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April 26, 2012

Seaside Memories (A Tale)

The following is a very very short clip from the life of Claire. I shall say no more with regards to that. Please consider listening to the audio provided as you read the story -- I feel that it enhances it :) 

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A wind blew in off the coast, slipping around the rough edges of the rocky cliffs until it managed to escape over the top and rush dangerously through the forest until it hit the small town of Prithburgh, eliciting salty memories.

Claire sat on those very cliffs, not caring that the wind breathed through her blonde hair, tangling it together affectionately before rushing off to caress the folds of her cotton sweater. She wrapped her arms around her jean-clad legs and buried her fact between her knees. Her face was warm with salty tears that threatened to race down her regal face.

A blast of icy wind from the ocean rolled over her shoulders, making an unwanted shiver crawl up her spine and curl around the base of her creamy neck. She let herself look down at the breakers that crashed far below, spraying plumes of salty water against the sides of the century-old cliffs.

The foam swirled in little eddies, curving around the sharp rocks that jutted out of the surf. They spun violently as though dancing some sort of macabre two-step with the wildlife of the ocean, until it entirely dissipated and became one with the ocean once more.

Claire drew her hand inside her sweater and wiped her face. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying for so long.

Loneliness gets so old, she thought to herself as she crawled to the edge of the cliff, like she used to do when she was a little girl. She let her body press against the chilled granite as she hung her head over the edge and looked down.

There was nothing new to see; just the same old view that had greeted her adventure-hungry eyes for many years.

But last time, I shared this view, she thought. The uncontrollable feeling of exhaustion and sadness rose up inside her and pooled within her eyes, slipping down her cheeks. She rested her head against the rock and closed her eyes.

I’m so sorry, my love. Her left thumb absentmindedly stroked the ring on her finger as it had done many times. Her chin trembled ever so slightly. She opened her eyes and gazed far off into the distance, where ocean met sky.

If only it had been me, I would have taken your place any day. But now I am left here, without you. She blinked twice, clearing her eyes. The wind continued to brush against her and the surf never ceased its silent thundering.

Please understand. I can’t go on living without you. You mean, she shook her head and a sob escaped her whitened lips, you meant…the world to me. And cursed be the day that sought your life so cruelly.  
We shared so many memories. So many. The waves sprayed up against the rock, sliding down again to drag more fragments of the past to the watery depths of the sea.

I have to let go. Forgive me. I will never forget you.

She pushed herself to her knees, dirt had smudged her face and clothes, but she didn’t bother to brush it off. Biting her lip, she pulled the ring off her left hand, swallowing hard as the small diamond glinted at her, as though smiling. She clutched it to her heart for a moment, then without allowing herself a moment for second thoughts, she drew her hand back and flung the ring out to sea.

New tears poured down her face.

 I will never forget you. She swallowed hard and exhaled, letting her warm breath mingle and dissipate amongst the winds. 


Signed with the four winds, 


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  1. *applause* Very good :D Withholding information and letting it out bit by bit is always a great way to keep a reader's attention.


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