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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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July 28, 2011

If You Really Love Books...

...then I hope you like this post :D

I saw this over at Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden and Seek Him First and found these quotes to be utterly enchanting :P Here's a load of em for you along with my *ahem* running commentary :P

So true! It never ceases to amaze me :P This is a way that I can tell whether a book is good or not...if I'm still aware of what's going on around me by the 3rd chapter then it probably is a boring book :P

True true! used to happen, now mom simply doesn't take me to the bookstore to buy new books :P I'd go to the library but ... well ... I prefer to own a book than have to give it back :P

Something like this, however I'm pretty picky when it comes to taking care of my books. No folded pages, no bent spines :P however SOTK read The Door Within series soo many times we had to tape the spines because they literally fell apart! :( so sad.

*chuckles* I love doing this, however I found it to be rather therapeutic right before my university exams. I'd go into the library, while waiting for the bus, and just stare at all the old books, sometimes picking a few up and leafing through them. 

Haha, yeeup.

Totally! This happened with Bryan Davis' Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series (now Children of the Bard is out!! *squee*) where he mentioned Dante's Inferno so I went and bought the book :P and read it all. Very good stuff! There have been other times when I've done this too lol.

Gah! Yes! It's so frustrating too, especially when you misplace a book from the series :S

Definitely describes me :P I love talking about books haha.


*hugs quote* this is one of  my faaavourite quotes ever! Book love folks :P I think the worst that can happen is when you fall in love with one of the characters from a great book and end up crying because they're only real in your heart :P *tear*

:P that explains it all lol

Definitely describes me :P of course, this only applies to books I deem worthy of protecting (in the case of Twilight or any other junky *ahem* book that isn't good for you well...I'm prepared to exterminate them :D)

*brain fuzzles* AL;IASD;FAHSDGLJASD It makes me *frustrated*!!

*inhales deeply* the smell of new books is fascinating. I love opening the pages slowly and sniffing :P I know it sounds weird and probably makes me look like I belong in a mental institute (I don't btw ;) lol) but the smell of new books is awesome. Standing in a bookstore is cool as well :D

jah, definitely

:P most of the time, if it was a really good book then yes. If it was a bad book then I like to forget it quickly :P However I do enjoy taking that time to just hold the ending in my memory...kinda like swishing coffee in your mouth before swallowing, or savouring the taste of a fresh croissant :D


If it's a really good book then definitely...if not then it might hold sway for 15 minutes :P So if anyone wants to put me in a particular mood, buy me a book :P

Old books yes :P it does give them character. But if they're newer books that just got mangled, well, that makes me kinda annoyed.

YES!!! Totally describes it; that's why, when I pick up a good book, I can't put it down. Like...who wants to stop in the middle of a movie? That's just...weird.

:S yep, especially when it's SOTK because he doesn't really have any care for books in that manner...ya know... :S *gulp*

Yes, definitely; sometimes I have to restrain myself from taking a book from the shelf to start reading lol :P

Perhaps "judge" is too hard a word. I definitely get a first impression when I see what books they read, though. I may or may not like that individual later on, but books do help me determine where they stand and whether we'd get along :P

:) that would be so nice :P ya know, if I ever get married, I'm gonna have a list of books that my dude will have to read :P let's hope he's the reading type!

^_^ explanatory

Me again for ya :P Unless the book is ginormous (Binding of the Blade series) then I'll usually finish it in a day :D

Well, now I know what that squeezy feeling in my heart really is :S I'm dying! lol jk

Completely 100% entirely true. I'm against using any form of e-readers o.o

Erm yeah, well....I might use it, just since it's there...but I love REAL books too much :P

It's sad :( however, when you get together with people who love books just as much as you then there's like this bonding that goes one (XD) because you can all identify with this unexplainable thing.

:P sometimes I stumble but generally I'm pretty pro at it


OOoooh yesssss >:| lol, they do come across as snobs...but that's my own opinion, since I think books are awesome :P

precisely ^_^

Oh yes. THOSE moments are few and far between, but *dramatic pause* they do happen.

