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The Fellowship

July 9, 2011

Something Like an Explication

Hey folks,

This is short today, but it doesn't have to be ;) I wrote a very long post about the last day and a half spent with my awesome friends from my youth group. I posted it on my personal/random blog called The Minstrel Warrior.

My new post is called "*silly grin* Satisfied" and is very long and exciting (in my opinion). So if you'd like something fun to read, then just click ^^ that link up there and you'll enter a world of awesome XD jk, but I do hope you enjoy! And if you haven't already followed The Minstrel Warrior then please do :) I post stuff (although not as often on HD) about my life, randomness, and anything to do pertaining to music as well as my faith :)


Signed with cheese & potatoes,


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