And she's so pretty so I thought it'd be younger and more modern. :/ oh well. The wedding was lovely! I was so excited to watch it too.


  3. You can watch the Royal Wedding on youtube! That's where I watched it with my mom. :)

  4. HUZZAH! Squeaks is an A-Elf. :|

    Calculus...gah, I'm still dealing with Algebra 2. And then on to Geometry next year.

    I still have a month or so before school is done. *sigh*

  5. @ Shelley, I know! I loved her dress! (minus the low neckline :P)

    @ Bleah, haha :P the best tips I can give you for school: study, study, and study a heck lot more XD I practically ate my text books by the end of it XD About Kate, her dress was a bit old looking, however I really loved the train and fabric...the low neckline bothered me, but the lace was quite pretty as was the vale :P

    @FinvarraPenn, thank you! I've watched several of the clips on youtube...sooo awesome!!

    @Jake, huzzah!! :D yes, good old Algebra 2 :D I did get my mark back for calculus...soo close to being an A! I got a B+ (shocked me haha, I thought I'd get a B- or a C)

    Never fear, school shall be done soon, Sir Jake, and then ya can have a blast without the fear of Algebra (however you spelled that villain's name) hovering over your shoulder and torturing you :P



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