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July 16, 2011

A Massive Character Tag

Eldra has tagged me in this...massive character tag :P Here are the rules:

1. I pick three characters
2. I make my characters answer these questions
3. I tag three people

My chosen characters: 
  • Omriel
  • Benaiah
  • Kybris
Shall we begin?

Do you want a hug?
  • Omriel: It really does depend on who is offering. Prior to my engagement in espionage and such, when I lived with my family, I was rather into the whole hugging concept. Then there was...well...*clears throat* I won't delve into the past today, if you'll excuse me. Currently, however, I would never accept a hug from any living, breathing being. 
  • Benaiah: I admire those who are free enough to give hugs without worrying about their own backs being stabbed by enemies or jealous comrades. As a Silent Wanderer, I am usually isolated from the general populace for long periods of time; obviously, my homecoming is heralded by the king and my mother. Both are entirely different scenes, if you know what I mean. *blink* Well, I guess you don't. The king, you see, gives a formal ceremony that appears to me as nothing other than a chance to show off his wealth. On the other hand, my mother greets me at the door with a hug and dinner *grin* I think you've guessed by now which I prefer. Therefore, at the current moment, I would only accept hugs from close family members, or perhaps even formal events (if such is the requirement).
  • Kybris: *hmm* The word hug is a big one, perhaps not in script, but in definition. Formally, I find it a stuffy matter that I'd rather avoid. However, informally (that is between friends, beaus, and family), I find hugging to be rather cute (pardon my language). You see, those formal events are so boring and surface-level; in other words, they're fake. I prefer the real thing. Passionate and moving experiences. My mother says that the Kalendaalian supply of romance novels has gotten to my head lately, perhaps she is right, but I really do think that informal, comradely hugs are the best. Thus, I must say I love hugging. It's a rather refreshing, endearing, and even *grin* enchanting experience. As for the current moment, I would take a hug from any well meaning individual.

Do you have any kids?
  • Omriel: Some questions a man must exempt himself from, for if he answers either way (in a profession such as mine) he may subject himself to danger.
  • Benaiah: No, I do not have children, although I should like to some day. Perhaps once I've answered my own questions concerning life then I shall invest time in a family; what is the point of having children, who are bound to ask questions about life, when you cannot answer those very questions yourself?
  • Kybris: No, but I babysit often, although I don't think that really counts. Some day, though, I'll meet my prince and well...*stares at readers* well, I do intend to have a family. 

Have you killed anyone?
  • Omriel: Most certainly. It's what I do for a living these days. Let me assure you, the experience (that is to have an individual's life in your hands to do with as you want) is an experience like none other. 
  • Benaiah: I have killed several bandits; however, that was out of self defence, not for the pure enjoyment of the situation. If I hadn't acted quickly, it would have been my life ushered on to the Other Realm. I didn't intend to kill them...only to knock them out for several minutes to give me time to escape. Unfortunately, I'm afraid my blows were too hard *grim look*. 
  • Kybris: Heavens no! Why on earth would I want to kill anyone? Well, perhaps if my life were in danger then I would. For the sake of killing? definitely not. Oh, and in case that sounded confusing, I assure you I haven't killed any living Aeilian...there was the time of the sacrifice but that was only a sheep, so I shan't count it. 

Love anyone?
  • Omriel: *looses composure slightly by paling* Again, must I repeat, *stammers somewhat* I...I cannot answer some questions. *uh* Due to the...sensitive nature of my *ahem* career. 
  • Benaiah: If this refers to family, then yes I have loved greatly. However if it refers to a beau, as I believe it would, then I must answer no. There hasn't been a single Aeilian who has crossed my path that I've had such thoughts towards. 
  • Kybris: Of course I love my family and friends, but in terms of romance (which I am more apt to reply to) I must answer no. There have been several Kalendaalian soldiers who've caught my eye, but nothing has ever progressed to the point where I can say they have succeeded in acquiring my love.

What is your job?
  • Omriel: I am a mercenary, head assassin for His Highness, lead man for the blood market (although no one knows this), quester, and well...the list goes on. 
  • Benaiah: I am in service to His Majesty as a Silent Wanderer.
  • Kybris: I'm into espionage as a past-time; some of my information has been of use to His Majesty. My father wishes to acquire me a position of service in His Majesty's castle in Kalendaal, however I shall refuse such an offer (the service ties one down dreadfully). I also run errands and help mother around the house, although I generally try to stay out of that stuffy place. 

