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January 9, 2012

Skate Park -- Scene

I don't have time to write a detailed discussion on this piece, but it does have a meaning to it :P Anyhow, have fun with it for now!!

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Skate Park

“What an idiot.”

Travis slapped the board soundly with his right hand, a sloppy grin pasted on his face,

 “--you should have seen me –“

“Skiff, he was a jerk!”

“And like, – “

“—would you shut-up, Travis?”

A fantastic frown clouded the previously animated face of a young blonde. She smoothed her ripped jeans again, for the thousandth time.

“It’s my story.”

“So? You almost got yourself hit by a car!! Besides, I was talking first.”

“Guys, guys! Really now.” Skiff, a solid guy – definitely over 6ft, blew through pursed lips and rolled his eyes at the sibling rivalry, “No need to tear ourselves to pieces over it.”

“Exactly.” Travis commenced rolling his eyes as well and jabbing his sister with an elbow. She yelped and glared at him, drawing all of her 5’ 4” frame up in a play of courage.

A long, manicured finger snaked out of a three-sized-too-big hoodie and poked Travis in the nose, “Mr…” she began – Travis sighed audibly, “Just because you’re so hot and everything doesn’t mean that you can go around interrupting a person OR showing off. If it weren’t for me, you’d probably be on your knees back there – the laughing stock of the entire town!”

Travis tried to contain himself, but a smile tugged harshly at his face.

“Jen, I think you should give the guy a break.” Skiff put his hand on her shoulder and raised an eyebrow. She quickly shrugged out of his grasp and walked away.

“Wait!” Travis let his skate-board hit the concrete, “Where ya goin’?”

“Like you care!” she tossed over her shoulder.

“Um, yes!”

Travis watched as she disappeared behind a nearby street corner, then he nodded to his buddy, who took out his keys and started up his old VW.  


The crowed oo’ed and ah’ed as the board hit the concrete with a satisfying smack. Applause rippled around the skate-park.

Travis waited till Skiff’s car came to halt before he jumped out and…


The audible gasp from the bystanders already affirmed what he wanted to know. Jen.

Stupid sister, he thought to himself as he vaulted over the guard-rail, only to stop in mid-step.

There she was, floating…no…flying through the air, doing insane tricks. The tricks she’d taught him – the tricks he’d just performed a few minutes ago while crossing the road…in front of traffic. Yeah, he brushed his dusty bangs out of his eyes, I’m an idiot.

They didn’t have names for their tricks – Jen liked to keep things secretive – but when she pulled off that flip, the one Travis had broken his ankle trying out last year, he felt the air automatically suck itself from his lungs.
“She’s good eh?”

Skiff’s voice broke through his thoughts and brought him back to the present. What? The crowd was already clearing. He looked up, Jen was walking towards them, ignoring the applause from pimply-faced boys and gawking amateurs.

“Yeah. She’s good.”

Jen came within five feet of the guys and slapped her board on the ground as she raised her chin a notch.
“See?” she said sharply, “If you’re going to learn anything, you’ll learn to do it in the park, not on the road like some attention sucker.”

Travis felt his pulse raise, “I’m sorry, k? I was an idiot.”

“And you could have been seriously hurt.”

Travis groaned, “And I could have been seriously hurt.”

“And I’m a genius?”

“You’re a genius.” He glanced over at Skiff, who covered his snicker with a cough, “K, you done?”

“I’m done.”

“Now perhaps you’ll explain why you did what you did? Showing off and all that.”

“Mr, I wasn’t showing off. I was showing you that you can get just as much appreciation as you want doing things safely as you would doing things stupidly.”

Once again, she’d proved him wrong. Sisters, he grumbled to himself as he followed the two most lovable, impossible people back to the car.  


Signed with peach fuzz, 


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