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The Fellowship

July 7, 2011

Easily Amused + Pirates + Slime Worms

Okay, so Jake from Teenage Writer had said something about Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, so I thought I'd check out some stuff on Grooveshark and this is what I found :P

Google Image

It's a radio edit, so it's not the exact same as the original :P trust me, it's highly amusing. I'm all for that sudden change to electronica/pop-type feel to it. So snappy! I don't know why I'm so easily amused by this, but hey *shrugs* it just happened ;) Yeah, I tend to easily amuse myself. For instance...

Earlier today, SOTK and I got into a conversation (a rather feisty one at that) about chickens vs. cats; we likened it to the great showdown. Think Deker here, minus the morbidity factor (Deker really is morbid in some cases, especially in the book Showdown from his Circle Trilogy...remember the slimy worms in the tunnels *shudders* sick). 

Ok, break for some amusement (this just started playing out of my speakers and I about died laughing): 

Anyways, enough of the hilarious stuff now, right? I was working a bit on a piece for Omriel today. It's ok. I only wrote a meagre 353 words *cringe* but here's a lil' bit of that for you ;)

A hooded figure slipped from the shadows, holding an outstretched bow with an arrow notched and ready to fly. The jackal howled in agony, pulling itself up half-heartedly. Another arrow silenced it for eternity. It slumped to the ground with an exhalation of breath, its spirit released from its body.
“So simple,” whispered the hooded figure as he let his cloak fall down around his shoulders, revealing a firmly chiseled face, brilliant blue eyes, and a full head of close-cropped black hair. He slung his bow over his shoulder and retrieved his arrows from the body of the beast. Then, with a skillful swipe, severed its throat and watched as the remaining life-blood gushed to the barren ground.

Perhaps that was a bit graphic but I really want to start things off by showing the anger inside Omriel. There's something in there that's like this knot of anger and he likes taking it out on others. I have a feeling that he's been hurt in the past, but I haven't quite dug that deep into the whole character sketch thing to find out what fits just yet. All I know is that he's a dashingly handsome character with a lot of hurt and evil in him...but something tells me that he has this huge potential for good. I just have to maneuver my plot in a way that will uncover the buried treasure *ahem* yes, pirates...hmm maybe I should turn this music off a bit :P

Anywho, I will part with a few more things now:

First, my youth group is coming out to our farm for Friday/Saturday and we're going to be playing Mission Impossible, Capture the Flag, Paintball, etc. etc. All that amazingly awesome stuff! Plus it's an all-nighter so it's going to be WAY cool! AND! bonus here XD my friend from the coast is possibly coming up for the Saturday part to join us! So that means tripley awesomeness! I'm really stoked! I'm talking with a bud of mine right now about our plans for MIP (mission impossible). He's going in all black (cuz we play in the dark...obviously lol) and we're possibly going to do the whole face paint thing...either black face paint or mud. Either will work for me :P And if the weather holds out we might go swimming in our creeks :D

Second, we had an amazingly cool/awesome thunderstorm today, complete with lightning! Yes, it was amazing! I was so excited because even though we had a small thunderstorm already, this one was a real brute! In fact, the weather was boiling this morning (like 40 degrees C) but when those clouds rolled in it dropped down to like...well...between 18 and 20 degrees I'm guessing. So it's WAY cooler! Plus, the garden got watered for me automatically so I have no need to water it for a wee bit :D that's the bonus :P

Third, my horrific sunburn is turning itchy. O.O "That's not good news!" well yes it is because it means my skin is healing :P however the better news is that I'm acquiring a really REALLY sweet tan from it all :D The only peeling that actually happened was on my face o.o that kinda...well, no, it really sucked, but it's getting better now :) So I'm all awesome for now :D

Fourth, I am on Twitter (in case any of you are and haven't followed me yet or let me follow you...I like following people lol XD it's fun to click that button XD) my username is @MinstrelWarrior so feel free to add me if you don't already have me on there! [oh yeah, and I guess I should point out that I've been on Twitter for a while now lol]

A'righty! That's all for now :) I'll update you later!

Signed with orange paint,



  1. Wow. Wow...that techno thingy is so well done and catchy I just want to play it all day. O_o Wow.

    I just love it when rain cools things off. (:

    I really liked that scene. :) It has a lot of potential. But I didn't quite feel the character's knot of anger, though I can see it there after you've told us it IS there. :) Perhaps extend it a bit more, find a way to show this fellow's emotion? :)

    I'm not on Twitter, otherwise I'd follow you. :)

    Keep on writing!

  2. @Jake, lol yes :P the techno thing is awesome; I've played it like...a lot already :P

    As for the scene, the anger isn't so apparent here...I didn't include the whole thing so I guess you can't really feel the anger :P (probably makes a difference). I'd say it's more "indifference" in this particular place. Indifference towards the killing of the beast in such a...brutal...almost morbid way. The fact that he kills with such ease is, to me, an arrow pointing to the fact that something is slightly different about him. It could mean that he's a good guy or a bad guy (ya know, seasoned warrior thing going here) but yeah :P that's the general idea.

    Thanks for the encouragement!!


  3. I'm going to play it again now. xD

    Indeed, I get what you're going at. The scene was quite chilling; I look forward to more! :D

  4. I don't know about killing the beast in a brutal way. A brutal way would be making the poor creature suffer. At least you-- *ahem* he put it out of its misery quickly.

    And I was totally grossed out by Showdown as well. First time I tried to read it, I got to page 60 then had to put it down. It took me almost a year to pick it up again.

    PotC!!!! Music = awesome Epicness. (I've only seen part of one of the movies -- the second one, methinks.) I love writing to it as well, but it definitely doesn't fit every occasion.

    And I saw that same thunderstorm. Pretty amazing, huh? We were cleaning ALL of my dad's tools and putting them away and got a front row seat to watch it. We don't get many thunderstorms here in the valley (in Alberta, you'd get several a week in the summer), so it was nice to see. Good thing it isn't hot enough to start any fires yet.

  5. *proceeds to post it on Facebook*

  6. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard when it switched from soundtrack to techno! That is AMAZING!!!

    Thanks for sharing this, Squeaks!

    ~ Liz

  7. @Jake XD LOL!

    @Eldra yes true :P I don't agree with brutality, although in this case it's required to build the character of Omriel :( I know it sounds awful but *shrug* it appears to be the way lol you never know what could happen to change that XD

    And yes! The thunderstorm was pretty awesome :P

    @Liz XD your welcome! I agree, it is AmAzInG!!



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