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The Fellowship

April 25, 2011

*SHOUTS* 911!! (actually, it's not an emergency but if I could borrow your eyeballs for a moment that would be sweet!)

Hey folks,

Yes, please, eyeballs...hand em over. Actually, ok, I don't want to handle those slimy things... (lol) but if you could adjust your viewing range and read below that would be absolutely AMAZING!! *ROFL* (I don't know why this is so hilarious, guess my self-made title just tickles my funny bone hehe)


My brother's and my friend has started up a little business selling jewellery to fight against abortion; she's only doing this for two weeks I believe...and all proceeds go to "Right for Life" which is a pro-life any girls out there, I'd encourage ya to check it out and support "Right for Life" by purchasing some of this cute jewellery!

This is one piece I LOVE! It's so pretty...the blue colour and everything with the little spiky things! [I've always loved these jelly spiky ones] (mwhahaha, maybe I'll have to invest in this...I can't wear other earrings just piercings aren't fully healed. I believe I've got 3-4 more weeks left :D)

Here's what she emailed me:

Every month 100,000 unborn childeren are aborted. How horrible is that? Everybody deserves the right to live, but unfortunately not everyone gets that chance. Today I'm launching a program called "Jenessa's Jewels." What is Jenessa's Jewels? Jenessa's Jewels is a fundraiser to help prevent abortion, I'm selling jewelry that I've created myself on my blog "Believing and Beyond.." profits go to "Right To Life", an organization that wants to prevent abortion. Please check it out, buying one key chain, necklace, or bracelet helps.  
Emailing, facebooking, blogging, or tweeting the link also helps. Please, everyone deserves the right to life.  

Thanks for reading!! Remember, you can do something to help :D



  1. That is so cool! What a beautiful thing to do. Thanks for sharing :-) I will try to share this with others.

    God's care,

  2. That is SO cool, and definitely for such a great cause. I will most certaintly look into it!


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