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July 26, 2011

Mom Drugged the Cat

Hello folks.

Yes, the title says it all. Mom drugged the cat. Three cats, actually. They're all lying around the room in various poses, all looking utterly spaced out and content. What happened? Mom drugged them. How? There is one word to explain this whole case of cat skitzoidness -- catnip.
[all of the following images are from Google Images]

So folks, shall we take the kitties suggestion and vaporize all our catnip supplies? I think not :D I'm a proud supporter of catnip for kitties. Our cats love it and I love watching them love catnip :P They get sooo cute lol. Anywho, that's a random post for you :D

Signed with pencil shavings,


Note: If you want to check out my recount of the Manafest concert I went to yesterday (Hathaway was there too) then check out Minstrel Warrior, my other blog ;) it's a more personal blog with funny things, lots of songs, and randomness. Enjoy!! Recent posts include: Manafest + Hathaway, Decisions, Confusion, Combat Dreams, and *silly grin* Satisfied!


  1. LOL. This provided a much-needed writing break! Thanks for posting!

  2. Those were sooo much fun!

    Thanks for sharing *wishes we had cat and catnip*


  3. ROFL! *shakes head* That was fantastic. xD

  4. That was great! I've never actually seen a cat on catnip before, but the pictures gave me a pretty clear idea of it. And this had to be the most attention-grabbing post title I've ever seen.


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