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The Fellowship

July 11, 2011

We're Buds + Random Quotes + The Plague!

Good day, fine folks! 
Hello, we've caught a fish! -- Master & Commander
Today I want to cover a very cool topic. That is *clears throat* SOTK's and my bud from the coast is coming over tomorrow to chill out and have fun with us :D So, I wanted to take a look over some quotes that have been picked out from some of the 57 randomly awesome emails we've exchanged :P Shall we dive in? 

In reference to how fast he replies to emails:
 I'm a step behind you, I think! Haha. Slow down! You walk too fast! :P (JK) I have no idea how fast you walk. :) LOL 
In reference to our belief concerning shopping (we both think it's useless to spend so much time just looking when you can get what you need and leave just as fast): 
I think that people could save so much useful time by going into the store and picking up what they need, instead of all that debating over what to get!  
In reference to the sun and it's awesomeness:
Amazing how that big burning ball up there beings life to everything and causes growth to take place. Something that is 93 million miles away!  
In reference to the randomness of our emails: 
I mean, randomness is almost like a literary device. Kind of like a license to say two or more things completely unrelated - with no original designed topic....or something like that.
In reference to folly and silliness: 
Indeed the ways of man are oft dipped in vainness :P
Well, I suppose a little folly should be permissible now and then.
In reference to the fact that he was messaging instead of working *tsk tsk!!*: 
Oops, I must now return unto my perfunctory duties (AKA work :P) 
In reference to uploading/downloading things:
We should totally have a national upload/downloading day. Yep, I just decided that we should. And I happen to like my conclusion. I would personally have a blast uploading and downloading stuff all day...maybe even have an UL/DL party!! 
In reference to hugging bears (yeah folks, it's a past-time of mine ;) jk): 
Oh, && you really don't wanna hug a grizzly bear. I know, I know, they wook so sawft and fuzzy, but they will huwt you. And that would be vewy, vewy, sad :'(
...oops, was I really just talking with a childish speech impediment? 

They're lots lots lots more where all this comes from :P but I refuse to share a single letter more of our conversations because...if I did then they'd loose their awesomeness!  Well, maybe not, but I don't want to write anymore on this line anyways :P 

So yeah, JSizzles, SOTK, and myself will be hanging out tomorrow :D I'm stoked! It'll be lots of fun. Hopefully we'll go paintballing or something along those lines. 

As for today and yesterday...

I apparently had a small strike of bronchitis :( yeah, I woke up yesterday with really sore lungs [the title of this post suggests plague, I assure you I do not have the]. Not the scratchy coughy ache, but the deep bellows kinda ache. Worship leading went well, so I was happy the Lord gave me strength for that :) it was lots of fun. Afterwards, though, I wasn't feeling so hot. Actually, I was. It felt like I had a bit of a fever. I was super hot and then suddenly I'd get freezing cold...and went back and forth from either extreme quite a few times. I was also dizzy and congested :( All this to blame because of swimming in a freezing cold creek (but seriously, aside from swallowing the water, I'd do everything exactly the same. Torpedo & I had too much fun to do anything different :P).

Anyways, I woke up this morning feeling way better :) I spent the whole day inside O.O *gasp* yes I did...I slept in till 11am!! O.O yeah I'm crazy! but I hope I feel super rested and awesome for tomorrow. I'm certain I shall. Because, even though I can't do any creek swimming like I'd planned, I can still go paintballing, tree climbing, and running around like a lost injun (jk). Anywho, yes. I'm listening to Hawk Nelson right now and just finished watching a film called "Battle of Britain". It was ok (too many swear words for my liking :| ).

I'll leave you now :) I hope to bring some more stuff up soon concerning writing, but at the moment I'm not in writing mood...aside from digging up old quotes and listening to tunes, I don't really want to do anything lol! I hope ya'll have a superb day!!

Signed with bombs & smoke,



  1. I myself sleep in far too much, because I'm more of a night owl. :) 2:00 AM, last night.

    Hope you have fun!

  2. You've been tagged!

    Jake- I've been up until at least 2:30 every morning for over a week now. My body is suffering. And my mom just threw me a chocolate covered coffee bean, without knowing that that's exactly what I need to stay awake.

  3. *coughing from smoke of signature* Totally awesome post. I love emails like that.



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