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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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August 21, 2012

A Little Rant About Dreams

My random splurge on dreams. Call it me reminiscing on the many years of dreams I've had, in but a short blip of white space :P


In my dreams it’s like another world; a world of violence and passion and emotion.
My dreams are so unlike the real world. I’ve been married to an East Indian, a Russian, a bench-presser, a theatrical dramatist, a cowboy, and a skater dude. I’ve journeyed across the world, through cold and heat, through war zones, on airplanes, inside ships, and across beaches. It’s the grandest adventure and the world’s worst nightmare all wrapped up in the prettiest Christmas wrapping ever seen.
I still remember the time I saw the witch on the stair case. She haunted my dreams multiple times, turning her long iron spoon in her bubbling mixture, peering through blinded eyes into the darkness as I tried to sneak past on the stairs. I remember the time I rode the wildest roller coaster in the world…and of course there was that trip through the haunted tunnel where the banshee screamed at my friend and I from behind curtains of the unseen.
I’ve been chased more times than I care to mention. By people, masked avengers, mountain lions, tigers, bears, strong guys, and such. One time I was pursued by a gigantic cat down the side of a mountain during winter time. I ran faster than the wind and summersaulted into my friend’s wedding only to battle sharks and octopus while I swung from the rafters on a giant rope.
Then there was the time I took the villainous position in my dream, stealing people’s hearts and sealing them in little bags, after which I’d collected them with my friends we’d slid down these giant slides and deposited our booty in a crusty looking van. Then there was the washroom episode where the toilet was covered in spiders. I screamed so loud I thought the smeared glass composing the window would shatter…but it didn’t. And the spiders climbed all over my blanket.
I’ve seen orcs in a university, chasing down innocent people who had no clue they were under attack in the first place. I’ve commandeered a battle operation in which all of Canada was under attack by the Nazis. I’ve flown in airplanes and survived crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. I drove a truck in standard before I actually learned to drive standard :P that was fun.
I’ve helped stem wounds; seen people get limbs lopped off, watched brains fly all over the wall, swam in blood, slipped on gore, shot and been shot at, and escaped a prison of lunatics. I’ve sung in front of an audience of thousands, played piano, conducted a symphony, and owned a gorgeous ball gown that was probably worth more than my entire province.  
I even sang with my first pastor. It was sad. I woke up crying, because he was amazing and I never did get to sing with him before he passed away. His sons played the brass instruments and we sang a beautiful song to Jesus. I don’t remember what it was, but I loved it and I hold that dream close as though it were a reality.
I’ve had people say wonderful things and horrible things, in my dreams. I remember the time a dream helped me get over a big crush I had on a guy a long time back. Yeah, dreams can do that. I was visiting him in this school but he was busy wrestling with some girl. It was weird. And I was mad. When I woke up, I felt as though I’d been released from ever liking him in the first place.
I’ve learned things from my dreams…such as some people cannot be trusted no matter what, repetition of an action can result in it becoming an obligation rather than enjoyable, and God beats everything :P
I’ve battled demons and flown around the country without wings. One time I was chased through the air by a demon, but I kicked it in the face and rebuked it in Jesus name…I didn’t get to see what happened because I woke up at that point. It was insane. Then there was that evil woman that pursued me continuously for nearly 2 years (yes, I’m talking actual years, not dream years) in my dreams. She locked me in chains and chased me down the country side (but my friend was able to drive me away and hide me in a muddy hole in the side of a ditch). She was evil…but I’m glad to say she’s not come around for a long time! And then there was the evil white-haired man who tried to steal my soul. But he’s been gone for quite some time too. Hopefully they never come back.
So dreams are awesome and dangerous and crazy. They certainly serve as a jump-point for amazing tales. That is all for now. Perhaps I’ll expand on this at a later point in time.

Signed with waves, 


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