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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

August 22, 2012

IT & All Around (a Poem)

Call this rage writing or whatever you wish it. I needed to just write and so I did. And I can tell you, I'm about to burst because I'm in dire need of a good ol' breath of fresh air. Gonna go outside right now and do that!! :)



IT & All Around

It’s a whirlwind and I just want to gag and cover my face.
There’s too much emotion.
Too much emotion. I’m strangling myself in love and repulsion.
The back beat of the ocean against my spine.
It crawls up and down, every vertebrae shivers.
The rush of feeling tingles in my toes, erupting through my mouth.
Can someone stop this repulsive, wonderful thing?
Someone tell me that it’s only a nightmare!
I’m being driven, faster than any race car has ever dared travel,
Driven off the edge of a cliff, into a garden
A garden of the freshest, purest flowers in all of Venus,
Pluto swarms around my head, singing lonely lullabies
Songs about how it was once loved, so tightly
Like a lover, squeezing your breath out with such a
Such a satisfying grasp around your back,
Pulling tighter like the noose that hung those American rebels and fanatics.
My head is whirling round and round,
Count the rings of Jupiter and Saturn, combine them,
Shatter them against the glow of the sun,
Bite back the words that rush forth, trembling inside your vaulted caverns,
Trembling like hunted wolves, so ravenous but so afraid.
Let your bones tremble, mine tremble with every drop of the bass,
The guitar strings a melody that ties my skin back on,
Ties it back on with such a sturdy grasp,
Pulling all the loose ends together that fell apart when IT first drowned me.
Thought fought against the rush of IT. Emotion. Too crazy to capture.
IT rained down, like a thunderstorm that threatened to immerse the entire earth,
Immerse it in love and happiness and hate and sadness.
The tidal waters rise above our lungs,
Exhale bubbles, exhale into the stars,
Blow away the galaxies with your fury,
Dip your tongue into the dewy nectar of the flower,
Watch the bee fly by, scurrying away from your wandering eye.
Feel the grass bend under your feet, crying out against your pleasure.
Touch the tip of the rose, prick your finger,
It drips, flowing out of you. Life blood…emotion.
So much to feel and think and do,
So many sensations that well up inside like some majestic fountain,
But it all rips out through every pore in my body,
Rips out and leaves me bleeding out emotion from every wound.
Saber wounds, Stuck straight through by the sword I loved.
Stick again, like beanie reused for needles and and and.
Watch me walk, watch me run against the ground,
It flies away, behind, around, inside, through and before.
The end of the line.
Call up the Rinzler. I’m going down.
I’m already gone.
Pull out the .22, it’s already been done.
Shoot me through the heart with the tales of love.
Pulverize my soul,
But I’m already a leaf.
Can you hear the wind?
It calls so quietly, behind the sound of war.
Hold tight, we’re in for the ride of our lives.
Can you see the light?
It spills through the tree tops down on my head,
It’s so refreshing.
I crave light.
Light casts out darkness.
Light overcomes.


Signed with a whirlwind, 



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