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July 6, 2011

Interview with Omriel

You probably think I write too much, but seriously, today I've gotten like this HUGE download of inspiration for my writing. I haven't yet touched my stories since I want to wait a moment on that as I remember where I'm going (it's been a long while). Instead, I've decided to do an interview with none other than my famous villain (or so I thought) Omriel from Children of the Song (CotS). However, you'll see from this interview that things might just change for my story there :P Enjoy!!
And that ^^ is the music that I wrote this too :) It's kinda upbeat for talking with the protagonist, but it worked!

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SQ: Hello Omriel, it’s so nice to see you again.
O: I see.
SQ: How’ve you been these past few months?
O: Very well, indeed.
SQ: Could you elaborate? Maybe tell a tale or two?
O: Well, there isn’t really all that much to tell, aside from the fact that the blood market is slowly gaining appreciation in the country now that Tarus has passed his decree.
SQ: He passed a decree? Which one?
O: Essentially it says that the blood market, once an illegal activity, is now legal. There isn’t as much scuffling around in the background anymore, which makes my job a lot easier.
SQ: Would you mind telling the reader what your job is?
O: It’s picking off people like them *nods to readers* because they’re rather useless.
SQ: That’s definitely not true. Let’s keep this positive.
O: Since when did you control my life?
SQ: Wow dude, where’d that come from?
O: If you wish me to get sentimental then I can. It came from my heart, which is about as crusted over with junk as your own.
SQ: Well, *laughs* that’s a far-fetched attempt at trying to bring me down. You see, my own heart isn’t scarred…maybe a little here and there, but the scars aren’t festering like yours, because my God has given me a new heart.
O: I see. Who is your god?
SQ: The One and Only. The First and the Last. There is no other God like Him. In my world, He sent His Son Jesus to die on a cross; in your world He –
O: Ok ok, I get it, you’re like the Marked Men. That’s just great *spits*.
SQ: No need to be sarcastic.
O: I’ve got a biased person writing my biography. That’s absolutely useless; how do you expect people to know who I really am?
SQ: I’m not quite following…could you explain?
O: Easily done. You are a Marked Man…you believe in God and all that. Now I’m not saying I don’t believe in some Higher Power or anything, but to have someone like you write my actions in your tale…it’s the worst case scenario for me, because you’re writing from a biased point of view. In your eyes, my lifestyle is bound to look ugly, sin-filled, and disguisting. However, from my eyes, darling, it’s a very nice world and a very nice life. I don’t see any problem with it; well, ok, maybe some of the cold-blood killings are a little ruthless but most of those people deserved death anyways. It’s like I have the honour of hastening them on to their eternal reward…or punishment, whichever is fit for them.
 SQ: I think I understand what you mean. It all comes down to that “I’m-the-only-one-who-understands-myself-really”.
O: Precisely.
SQ: What if I promised not to write you from that point of view? What if I promised to let you be yourself? To let you answer your questions without my guidance? To let you be free and chose your own pathway? Would you prefer that and be less…defensive?
O: *thinks* I suppose that would be nice. My story is a long one. I can’t guarantee that you can simply push me into The Children of the Song like you did. It goes back a lot further than that and, well, yeah.
SQ: Are you suggesting something here?
O: Yes.
SQ: Um…like?
O: Like you maybe stop writing CotS and write my story.
SQ: You’d actually like that? If I wrote your story?
O: Look, I’m supposedly a villain, as you claim. But I’m not that bad of a guy…I might be considered wrong by some folks, but in my eyes, I’m not that wrong. Sure, I’m not great, but no one is ever really that great. I want you to go back and write my life, to show people that evil isn’t that bad.
SQ: Woah, hold it! I’m not ever going to condone that evil isn’t bad—
O: One of those.
SQ: Yes, I’m one of those persnickety authors that has high moral standards. But I do want you to have as much depth as Marsuvees Black or Bartholomew Thorne…but I don’t think anyone has ever tried writing a book from the villain’s point of view.
O: Could we just cut the whole villain thing? Labeling a person is not a good idea. It sets them in a corner and essentially tells them “You stay here because this is who you are.” I don’t want to be stuck in a corner. I want to be out and able to discover things and find out about life for myself.
SQ: Mhm, ok, that makes sense…but, then if you’re not a villain then what are you? I’m confused! I wrote you as the perfect evil dude, now what are you doing to me? You’re changing!
O: No I’m not changing, you’re just beginning to see me for who I really am. I don’t know if I ever was a villain from the beginning…you forced that skin on me and the reason it was causing you so many problems was because that skin didn’t fit.
SQ: Oh *puzzled look*
O: And I’m guessing why, when you started writing me into your story, you suddenly came up against a brick wall and started having all kinds of problems. It’s because you’ve got the wrong person in the wrong place. I’m not the guy to fill that spot.
SQ: Oh!
O: Does that make any sense.
SQ: *slowly* Yes, yes, that makes so much sense! I always thought you were destined for something else, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Now the puzzle pieces are falling into place. You surprise me, you know.
O: I surprise myself sometimes.
SQ: So do you want me to take you out of Aeil altogether? Or did you really grow up in Xxydyl? What do I do?
O: I don’t belong in Aeil right now. My past is kinda hazy, but from what I remember and from my papers, I was born in Xxydyl, but then my parents traveled across the sea. I don’t remember where to or where I grew up; all I know is that a quest brought me back to my birth country and it was for that … uh, for this quest that I’m on.
SQ: You’re on a quest?
O: Yes.
SQ: Well, what are you trying to find?
O: It’s a secret quest.
SQ: Yes… *waits*
O: Anyways.
SQ: No, hold it. Go back and explain what this quest is.
O: I just did. I said it was a secret quest. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? *glowers*
SQ: In our case, in our relationship, the fact that it’s secret has no meaning. I’m the closest human to you so you can tell me.
O: I’m sorry but I must refuse.
SQ: WHAT? You can’t refuse me, explain now! *exasperated*
O: I can’t. It’s impossible. I just can’t. Sorry.
SQ: Why can’t you?
O: Because…it’s a secret.
SQ: Hm, but it won’t be for long. If I start writing your story, I’ll find out what it is sooner or later.
O: Perhaps, perhaps not. It depends how you treat the whole situation. It’s rather delicate.
SQ: Oh but I’d be careful, of course!
O: No more pig kings and retarded conversations?
SQ: Promise.
O: Really?
SQ: Well, there might be some retarded conversations with boneheads, but that’s common in life. You can’t escape that.
O: I suppose…
SQ: So?
O: Well then perhaps you will discover what this quest is after all. That’s up to you; how your hand pens my journey is the deciding factor in whether the secrets of my heart will be released to your care. I don’t really have that much of a say in it, I suppose.
SQ: Hmm; if I can conclude anything from this, it’s that you want…no, you need me to write your story for some reason. Is that it?
O: To affirm such a question would be to take a bloody chunk out of my pride; I don’t like it when my pride is harmed.
SQ: *chuckles* I hope your mouth cleans up on this journey.
O: *sly grin*
SQ: Well, is that it for now? Shall we talk some more later?
O: Definitely. I have plenty more to explain, but as for now, I desire a break from your presence.
SQ: Consider it done. 

