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September 10, 2011

The Most Epic Thing EVER!!!

I'm going to be talking about highly epic things in this post. If you cannot contain yourself, please step outside the room and hollar, then come back and read :P Here's the table of contents... cuz I'm going to be talking about a LOT of stuff :P (note, this post was originally posted on The Minstrel Warrior ; I put it up here for those of you who don't follow that blog :P because I wouldn't want you to miss out on the awesome!)

  1. My life
  2. School
  3. Hanging out with TORPEDO!!!! *WOOT* (also known as UnhingedMind) on the bus ;) 
  5. The rest of my life

Hold on!!

Okie dokie. So, my life has been exceedingly great as of late (hey, that rhymed!!). I'm in 3rd year university, although 2nd year of my program and I'm LOVING all of my professors A LOT! Let me explain. 

Bio 210 --> Vascular Plants. Perhaps not the most intriguing of topics, however the professor is amazing and makes it so worthwhile. She sits on a table and swings her legs back and forth like a pendulum and acts...rather odd but it's funny :P 

Bio 228 --> Microbiology. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE LAB FOR THIS CLASS! *ahem* Yes, that being said... the professor is awesome. She came into class wearing this cute floral summer dress and these SUPER Hot pink high-heels. was actually funny :P surprisingly it looked pumps on me would be highly laughable. BAHAHA! (see, I laughed)

Bio 202 --> Biological Statistics. This is my one class I wasn't really looking forward to, since it's all math *did I hear something?* um yeah, but the professor makes up for the stickly-ness of the material. He reminds me of someone out of the Simpsons. I don't know why...but he does :P His voice is super high and's SO FUNNY!

Bio 200 --> Cell and Molecular Biology. Ok. This is by far my absolute FAVOURITE class! The proff is probably in his 70s and he just made the class so funny...I can't explain it. Words cease to describe the laughter that rolled through this class (slightly dulled by the fact that Dude#1, who tried to nab my cell number last year sat with me through 2 class :( ickkkkky, but w/e it's all good now). 

Chem 213 --> Organic Chemistry for Biology Majors. YESSSSsss Chemistry! I love the labs :P although I haven't started them...but I know I'll love 'em. The professor was said to be one of the most "unliked" proffs for Chem, but I actually like him. Minus the fact that he swears here and there for emphasis of whatever point he's making. However, our classes are otherwise good and humour-filled. Like on Friday...he taught us about dragons, unicorns, and rhinoceros. Torpedo, SOTK, and CPREzra know what I mean...if you'd like to know, just ask :P 

PoliSci 101 --> Political Science and the Government of Canada. Ok, of all the electives I could choose I chose this one...and I don't exactly like it :( I have my reasons, but I want to avoid negativity, so that's all I shall say for now. 

Alright. So now I've discussed my classes, let me move on to something slightly more relevant. Bus rides. Yes. I take a 1hr bus ride from VTown to KTown. Last semester it was very enjoyable :P Torpedo and I would sit together and talk about either Jesus and the Bible or just randomly fun topics. However, this semester it has been...shall I say, rather difficult to obtain a seat :P 

Now I can't complain too much, since I know there are people out there in much tighter circumstances (yes yes, pun intended). However, I must admit that being squished is not fun. Now, knowing me and my odd way of thinking or whatever, I'd rather stand next to someone I know than sit next to someone I don't recently I've been standing on the bus with Torpedo, usually squished between several other folks all at the same time. The bus is literally full. And somehow, each time, the driver manages to shove more people in :S it's a very tight ride. Thank God for air conditioning! 

On the upside :D talking on the bus is fun. I'd do reading, but standing and trying to hold on so you don't fly into someone else or stomp on their sandaled footsies is quite the art. I'm slowly mastering it. At the moment, it doesn't include multitasking via reading 20lb text books or writing in a notebook. I'll get there in time ;) 

Another thing! My mornings are suddenly much brighter. Yes, I get up at 5:30am now because we have to leave at around 6:10 so I can make the 7o'clock bus. *sigh* it's early, but hey, if you go to bed early then you can wake up early too (it's something I just discovered). So while I am rather exhausted I enjoy my early mornings :) 

Ok... NOW FOR THE AWESOMENESS!! I will relate the events of today to you, leaving out the boring parts :P 


I woke up this morning at 7:30am. It was amazing to sleep in! Felt great. So, I got out of bed and had to straighten my hair...because it was a HUGE ball of fuzz (ok, not quite lol). I didn't want to look like some deranged poodle that walked out of a rock concert after lightning struck. So I did that and then came up stairs and ogled my large pile of textbooks for about 5min. I must have blacked out for the next hour or so because I don't remember what I did... then dad came and nabbed me.

We drove into town and unloaded the potatoes he picked up while visiting his parents, then we unloaded a new medical examining chair-thing from the back of the truck (he got it for a really cheap price from an auction). It was very heavy, but we used one of those awesome rolly-thingies... umm, that is, the thing that is made out of four pieces of wood and has wheels. Yeah. We used that and rolled the chair into his office. It was very cool. 

After that we went to the car wash and washed the car and vacuumed it out so it was nice and squeaky. Then mom and SOTK drove in (they came to town later) and dad washed mom's truck. I sat in dad's car/truck/suv thing and read my epic lime-green handbook to chemistry labs :D it has a cool dude on the front page :D Cuz chemistry is cool like that. 

