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The Fellowship

January 11, 2012



They're awesome floaty things that shimmer and shine with a translucent beauty unique to their own species (yes, bubbles are a species, are they not?).

I love bubbles.

I want to blow a bubble right now.

Do you like bubbles too?

Here are some Google Images of beautiful bubbles!!

Oh look at the sheen!!

Aaah the beautiful shine!! BUBBBLEEESSSS!!

Uh oh. I think I've looked at me bubbles too long. They're turning rabid on me *ahem* rabbit. I don't like rabbits one bit. Not ever since Jake instilled the great fear of the Thousand Year Meeting (or whatever that thingamabob-er is). Rabbits are now the mortal enemies of me and my army of squirrels (yes, I have an army of squirrels, did you not know?).

Well, that was fun!

Now, as Captain Hook would say, in a very condescending and authoritative voice, "Smee! I want my bubbly. Where is my bubbly???"

Goodnight folks!

Signed with cheesewax,


1 comment:

  1. Looks like you need some goose reinforcements over there -- the rabbits have infiltrated the blogging world!

    I love bubbles too. They remind me of sunny days spent playing in the grass, of watermelon flavored popsicles, and of weddings.


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