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Signed with fluff, 



  1. This is quite the grim character. I like him. In a...grim sort of way...

  2. :P Yeah, he's really quite confused lol. In fact, I'm altogether confused with what to do with him because he won't fit into anything I'm writing! But I like his sketch so much that I want to use it...perhaps it calls for a different tale altogether lol XD I'm working on writing in the voice of a villain but it's kinda coming out a little...different XD more like a confused good-gone-bad hero kinda voice XD lol


  3. Hmm. Very interesting. Antiheroes are like that, aren't they? They seem to live according to their own rules, even more than the heroes or villains. I find they're probably the hardest character to write, but if you can portray them just right, they can be unforgettable. I'm definitely intrigued by Omriel. Can I assume that he's an only child?

    (Love the hooded pics, btw!)

  4. @Eldra, yes antiheros do tend to be like that :P I tend to find them to be more interesting to write & only a wee bit harder than the protagonist.

    Omriel is actually an adult :P he's somewhere between 25-27 years of age. I suppose I'm basing his character off an individual I know in that age group...not entirely of course, but partially. It's rather intruing :D

    + hooded man pictures ftw!!


  5. Yeah, I figured he's an adult (kids wouldn't sound nearly that... mature) but I find that antiheroes are often only childs. Not always, but more often than not.

    25-27... Sounds like my antiheroe, depending on where I pick up in his life (I start around 18 and leave off around 30).

  6. eeep! I hate interviewing villains... because they always try to get me on their side! Which is what villains do I guess... but when they start explaining their backstory to me, and why they made the choices they have, I start feeling sorry for them and the whole things turns into a mess!

    So I totally see where the confusion comes in. :D But the interview was totally fun. (No more pig kings and retarded conversations? LOL!!!)


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