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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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April 14, 2011


Random post coming right up.

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I was reading through my archives and I realized that all my blessed randomness has's like, k. One sec while I pull Skillet out of my brain and collect my thoughts.

There we go. As I was saying. My beautiful random posts have been a blessing to me :P I look back over them now and realize that what was hare today is goon tomorrow. *ahem* I meant, what I once considered to be absolute truffle-mongering randomness is actually quite down-to earth. *blink* indeed. Yeah, it was weird reading through all that cream of the crop and realizing that my words were dangling off my finger tips like little pixies. I seriously never realized that my pen of doom (pardon me, Jake, for using the term, but it was irresistible!) was so dog gone sharp and spoinky (sparky/pointy). I could very well have been a character out of some fantastic fantasy book complete with black cape and Zoro mask :P (methinks I spelled that wrong).

So yeah, I'm back for a bit of random splurge. It's like dessert. You want two helpings. No no, that's not it. It's like dessert. You know you really shouldn't have that extra piece of gooey delicious cheesecake (oh it gets me every time folks, every single time) but the temptation is just too strong and you nab a helpless piece of chunky awesomeness and dig in with your fork. Mmm; just thinking of cheesecake makes my mouth water. Haha. I'm in love with that dessert. I know -- what is it like 1000 calories a piece? Huh? Yeah, craziness! Whatever though, I dare say calories flee in the presence of such culinary delightfulness lol!

Ok, change of topics, but seriously this is cool. The word chilling holds such wonder for me at this current moment, I can't think of anything else to say except, "Wow, that's just so chilling." Also, any derivatives thereof are happily on my tongue, this includes: chill, chillax, chizzles, and chilongraftermongerhungermunger. Actually, omit the last one *goes back and strikes through*. I have a friend who uses the derivatives of chilling quite effectively. We ride the bus to school, ya see, and he's always popping words like, "Hey, just chill" or "That sounds so chill." Seriously, the dude is a hero. I think he'd make a perfect character in a story! I can almost see it now (and this description only sorta fits him):

Beralden shook his head, his long brown hair flicked sideways from the sharp motion. He crunched his tall frame close to the forest floor and fingered the muddy tracks of the fox. His brown eyes pierced the ground with an inhumane intensity that made me shiver. The hunter looked up and shifted his weight, his leather boots squeaked slightly. He spoke to me, but never looked in my direction, 

"Just chill, Klaris. We'll find it before they do, alright? Keep your cool, last thing we need is the Fengali smelling fear while we're on this trail." 

Rain continued to fall softly towards the earth; eddies of black water swirled around our feet, causing the mud to squelch in delight. I didn't see anything delightful in the whole situation. It was perfectly dismal and utterly frightening.

Haha, I love it :D With a bit of editing, ya know...bringing out the wrenches of imagination and just tightening the whole piece, I think that would make for an interesting tale. I kinda wonder who Beralden and Klaris are. Why are they hunting the fox? Or are they even hunting a fox? And who on earth are the Fengali? Or is it an it? *shivers* sounds perfectly haunting.

Now, now, now, what shall I do? I can't think of much more to write, unfortunately. All that inspiration that zonked my brain just fled like greased lightening. That would be cool, to grease lightening that is. I wonder if it would sizzle like a frying pan. Or better yet, to grease the tree that got hit by lightening. Mmm, fried bark of spruce XD

Oh and pardon that first sentence, I realize that something is seriously seriously seriously wrong with my html. I don't quite know how to fix it o.O so I'm afraid it's going to have to stay that way until I gather my boots together and untie my knots and get this whole thing shaken out into sense. *blink* Of course, if any of you know how to deal with the little monsters that come in and totally scrap your coding then I'd welcome your tutelage :) *mutters under breath* that is, if anyone is brave enough. Facing the dragons of html is always a noble and ... utterly dangerous thing to do. The entire quest could turn out dastardly wrong and the html'er-fixer-up-er could come away from the whole thing with a couple fingers missing and a broken sword. That is not what I have in plan for my *ahem* life. I don't want to lose fingers to the sharp teeth of this...thing. Yeah, so maybe I'll just leave it.

*looks up* Wow, that was a long section on an absolutely pointless topic. Haha, but then again, this whole thing is labelled under randomness, so I guess I do have the authority to leave it unedited...and I'm going to do just that :P Well, I hope I haven't scared you folks with my sudden re-commitment to the annals of randomness. Remember, that's a key part of my life, the life of Squeaks; methinks it's rule number 2, or maybe 3... -- to be random, utterly whimsical, and entirely nonsensical as often as possible.

Signed with a bag of puffed wheat,



  1. *munches a piece of cheesecake* Mwahhaha!

  2. Yay!!! Jake!!! *huzzah*



  3. I love randomness! That was so fun to read. :D


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