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July 1, 2011

A Hundred Tails (*ahem* Tales)


*shameface* I know, I should have really considered writing earlier, but I honestly felt like, "Bah, they can wait." So maybe I was right, but then again I may have also been wrong :P Point of the matter --> sorry for being soooo darn late in getting another post up and explaining what's been going on :P

When I left you last, I said I was going away through the clouds to another province to babysit my cousins. That mission has been accomplished :) It was a great trip. I did take pictures, but none that you can see :P since they have family members in them...and me XD and I'm afeared I'm not quite ready to release images of myself to cyberspace. Maybe if I become an author then you'll get to see what I actually look like :P *ahem* moving on.

There's a big big point I must make before continuing.


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And yes :) I am very proud to be Canadian :D

So what did I do today? Well, we didn't celebrate or do anything suuuper crazy :P this last week we've been cutting hay, so I raked for most of the day...the job is quite dusty and hard on the back, but it's fun and I enjoy it. After I'd finished raking and doing various other jobs, I came back up to the house and saddled up Cearazo (my baby :P pure bred Peruvian Paso...adoooooorable darling!). I rode him in laps around the hayfield working on our transitions. He's good between walk and trot, but from trot to canter he's kinda off-beat and tends to trip up. So we worked on that and also on his stop-walk-stop transition. He's pretty bad at stopping when he first starts out...that's usually cuz he's antsy and just wants to go, but by the end of our work today he was doing rather well. I also let him have his head on our last lap and he pulled into a strong gallop...although by the end of it he was huffing :P

I didn't work him too hard today, since he's out of shape and I just took him on a 2hr mountain ride yesterday. He's got a saddle-sore which broke open again today; I was hoping my girth wouldn't bug it again, but apparently it I'm going to maybe try bare-back tomorrow. I love riding bare-back, but Ce-ce doesn't behave as well when I ride that way. He tends to spook and shy more.

After I'd cooled him down, I washed him off and then scraped him down and gave him a little treat :) He was a great boy today and hopefully will behave himself tomorrow as well.

After I'd finished all that, I went on a bike ride with SOTK. Our legs are gonna get buff now that we have bikes again :P our old ones would be easy enough to fix, but I guess dad figured new ones were a better idea XD (my old one has two slashed tires...that's it! *shrug*). We get our bikes from a bike-recycle type place in town where they're sold for really great prices. So yeah :D that was fun :P *nods solemnly* I can already feel my legs getting buff again XD

Working outside has also been very beneficial to my tan :P yep, normally (since I usually do school through the summer) I'm whiter than snow. But this year I've managed to get a nice bronzed look :P put me among a group of average folk and there's a noticeable difference in skin colour lolz tis epic :D makes me feel like a real farm hand. Umm *cough* of course...I am a real farm hand :P thus my point is confirmed.

Once the last of this hay is brought in, we'll hopefully have a chance to go hiking up some major mountain. I'd like to do Mt.---'s ridge. Last year we did that was 20km total; 10km up and 10km down. This time, we'll simply drive up to the summit and then hopefully hike the ridge and check out the glaciers. I'm pretty stoked :D plus, all this biking will put me up one on mom and dad :P Oh yeah, and our youth group is going to --- Canyon Sunday afternoon, after church. If my folks allow it, I'm TOTALLY going to head out there. I've heard and seen so much about the I want to check it out for myself :P

Oh yeaaaaaaah. And there's another thing I have to tell you :P (oh yes, I just HAVE to tell you this *shakes head and laughs*) So Tuesday, SOTK finished his last day of school. That is, he completed his very last exam and now he's scot free! Since we had to drive through our home town to the next one down the valley for the exam, we were heading back on the highway towards our home town. Earlier, mom had randomly asked me if I'd like to get more piercings o.O yes :P so I had thought about it. By the time we made it back to our home town and we crested Hospital Hill, I turned to her and said, "Hey, is that offer still up?" she looked at me and said, doing what any crazy person does, I asked her to pull into the downtown area and we walked over to the tattoo shop.

Thus, I have acquired 2 more holes in my ears :P crazy isn't it? Mom says this is it for piercings while I live in the family home. I'm cool with that, I don't really want any more right now...later...well...maybe :P we'll see where life takes me later. As for the current point in time, here's a picture for you!

yes, that's my ear :P the helix is healing REALLY well :D it doesn't need cleaning much anymore. The first lobe is healed all the way and I can change earrings now. The second...well...4 weeks till I can change that :P 

So now I feel like a real true metal head *sloppy grin* ok...bad joke XD lol but I think it looks seriously-cool-awesome-crazy :P my mom and I are now official twins, cuz she has the same number of holes as I do. Exact same style: Four lobe piercings and a helix.

Another piercing I'm rather fascinated with is the labret. That's the lip :P but I promise I won't be ever getting one of those. They're bad for the teeth, even if they're done right. Plus, that would hurt and undoubtedly set back my singing :P

Anyways, that is definitely enough for now :P I could go on and on but I shan't. Thus, I shall write more later :D I hope you have enjoyed my little explication on the recent activity in my life!

Signed with a peanut butter cookie,



  1. Yay piercings! I have four in my ears, and I really really REALLY want a lip piercing.... but my family won't let me get one. And my best friend said she'd disown me. X) But I think they can be really classy if worn right and taken care of so they don't mess with your teeth and stuff too bad.

    Part of me wants to get a cartilage piercing in my ear, but I'm afraid of those. They're so cute, but it looks like they'd hurt.

  2. Hey Amber! :P I totally agree with you! I have a cartilage piercing on my's so awesome & I totally love it. Apparently the pain factor differs from person to person. If you do pierce it, go with the needle, not the gun (since the gun shatters the cartilage & can really mess things up). I got mine done at a tattoo place in town where everything is very sanitary & professional. As for the pain, it felt like a little tiny pinch...didn't hurt much at all (compared to my lobes).

    The healing period is pretty big XD I've had mine since February and it still aches a bit. After the piercing it will hurt a bit...I couldn't sleep on that side of my head for several weeks, but I think it's worth it :P Apparently it takes nearly 6-8months to heal fully. I'm gonna leave mine in for about a year just to make sure it's fully healed.

    Anywho, hope that info is of some use :D thanks for the comment!!


  3. Just remember...even if I don't comment, I'm always reading your blog. (OO)

    I just felt I had to say that. :P Random spazz for the day.



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