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August 8, 2012

An Adventure (A Poem)

I was thinking about adventures today and got a bit inspired so I wrote this little poem. It's rough, but I kinda like it :P mayhaps I'll add more later on...after all, there are millions of adventures to be had :P I don't quite think I covered even the bare minimum of them all.



An Adventure by Squeaks

Let’s go splash in the moonlight. It’s so beautiful outside, darling.
Let’s go dance in the summer sun, the sweet breeze flowing through our hands.
Let’s go smile at the monkeys and feed the giraffes.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s go twirl around the blueberry bushes, and pin leaves on thorns.
Let’s go melt chocolate in the microwave and eat marshmallows.
Let’s go climb a tree and forget we ever knew what dirt was.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s stop looking down and turn our eyes heavenwards, to the cerulean sky.
Let’s stop hiding from the rain, it’s for dancing in after all.
Let’s stop brushing away the bumblebees. Not everyone wears a yellow jacket.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s take the train across Canada and ride on the winds of imagination.
Let’s climb the great towers and stand under the spray of the majestic Niagra.
Let’s hunt fish with our hands and splash in a river's cool, terrestrial flow.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s take our backpacks and hike the Rocky Mountains,
Let’s pause to have a snow-ball fight, I’ll throw snow down your back and run like a gazelle.
Let’s chance the wilderness and get lost on the backroads.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s drink orange and watermelon juice for breakfast and grin at the sun,
Let’s throw waterballoons at passersby and hope they burst.
Let’s get ice cream in December on the day before New Years.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s watch the whales spout out sea water and slap their tails against the surf.
Let’s paddle a canoe down the Amazon and throw darts at a dart board.
Let’s pray for the sick and homeless and care for the orphans.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s go to a reenactment and pretend we’re English-born in the 19th century.
Let’s sip sherry and ginger-ale and grin like sir’s.
Let’s throw confetti in the air just because we can.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s watch the moon set on the western horizon as the stars twirl their merry dance.
Let’s watch a bird in flight as it soars up high and then swoops down low.
Let’s watch a fire crackle in the hearth, it’s warmth spilling out towards our frozen limbs.
Can we go on another adventure?

Let’s go on adventures our whole life and grin as we share them.
Let’s spend January through September grinning, and then September through January smiling.
Let’s go somewhere, do something.
Let’s go on an adventure.


Signed with rosemary and jasmine, 



  1. I love it! :) Especially since it gives us a nudge and says that not all adventures are swords and quests. Lots can happen in everyday life. :)

  2. That sounds wonderful, I would love to go somewhere. . .

  3. @Jake, thanks! Yes, lots can definitely happen in daily life :)

    @Anon, :P Go for it :) Every day is an adventure if you'll let it be one!


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