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November 19, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Obsession

I've suddenly become obsessed with Sleeping Beauty, the Disney movie. I always did really love this tale; however, when I saw a picture of Aurora pop up on my dash today I was suddenly hit with this sudden thought -- "I remember." Sure, the movie freaked me out when I was younger, however I always LOVED Aurora and ESPECIALLY the prince :) *shrug* I guess I'm always going to be a romantic person on the inside lol. It never fails to bubble up at least once every other month or so.

Pictures? YES! From Tumblr, Google Images, and Pinterest :)

Dancing! barefoot in the forest <3 I totally want to do this :P

Omigosh! I completely forgot Aurora loves squirrels :P plus she has long blonde hair... Hmmm...kinda reminds me of someone... XD jk.

Aurora singing to the wildlife. Hmm...reminds me of someone again XD


I love this scene; plus her outfit is so plain yet she looks so regal...again, beautiful.

Typical scene :P She's so regal looking.

Again, another awesome dancing scene :P I love it.

Whatever you do...don't follow the creepy green light.

NO!!! Don't touch!! *key epic music*

...really now? Freaky woman with green skin enters and you suddenly want to prick yourself on a loom? o.o

So dramatic. I love Maleficent's expression and the epic robe twist thing she has going there. (sorry, just had to blow this one up in size XD too epic not to)

Our fair feathered friend o.o not. I always knew ravens were  never to be trusted...especially this loud-mouthed squawker.

When you're evil you just HAVE to enlist the help of a green-fire breathing dragon with creepy mono-coloured eyes and super sharp snapping teeth. It's a given.

*teardrop* the amazing prince 

We all know who comes to help the prince :) Yep...epic fairies!! I love these gals! ESPECIALLY the one in blue -- she's my ABSOLUTE favourite. The green one is such a flitsy twitterpated silly girl and the red one is way too serious. But the blue one (forgive me, I forget her name) is the feisty little rascal :D totally my style. 

Free the prince = must fight evil dragon with epic sword. I love princes. I hope I find one someday who will  face every evil dragon to save me :) 

The final thrust. You're amazing.

The reason this all started... :P If I had a magic wand I think I'd have too much fun haha.

...the prince and his awesome horse.

Talking and listening. The best.

Perhaps my favourite picture ever.

Definitely the best drawing scene here I've ever seen. I LOVE this picture :D

And that, my friends, is all for now :) I hope you've enjoyed this epic Sleeping Beauty rage :D

Signed with a silver thread,



  1. I love Sleeping Beauty too-- I even know a guy who said it was has favorite when he was a kid xD

    Such a beautiful movie... *sighs*

  2. I have always LOVED this movie! I think it is Disney's best effort ever.

  3. No. No Squeaks. This is a bad obsession. Maleficent is bad. She seriously gave me nightmares as a child. She still scares me, to this day. :P

    Ha, no, you can obsess over what you like, but the day you show up on my door with Maleficent is the day I stop following your blog. ;)

  4. Ok. That was probably the weirdest comment I've left...ever.

  5. @TD, that is SO Cool!! It's epic when guys like Disney movies :P I know a guy who loves Disney too :P (but he's not a kid lol)

    @Luthian, definitely an epic movie :D

    @FinvarraPenn, you'll never have to worry about me showing up with Maleficent ;) she freaks me out seriously too. Perhaps one of the creepiest/horriblest/ugliest/awfules/scariest witch characters I've ever seen on screen. I totally agree with you lolz. She is BAD. The point of this post was Aurora and how much I'm obsessed with the princess and her prince :P definitely not the evil lady with the green skin and creepy crow dude XD


  6. I've never watched it! I really want too, though. It looks so good. I like the last picture too. X3


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