News: Since April of last year I have managed to accomplish several monumental things in my studies, but I update you now to tell you that three nights ago I had the best sleep since I last visited my aunt's house (years ago) and probably will never have another good sleep like it for years to come *nods sagely*.

--12 March 2017 --

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June 8, 2011

A Blogger of Interest: Siriana from Concrete & Grace

Here's a cool blog that I thought I'd publicize and thus share with my dearest beloved piratey bloggy folks :D It's hosted by Siriana and is called Concrete & Grace. She's a writer who loves Jesus and her art (writing of course :P ). I encourage you to check out her stuff :D I really liked the blog design... yeah :P


On a slight side note, YES I'm still working on my post... no, it's not very long... yes, it's coming soon... no, it won't be up today :P

Signed with a magpie feather (they're really pretty!),


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