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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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February 4, 2012

Charis & Sabien -- A Scene

Ah, my dear readers. I've been terribly absent from this blog. I fear I have bored you to death with my silence (or perhaps you have not noticed, if that's the case then all the better -- I have not managed to disrupt your reading). 
I have absolutely no clue what this little writing excerpt means nor do I care. The only thing I know for certain is that, while the grammar is horrendous, it was fun to write. 


Charis paced up and down the carpet in the living room, turning now and then to gaze absentmindedly into the fire that crackled and spat at the hearth. She pushed her hair back with her fingers and exhaled rather loudly.
“My dear, you’ll wear a hole into the rug if you continue pacing like that.”
Charis rolled her eyes but stopped walking. She knelt down in front of the fireplace, allowing the heat to soak up from the floor into her chilled bones. The amber light splashed over her face, making her appear far more stern than she actually was; it did, however, set her blonde hair aglow as though it were freshly shined gold. She pushed her hair back again.
The sound of dress-shoes clicking on the tiles of the kitchen caused Charis to start. She looked up and saw Sabien entering the room.
“Sabien,” she exclaimed, “oh, so it was you wasn’t it?”
“Me, what?” He straightened his sharp looking suit jacket while he brushed cookie crumbs from his chin.
“You telling me not to wear a hole in the carpet.”
“Oh yes, that was me.” He sat down on one of the overstuffed couches, crossing his long legs which caused his pants to ride up over his ankles, displaying his very white socks. It looked rather ridiculous.
Charis ignored this and turned around, facing her back to the fire,
“Why have you come?”
“To discuss an important issue.” Sabien clasped his hands together and leaned back to stare up at the blank ceiling, “I know you are unhappy, Charis. Yet, this is no reason to treat Galen the way you have been.”
Charis rocked back and forth, nodding her head slightly, “Yes, I know. I’m confused Sabien. I don’t love him.”
“Are you certain?”
“Absolutely. And yet, he is so perfectly nice. Why, he is employed in King Fraedevolt’s army as part of the cavalry, and although he doesn’t go to the Midsummer dance (never has, if I recall correctly), he is still quite the romantic individual.”
“But…?” Sabien waited for her to continue.
“But I cannot bring myself to love him. Most of the time I feel so repulsed yet he has done nothing wrong. Oh Sabien, I cannot take this foolery anymore. I’m going to leave.”
Charis slumped back and lay down in front of the fire. Her head hurt massively and the flickering flames seemed to taunt her.
“Leave where? If you leave you’ll simply bring your problems to the next town. They’ll all find out about your mishap with Lance in one way or another.”
“I must go. I’ll cross the Gibraltic and then set sail to the south.” She stated emphatically.
“Must you? Charis,” Sabien leaned forward and propped his arms on his knees, “you cannot run away forever. It will simply do more harm than good.”
“What does it bother.” She muttered.
“Bother? Bother! Aha!” Sabien cried, “You think it will not matter now, because you feel desperate – trapped, like a wild cat in a cage; in time, this feeling will fade my darling, in time it will become but a faint memory.”
“I cannot wait till then, Sabien.”
“You must. You must persevere. Never mind the foolish boy. Live, Charis, live! You remember when I spoke those words to you in the forest?”
Electricity jolted through Charis’ body. Her eyes snapped up to Sabien’s.
“Ah, I see you do; then remember, my dearest, remember those words like you remember the day of your birth. What was it I said? Tell me.”
Sabien’s dark brown orbs seemed to probe the depths of Charis’ spirit. She shuddered and tore her gaze away to look into the fire. The flames writhed passionately, entangling amongst one another as they danced across the charred remains of the wood – elm wood that had been sacrificed so freely to lend warmth to her body. Her mind fled back into the recesses of her soul, recalling the events of that terrifying day.
“You told me to live. You shouted in my face and shook me by the shoulders. You stole away my last breath and gave me your own. Oh curse it all, Sabien! You’ve made me perfectly miserable. Instead of giving me life you should have left my soul pass on to the Other Realm. But no, I must endure the torture of this earthly hell hole.”
Charis slammed her palm against the floor and glared at her benefactor.
“I gave you life? Did I?”
“You know very well you did – why do you bother in taunting me.”
“My darling, I never gave you life, I simply caused you to desire your own. My love for you is what gave you the will to live. Without my happening upon you, the wounds that wretched beast delivered would have prevailed.”
“And now I live like this!” she cried angrily, pointing to the mauled half of her face.
“You’re beautiful, my darling.”
“Oh Sabien, Sabien, please don’t torture me. Don’t ever say that again.” She fell at his feet, weeping loudly. Her hair covered her face, hiding her tears.
Sabien kneeled beside her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a strong embrace.
“I won’t leave you again, I promise.” He whispered as he brushed her hair back. She buried her face into his chest, staining his shirt with teardrops. He felt the salty crystal rivers glide against his skin and he kissed her head.
“I’ll never leave you again, I promise.”
Charis ceased her sobbing after several minutes and pulled back, wiping her eyes.
“Why do you insist I find someone other than you? Why do you want me to join ranks with the nobles? If any man loves me, it is you – and I love you. Sabien, please, why must you torture me?”
She held his shoulders firmly and stared up at him. He shook his head and frowned, “It is for reasons that you would not understand. I cannot love you the way you wish to be loved. Saint Augustine has taught me that much.”
“Is it that you—“
“No.” He released himself from her grasp and stood, “No, it is for no reason that you can conjure up in that pretty brain of yours. My reasons are above your own.”
“Hush. Let me get you some tea, your nerves are wrought.”
“Sabien, you’re doing nothing to help this situation. My nerves! Pooh!”
Charis jumped to her feet, embarrassed with her tirade yet determined to secure her benefactor, “You’ve not helped one bit! What is it with you men! You barge into my house, unannounced, and then make a fool of me as I weep my heart out at your feet. How dare you.”
“How dare I? Oh, next time I shan’t save you from the grip of a lion. Now come, let’s have tea.” 


That shall be all for now :) Cheerio!

Signed with pudding, 

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