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August 31, 2011


I have been M.I.A for quite some time...and I'm going to be returning to that status for quite a while. Pardon my rather LONG absence from blogging. I've been up to so much lately (and so little; depends how you look at it) that I just haven't felt the desire to pick up my keyboard and write. In fact, I haven't even touched nary pen nor pencil since...July, I think.

What HAS been taking up all my time? Let me explain...

  • Spent 4.5hrs today chasing our bull, Obadiah, across our property as we tried to get him into the hayfield :| Here's how it went...
    • Get called by neighbour: "Your bull is in our hayfield, please come and get him."
    • Get in car with mom, grab grain, drive 3km (ish) to neighbour's hayfield to find Obi.
    • Find Obi & coax him over our main cattleguard with grain. 
    • Manage to get him over our first bridge with grain, but he REFUSED to go up the hill :|
    • Drove home.
    • I saddled up Cearazo and rode 3/4 a km back to Obi and tried to herd him up the hill. He wouldn't go; went and hid in the bushes. 
    • Went back home.
    • Got mom; mom saddled up John and rode down with me. 
    • Herded Obi through brush & over creek; herded him all the way up to hayshed -- he started getting testy (butting trees and snorting) so we...
    • Went home, unsaddled horses, & got water. 
    • Went back to try and fetch him with grain; couldn't find him.
    • Went home.
    • Found SOTK; got in farm truck, loaded on a bale of hay (which we ended up not using).
    • Drove down to original place he rebelled -- bottom of creek (oh yeah, Shinzou (our Akita) was on the truck with us :D)
    • Mom took SOTK and bucket of grain and went into forest to search for Obi. 
    • I drove the truck back up to hayshed.
    • Shinzou and I got off the truck & went into the forest, searching for mom, SOTK, and Obi. 
    • Found them all across the creek; so I crossed the creek and helped herd Obi through the dense forested area. 
    • Obi tried to escape several times; we managed to get him travelling along the fence that borders our hayfield. 
    • Kept walking Obi.
    • Got into sight of the gate that opens into the hayfield. 
    • Mom and SOTK pushed Obi along the fence while I crawled through the fence and sprinted up to the gate to open it. 
    • *sigh of relief*
  • We just finished getting our second crop of hay off the hayfield :) We probably won't get anymore off, rather we'll grow the grass out for the animals to eat once the frost hits. Our hayshed is the fullest we've ever seen it. We can't even fit the main machinery into it (usually we're able to). 
  • We've had boatloads of uncles & aunts (ok, only two lol) come and visit. My grandma & grandpa are coming this weekend :) 
  • SOTK and I have been fishing in the big creek; the trout are really awesome...stinky but awesome. 
  • I got a new Chuck Black book & have been learning the piano music from it *big grin*
  • I've also been studying up the university books I currently have; school starts up September 7th! I can hardly wait!!! (don't look at me like that -- I honestly LOVE school...although I might state otherwise later into the semester XD)
  • OOooo the list goes on :P lots of different things...lots of interesting, fun things. But for now....
That's all :D I would write more, but I shan't. Already my ideas are beginning to dwindle :( perhaps a few weeks in school will jump start my creativity once more. At the current moment, I shall take my leave!

God bless ya'll! Have a great last-few-days-of-summer :) 

Signed with arrows & bear fur, 



  1. Whoa! Welcome back to bloggy-ville, Squeaks! Sounds like you're having fun, what with chasing your bull around.

    Not to pester your or anything, but has your family made any decisions about the upcoming concert? Our family is going, so I'm just curious if you are too.

  2. HIii Eldra!!! Yep, bull chasing was somewhat fun :P minus all the scratches I've got on my arms and legs from running crazy through the undergrowth lol.

    Hmm, about the concert, my family hasn't really talked much about it. We usually make semi-last-minute-decisions *grimace*. I'm hoping we'll be able to go, but I guess that depends on my course load with school and how much homework I have. We should be going to the art festival though :D email me and let me know what area Leauphaun will be presenting in (if she's still doing it).

  3. Ouch! Not fun!

    Yeah, I guess it would depend on school, huh?

    Yes, Leauphaun's still doing "it", but she isn't setting up for another week, so we won't know until then. I will email you as soon as I know where she'll be.

  4. Cool :P yeah...this semester I'm taking 6 courses. 4 biology classes, organic chemistry, and political science; it should be interesting!


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