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June 8, 2012

Centurion-99 (A Chase Scene)

I was listening to the Tron soundtrack and wrote this little chase scene up :P enjoy! I've also included the music to which I wrote it :P (well, one of the songs -- the main one being Disc Wars, but I also had C.L.U. and Rectifier playing).
Inspiration mainly comes from the movie Tron: Legacy (which I just watched a few weeks's SO amazing!) and its soundtrack :)

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Disc Wars by Daft Punk on Grooveshark

Keisha snapped her head sideways and watched them approach. Their vehicles roared loudly, the whirring sound increased. Come on, come on! she urged.
Her legs burned viciously against her position – her body low against the ground, stretched out like a cat ready to pounce.  Just a few more seconds; she had to time this perfectly.
The machines drew closer, spitting gravel and dirt behind their treaded tires. Green lights flowed luminously down their sides, spilling off the feet of their riders. Monsters, Keisha corrected as she clicked the safety off on her A37-sniper rifle.
She aimed and pulled back the trigger. One of the vehicles convulsed wildly, zig-zagging out of control momentarily before flipping over and over to land in a heap of twisted metal.
One down, one to go. Keisha pulled her legs closer to her body as the other vehicle spun rapidly away from her position, putting distance between her and it with each passing second.
Pulling a cube from her back pocket, she pressed the fourth side and threw it in front of her. Within moments, it transmorphed into her ride.
Centurion-99 – simply known as C9 – good on fuel, rides the sound-waves like a charm at half a million beats a second, cloaking device provides protection against most regular riders. Keisha recited as she paused to look around, then jumped on and gunned the engine.
Already her adversary was shifting in and out of focus in the distance. Either morphing, or he’s just far away. She pushed the accelerator to the max; the speed dial shot up, then slowed to a steady climb, inching closer and closer to full potential.
A ray of light splashed against her leg, setting her pants on fire.
“Agh!” she cried; the C9 jerked to the side as she momentarily lost control to bat out the flames. They refused to be quenched, “Agryl-fire. Curse the beasts.”
Realizing she couldn’t put out the flames until she soaked them in ivy and lime, Keisha gritted her teeth against the pain and bore down once more on the accelerator. The light-rider ahead of her slowly came into view as the distance between them closed. Thankfully he only had a general Matrix-75, it was much slower than the C9.
Another beam of Agryl-fire splashed in her side-view. She lurched away, sending the C9 over a large jump. She was suspended, momentarily, in mid-air. Her body rose from the seat, but the gravity booster clamped down and she shot back; however, this time she rode air. The C9 had caught hold of the sound-waves from the smaller, less-efficient Matrix. Keisha sped forward even faster, passing the max on the speedometer, seeing as the only resistance was the air itself which offered little hindrance.
Another beam of fire slashed to the side; Keisha glanced up quickly to see a hover-craft following from several hundred meters away. She pulled out her sniper and shot off several rounds, not bothering to see if they hit their target. The effect was what she desired – the hover-craft pulled back, making the Agryl-fire less effective.
Keisha could already feel the skin on her leg begin to blister and bubble. She bit her lip and aimed her gun forward. Just one good shot, she thought as she eyed her target through the sight lens.
Suddenly, the C9 bucked underneath her, forcing her to drop the gun, which fell, only to be jerked to a halt by the safety line, as snapped it back up into its holster. What the…
The back tire suddenly burst into flames – Keisha jumped.
Impact with the hardened terrain was excruciating; merciful blackness rushed into her vision as her body limply skidded to a halt against a rock wall. 


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  1. What happened? Could you please post more?! Pretty please!

  2. Haha, I actually have no clue :P Sorry to leave you in suspense! If I get the inspiration for it, I'll add on to this scene, but for the moment I had no intention of writing more :P I'll see what happens!
    God bless!

  3. ahh! you don't know what comes next? *sigh* writers... XD

    Fun to see what you've been writing lately though! :)

  4. Unfair. 'course, it's not like I have much room to talk. I'm famous for cliffhangers.

    By the way, I'm back. :) I've missed your blog and I can't believe it took me reviving my own to come back to it. ;)

  5. Squeaks! Squeaks! *rushes in and waves a paper* I've got news that pertains to you: see here!

    You've been...tagged! >:D


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