Well, maybe not every wall, but I would love to have a room dedicated to just books with ceiling to floor bookshelves :)

So true! Words are so powerful that they cause this's crazy, almost.

Yeeuup; *remembers LOTR* *shakes head*

Yes! This definitely happened with my many many multiple re-reads of Echoes on the Edge series by Bryan Davis *hugs books* my perception definitely changed with each re-reading.

Oh yes :P I remember seeing a lady reading Jane Eyre once...or maybe it was Pride and Prejudice, anyways, it left me with a glowy feeling because I could connect even though I didn't know her :P 

Haha yep :P *jealous face* the old movies are the beeest ever!

Well, I don't close the book, but I do cringe or blush :P


Not exactly, but it does bug me.

Sometimes :P sometimes...

Oh yes I will *death stare* Think Julian Smith here XD

Haha oh I definitely do!

Yeeuup, books are amazing and I'm definitely a bookaholic :P If someone donated me a bookstore still stocked with books, well, I'd be in heaven. Kinda :P

Anywhoodles, I hope you enjoyed!! I certainly did :) *loves post*

Signed with huggles, 



  1. lol... they're all just so awesome, aren't they? :D I love books... *happy sigh* XD

  2. Whoa!!!!!! These are awesome!!!!! Almost every single one resonates with me in some way, but especially #276: When a character does something really stupid or embarrassing, I have to close the book and breathe for a second because I can feel their embarrassment.


    *wipes eyes from laughing so hard* Seriously, these are awesome! Now I want to go read a book...

  3. @Katherine: Yes! They are! When I read your blog post I was like "I found gold!!" :P lol

    @Eldra: :D lolz that's what I thought after I finished writing up this post, "Ok, now I MUST go read a book!" I don't have any new ones to read, but I've got some old ones...maybe WTB's pirate series *muses*


  4. *blink*

    Those are absolutely FANTASTIC quotes! I especially loved 275, 631, and I identify FAR TOO MUCH with 364. I barely let my sisters read my precious books. :|

    And I've always wanted a bookstore...I love going into them. I'm not entirely sure why, since I almost never find a book that I haven't read, that I want to read. I always loved checking out the isles to find some of my favorite books, lurking among the shelves. I saw Sword in the Stars at a Half-Price Books once. Lots of AMG books at Mardel. Andrew Peterson novels at Lifeway.

    Long story short...

    I love books. ^_^

  5. A lot of those pertain to both my reading and writing! :)
    As for e-readers, the only reason I'm even halfway interested in getting one is because I have lots of writer friends who have published their books only as e-books.
    Nice post!

  6. I have to admit, it's a little creepy how accurate some of these are. Buuut...I loved them anyway. (: Haha thanks for sharing these!

  7. @Jake :D yep totally! I'm not familiar with half the names of the bookstores you said :P but I guess that's cuz they're States-brand lol. We've got Chapters here (I think you have it there??) it's amazingly HUUUUUGE! some stores have two levels of books! LIKE WOW! But half of them aren't worthy of reading lol :P

    @H.A. Titus :D Ooo yes, that would be a good reason to get an e-reader. Hmm, and I suppose that, with the way publishing prices are so high...for print publishing, that is, more people may be going in the direction of e-publishing (if that's a word lol).

    @Jenna, :P no problem! I'm glad you enjoyed em :D I know I did (and I tried to find more...since they're numbered so I thought there might be more where those came from) but I couldn't :( oh well, the ones here are great :P

  8. Yeah! I'm not the only one who dreams of having a bookstore. ^_^ I actually have a friend whose grandparents own the largest independant bookstore in Southwest Washington. It's a cool place. Old books everywhere! *dies of pure happiness*

    These quotes are all so wonderful. I buy books that I've already read because I want all my friends to read them. I've got such a library (over 300 books and growing) that at any point in time, there'll be at least five of my books at various friends' houses. And then the movies...I have about 100 of those...

  9. Oh, and I'm a big tough guy but I cry at just about every good book. :)


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