So after that we went back to my dad's office and loaded his truck up with paint-balling gear, since his colleagues were heading out to our farm to shoot each other (kinda amusing when you think doctors try to heal people...*thinks*). SOTK was kinda grumpy, so we tried to reason with him and then decided to leave him in dad's office while we picked up Torpedo and went to meet Eldra & Co. About 1/4 of the way to Torpedo's house mom's cell rings. I answer. SOTK is on the other end absolutely FREAKING out lol. Apparently there's a motion detector system in dad's office and SOTK set it off. Without the password to the alarm system, he couldn't turn it the police would be notified :S 

I frantically told mom to turn back. We raced downtown and I jumped out of the car and ran into the office (took us 2 min to get there lol) and turned off the system, then called one of dad's secretaries and had her call the alarm company to make sure the police weren't being dispatched XD. All was good. Then, with some very tedious bantering, we (mom and I) managed to get SOTK out of dad's office and into mom's truck. 

Then we drove to pick up Torpedo. I actually met his dad for the first time :P he's a nice guy. 

That being done, we drove to the art festival where we were to meet Eldra & Co. It was a nice hot day. Some 30+ degrees C. 

We paid our admission and then found our way into the gym, where Leauphaun was displaying her art work. WOOT! It was so awesome finally meeting these really REALLY REALLY Cool people :D I got to meet their parents too :D They're all absolutely amazing and very funny :P 

We chatted inside the building, looking over Leauphaun's drawings (she's like...really good, in case you didn't know; I'd put up her link, but I don't have her blog addresses on me at the moment, since my computer *boohoo* is sick and at the doctors). After talking inside a bit, we moved outside, since we didn't want to obscure people's view from checkin' out her work. It was rather hot outside, but that's ok :P We found an awesome white wall to hang out by...I still think it would have been fun to try that ninja trick where you run up the wall... somehow one always ends up coming down and never making it to the very top of the roof though. AHA! I know, we just gotta get some spider-man genetics going here :P 

So we talked outside a bit. Goose did his hilarious honking and (pardon me, I don't remember then name of that LOTR war horn thing that the orcs used :( I know it starts with a v though). Plus he demonstrated some parts out of his ninja video. Again, please forgive the fact that I'm not providing links :( I don't have my computer and while I could manually search up the sites on here, I'm feeling rather...sluggish :P so I shan't. 

After talking with them for a good while (not nearly long enough though!!) we went back inside and then parted for a bit so SOTK, Torpedo, mom, and I could look around the rest of the exhibit. It was very interesting! There's one particular artist whose work I LOVED! She did all these medieval paintings that were just...awesome. One was of Joan of Ark. The lady watching the table gave me a little mini print of the full-size painting...I'm so happy! It's very pretty. Once my computer is back up, I might take a picture of it and post it on here :D 

So we looked around a fair bit and then returned to the gym and said goodbye to Eldra, Leauphaun, and Goose. Hugs for all! Woot! :P 

They currently stand as the very first blogging-buddies of mine that I've actually met :D and I never realize they live so close to me!! It's crazy :P We'll definitely have to meet up some more later on :D 

After saying farewells, we headed back to the truck and did a huuuuge loop around the whole complex....because we wanted to go to the grocery store and get water (I was dying of thirst). After getting water, we headed back to VTown. On the way... get this. On the way back, we saw a fire. And over the fire was a helicopter with a bucket of water from the lake!!! IT WAS SO COOL! *pardon my excitement, but it was very awesome; I do feel bad about the fire though*

We dropped Torpedo off at his place and then picked up some grub from Safeway and voila. Now I'm at my computer writing down all these events as one of the cats rifles through the desk-side garbage bin looking for... I don't know what he's looking for. Something to sink his teeth into aside from my arm XD 

So yes. Today was a VERY awesome day. I had so much fun :P and laughed like...a lot. I tend to do that. SOTK told me, on the way back home, he's like, "You laugh so much you know... and you smile too much. You should be more serious." I cracked a grin (I don't know why I found it funny) and said, "Well, I can't help it." And then a conversation ensued, whereupon we spoke of laughing, smiling, and being silly. It was amusing. 

That was about all for today. I'm sure more interesting things will happen before the night is over :P 

Tomorrow our church is having a picnic; I'm not entirely certain if we'll be going, since it's later in the depends. Yep, so that's about all on my brain right now. I think I'll hit "publish post" in a few minutes so I can let you actually read what I've been rambling on about :P 

Happy rabbit hunting!!

Signed with an octopus and rhinoceros, 



  1. *freaks out* Hi, Squeaks!!!!!!!!! Again!

    I had no idea you had such a random day before meeting us!! Office chairs, chemistry, almost not meeting SOTK, paintball? Sounds like fun... That's why we didn't get to meet him

    Goose... Here's the link to his ninja video, for those of you who haven't seen it yet. And the LOTR The Fellowship of the Vuvuzela video.

    And you tell SOTK that laughing is good for your health.

    *sigh* I'm tired now, else I'd add more to this comment. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really REALLY enjoyed meeting you and (most of) your fam.

  2. Haha that was the most awesome... super long... random... ramble, ever. :DD

    Loved this!


  3. @Eldra, YESS!! IT was so awesome :D Next time maybe we can bring dad along too :P It was great meeting you guys :) we'll have to do it again sometime. I'm really tired too lol. Gotta get up early for church tomorrow :P

    @Bleah :P yes it was quite the ramble. I'm glad you liked it :) It was fun, although slightly tedious, to write :P


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