Favorite season?
  • Omriel: I like the place just between autumn and winter; the point where the seasons seem as though they cannot decide whether to relent to the other and give up their task. Autumn melts into winter...frost snatches away at the ground, devouring every last shade of colour. Autumn holds on to its power as it attempts to force back the large clouds in the sky, blowing away the snow with powerful, chilling gusts of wind from the north. Yes, I like that place of indecision between dying and death. 
  • Benaiah: I enjoy all the seasons, although if I must choose one it should be summer. The golden richness of the earth, the smells that are unleashed from the trees and dirt. The warm weather of the northern forests (I don't enjoy the heat that the south receives; I do suppose that is a drawback of summer). Summer is also when I see the most beautiful wildlife in the northern forests; everything is in its prime...the animals are healthy and the woods are bountiful. Yes, summer is my favourite season. 
  • Kybris: Oh well, I love them all, they all have there benefits and disadvantages, yet there is one season that really captures me the most. I find it to be, by far, the enchantress of the four winds (or seasons, as some call it; north brings death and destruction, south brings bounty and healthy, west brings new life, and east brings the drying breath of Hades). Yes, ok, I'll get on with it now. That enchantress, in my opinion, is autumn. Everything is cloaked in colour; the earth is crisped to perfection, like mother's apple crumble *laughs*. I love autumn; it's enchanting.

Who's your best friend?
  • Omriel: I have none and never shall. As for the past, let it speak for itself.
  • Benaiah: The trees are my best friends, I never was able to grow close to a human. 
  • Kybris: My Baelinur for certain! There are several girls in the village that I enjoy spending time with, but I cannot call them my best friends for I do not share my deepest secrets and concerns with them. No, Falx and Hrophna are my best friends. The understand me better than any other. 

  • Omriel: The blood market is what I would consider a hobby, although I enjoy singing and sculpting. I also like sitting in the woods and thinking, I tend to do a lot of that these days. 
  • Benaiah: Thinking is a hobby of mine. I've also been attempting a little water-magic but my skills are far from spectacular. 
  • Kybris: *Hmm* baking and embroidery, as well as espionage.

What are you going to do when this tag is over?
  • Omriel: I shall return to my duties. 
  • Benaiah: Well, whatever I was doing before is bound to call me back; I can already hear the trees whispering my name. 
  • Kybris: Oh I'll head to the nearest city square and hang around for a bit before meeting some friends. 

Okay... What is your eye color?
  • Omriel: Green.
  • Benaiah: Brown.
  • Kybris: Blue, although the sickeness has clouded them somewhat, as mother tells me.

Are you good? Or bad?
  • Omriel: To ask such a question is ridiculous. Honestly, what Aeilian, be he bandit or prince, would think of himself as evil? I most certainly consider myself a good man; I have my quirks, as does everyone, but in general I live my life according to how I see fit. 
  • Benaiah: I'm a good man, as people tell me, although I see myself as struggling to fit in with society. The whole concept of religion baffles me and, well, I am seeking answers for that which I do not understand. Perhaps once I have answered my questions and find my purpose in life I can honestly accept what people say of me. 
  • Kybris: I'm a good person, perhaps not the best out there, but I'm good. I don't go around assassinating anyone or revenging myself (although there have been times). I live by the Code and would like to see others do so as well.

What is your greatest fear?
  • Omriel: I cannot answer this question; it would reveal information that is too sensitive and, in the life of an assassin or mercenary, should never be divulged to the general public. 
  • Benaiah: Sometimes I fear many things, like loosing my gifting or never finding the purpose in my life. Everyone has their own fears, some overlap others until they blend into a muddled mess. I suppose I am like everyone else, jostling for my place in life. 
  • Kybris: Oh well, I fear some things like *grimace* spiders and sewage. If I ever got caught in a spiders nest or fell down a sewage drain...I'd well, I'd survive, but I wouldn't be happy at all. Perhaps I'd have a panic attack...who knows. 

