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April 29, 2011

"Smile" by Uncle Kracker -- a cover

My favourite song lately has been "Smile" by Uncle Kracker. My good friend, JC, introduced me to it :D So, to make his day I decided to record my own rendition of this AWESOME song :P I wanted to share this bit of awesomeness with you. This is of course, not my song and I don't own anything about it...except maybe my voice and piano skills lol! Yes that is me playing and singing :D I'm sooo thrilled with how this turned out!! I hope you folks enjoy it as much as I do (I've listened to it over like... 15 times now!! it's silly XD)

***EDIT*** (from here to the bottom is newly added material :D)

So I know this is a bit late, but I kinda figured (because I feel like it) I'd add in the who, what's, where's, and why's this song is so special to me :P here goes.

I was chatting back and forth with a friend of mine (JC) who lives on the other side of the province (isn't it awesome how IM'ing can like...close distance so fast? :P 'course I don't get to see him till the summer but w/e it's still fun to chat!). Anywho, I was talking with this folk and we were being kinda random :P ya know...talking about weird things like nuclear physics and atom smashers and literature and school. Ok, that part was cool, but the hilarious part was when we started talking about what kind of animals our family members reminded us of. I said someone reminded me of a shrew and from that point on I thought I might die from laughing so hard :P in fact, I can't contain my smile now as I think of how hilariously awesome it was XD

There was a small lul in our conversation then I suddenly see this link pop up on the window and JC says, "This song came to mind." So I listened to it and was instantly hooked :P It was so catchy and fun and just... cool :P now, every time we talk and start laughing we're both just like "Aah!! That song!!" haha! It's so funny! So yeah, I just decided to randomly record my own self singing it because I figured that would make people smile even more :P (esp. JC haha! we had a good howl over that one).

I shared it because I know this song brings good memories to mind and definitely makes me smile and I wanted to make other people smile too. Of course, it doesn't hold the same meaning to you as it does to me, but hey, if I can brighten your day in some way then I'd do it!! :D

Signed with a drop of sunshine,



  1. Awesome! Just really love this one.

  2. Aaw, your voice is so pretty! Fun post :D

  3. You have a beautiful voice and listening to you really cheered my day up! I love your music...thanks for sharing the wonderful talent God has given you!


  4. @ Mom, :) merci!

    @ TD, thank you!!! :D I'm glad you found it fun!

    @ Lisa, thank you so much! I've very glad I have cheered up your day :)


  5. *wonders how to say that Squeaks' singing is fantastic without feeling awkward and realizes he already did minus the not awkward part*

    Hope you understand my incoherence ;) Haha. I watched several of them. O_o Great job! A lot better than my singing. LOL.

  6. @Jake, methinks you did a dandy job :D thank-you!!



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