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May 15, 2011

Confusion: How it Got to Where it Did

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Confusion. The word rings out like some low tolling bell in a village square on a gloomy, rainy day. Confusion. It's such a hard, snake-like sounding word. I hate it. I don't like confusion; I don't like to be confused, however it seems that I'm at that point in my life right now where confusion is the apex of my low point.

Characters in my stories have been confused before. Confused with life, with their direction and potential, with situations and relationships. I always thought it was funny to set them down inside these scenarios where they dealt with life-destroying measures of confusion. Now I see that perhaps I was wrong in doing so. Of course, a little confusion is good since it keeps your head on your shoulders and sets your feet in the right direction. It strengthens your beliefs and makes you who you are today. However, too much confusion can clamp down on your head like an iron bar. It compounds the minuscule problems in your life and makes living so much harder.

I don't consider myself a fickle person, you see. Shopping is a one-time deal for me. I don't spend hours and hours trying on clothes for an outfit. I see something I like then I get it and go. The only thing that will make me fickle is choosing between one book or another. Now that can be tough; although it is usually remedied by simply buying both books.

So no, I'm not a fickle person, but some things have come up in my life lately that have utterly and entirely thrown me for a loop. They've confused me to the maximum possible level of confusion and beyond. I find myself, like a character out of place, switching between one view and another...sometimes even within the matter of five minutes. How is that possible? I really honestly don't know.

Thus, I conclude my case. Confusion got to where it did because somehow life just opened up its big mouth and swallowed confusion. If that's not a confusing enough finale for you then I guess I haven't proved my point.

In moderation, confusion is good. Too little leads to a boring, unchanging life. Too much leads to a major headache (from being whacked with the iron bar) as well as a very poor life quality. I am highly confused right now. However, I'm praying to Jesus that He'll intervene and stop that confusion, so I don't end up like one of my darling characters that *ahem* got squashed. Jesus is always the way to go when you're having a bad day :)

Thank you for hearing out this rant (or rather reading it out).


Signed with a squiggly line,



  1. *reads it out and ponders* I am all too often confused. *nod*

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