What do you think of your parents?
  • Omriel: *far away look* I barely remember my parents. My father was a good man, a simple man. He hunted for a living and loved my mother and I very much; I did hear something about him sailing the seas after I went on a quest...although I guess I'll never know. My mother was a seamstress and embroiderer. Yes, she was beautiful and charming; I ... I miss family, and I hate the men who destroyed our happy lives. 
  • Benaiah: My father passed away when I was little, so I cannot say much of him. My mother, though, I love her. She's a wonderful woman who really, truly cares.
  • Kybris: My parents are wonderful...there isn't much more to say. 

Any siblings?
  • Omriel: No, I am and always will be an only child. 
  • Benaiah: No, father died when I was only a year old. I know mother wanted more children, but she refuses to re-marry. 
  • Kybris: *sigh* Just me. Sometimes I'd like a little sister, but I guess I have my friend's younger siblings for that *smile*

Was it fun to answer all these questions?
  • Omriel: It wasn't exactly what I'd call fun; would you call filling out a survey fun? Exactly, it's a duty that must be done for the greater benefit of the Aeilian (or in your case, human) race. 
  • Benaiah: It was interesting. 
  • Kybris: Of course it was fun! I love answering questions...perhaps that's because I love talking, but whatever. 

Sure thing... Do you have any weaknesses?
  • Omriel: This just goes on and on. I cannot answer this, just like I was unwilling to answer the other questions that touched such sensitive information. 
  • Benaiah: Well, yes I do, ever man does.
  • Kybris: Mhm, mother's pie is definitely a weakness for me, as I'm guessing it is for all those Kalendaalian's that keep her bakery shop busy *chuckles*

Your favorite element?
  • Omriel: Fire. It's powerful and passionate. Have you ever seen a forest fire? It's a terrifyingly thrilling experience. The power of a single flame can erupt into a monstrous vortex...yes; I love fire. 
  • Benaiah: Earth, undeniably. It is nurturing and gives life to the trees that I speak with. Without earth we wouldn't be here (I suppose that goes for all the elements). 
  • Kybris: Water. I love water...just not the super slimy stuff. 

Do you care what others think of you?
  • Omriel: Yes, I do. Perhaps that is surprising to the reader, for one may think a mercenary has no care in the world and thus is willing to risk his/her life for gold. Of course, I am fearless in many ways, however I do care what the king thinks of my standing. If men lost their appreciation for me, then I would have no job, or at least...a well paying job.
  • Benaiah: Not really, I'm not around people enough for me to worry about what they think...although I must be careful to please His Highness. 
  • Kybris: Yes, of course I care what others think of me! Mother does too, apparently, for she's always keeping us up with the latest Kalendaalian fashions. I think fashion is overrated by most people, however I can't complain when I see a new sword on my bed *grin*

Your theme song?

What's your species?
  • Omriel: Aeilian; born in Xxydyl and raised over the seas. 
  • Benaiah: Aeilian. 
  • Kybris: I'm Aeilian, born and raised in the capital city of Kalendaal *smile*

That's all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed :D I tag anyone who wishes to do this; it's rather long but was definitely fun!

Signed with marmot fur, 



  1. Very interesting... Notice how similar some of Omriel and Daymond's answers were? Maybe that's why I immediately latched onto Omriel's character...

    Don't worry; I'm not planning on stealing him. I have my hands busy trying to keep Daymond in line to worry about another character just like him. :)

    Kybris sounds like fun. I could just see her having lots of friends and playing with small animals (or big ones too).

  2. LOL! I didn't even notice their similarity until you pointed it out. In fact, I didn't read your answers until I'd written my own up, since I didn't want anyone else's opinions to pop into my head :P *sneaky* lol.

    Kybris is really fun as well. However, she came out sounding a bit too feminine for my taste here...she's more of a warrior tom-boy girl, although she does enjoy taking part in girly things :P


  3. Great tag. Winter all the way! (:

  4. Boy are there a lot of questions! (20). Took me a couple hours to do mine:

    The word verification word is ressess. How boring, can't use that for anything. Would you buy a used spaceship from a man names Ressess? (I'm a member of the recycle WV words society.)

  5. oh such fun...maybe I shall so it...if I can find the time.


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