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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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February 22, 2013

A Collection of Serious Poems

Hey folks; I had the sudden inclination to write some poetry...some of it is personal and some of it is not personal. Some I wrote from the viewpoint of another person, some I wrote from my viewpoint...all of it was written today. Make what you will of it, what I know in my heart, however, is that this is deep stuff for me :) 

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(a piece that has nothing to do with me)

FAS = inversion of (SAF - E)

In the midst of the passion,
The small burst of life
Careened from the darkness
Brought forth, conceived.
Tiny, tiny heartbeat,
Beautiful secret,
Caressed by the unknown,
Softly cared for,
Sweet tiny soul, so beautiful.
Ample time to grow in love…
What a mysterious gift.
Slip, Slide.
Darkness, deep purple evil
Infiltration. Perpetrator.
Engulfing the tiny blot of light.
Overcoming in one sly glide
One choice of the lips,
One move of the throat.
Death pulses nearby,
Ready to reach out,
Reach and grasp what it wants
But there is more.
SO much more fighting for
So much more in resistance:
Purpose? Life? Love?
And evil retracts its grip,
Spell binding horror of fleshly desire.
Yet, LO, it leaves its mark
Seared into the light,
Branded deep within.
Hellish consequence of life.
Still the light grows,
The heart beat strengthens,
Like thunder, like a storm without wrath.
A frightening wind, escalating
A hurricane of life,
Shattering all wants & driving forth needs.
Tarnished yet beautiful,
So fragile, so golden, so worth all.
Crescendo of life-blood,
Rhythmic pulsing, steady-rush forward.
Radiating light & glory & beauty.
Love & Hope.
Yet tarnished by poison,
By soulful, human pleasure.
Two actions, one outcome.
Joy – Affliction
Pleasure – Pain
Success – Regret
The fog never lifts,
Trudge to work through this sludge.
Frustration, confusion,
Here & now, but not my choice.
They never do get to choose.
It’s not their fault,
The guilt rests on you.
Watch the little light,
Struggling to bloom,
Inching its way through the fog,
Flickering in & out,
Stronger, weaker,
Weaker, strong,
Hold my gaze.
Freedom? Shelter…
Fear & desire…
Your regret.

(written from my viewpoint)

Deeper, For You

A hand reaches through the darkness & grasps,
Grasps those who wander in fog,
Whose eyes have been dimmed & broken.
A smile, full of love & care & warmth & purpose,
Stretching over the mire, straight to your heart,
Plunging deep within. Connection.
Soulful connection, deeper than sex or will or destiny.
Wrapping tight around beliefs & fog, & pulling,
Forcibly pulling out out out of self.
Intent focus, so intent it burns holes
Holes in my clothes, in my brain, through my skin,
Between my intellect, holes, holes everywhere.
I ooze. I pour out, seeping into the dirt,
My body broken for you, every single inch,
Splattered over this room.
Tendons ripped. My heart skewered. Blood.
Watch & listen, I shall teach you.
The fog will lift, but if it doesn’t,
I will burn through it with my soul,
Reach through & take your hand.
Trust me. I will fight every step
Gain or lose this ground.
You are a treasure, soaked in poison,
And I will die for you.

(written from another's viewpoint)

Farther to Purple

They think I’m fine. Hah!
Hell, I think I’m fine too,
In fact, everything is fine…right?
No, wait, go back, rewind.
Re-wind. Farther, farther.
                                There! Stop!
See? See that?
Oh, I didn’t know. I had no clue.
I mean, you know, trust & all…
Why would I doubt? I shoudn’t.
I didn’t. But no everything
Is different. Everything.
It explains so much. I mean,
The fog. Abnormality. Inability.
Wait, no no, haha…that’s not right.
I’m fine. I’m laughing this away.
Come on guys, laugh, this is stupid!
I love how you plunged
Plunged that dagger into my brain,
But never said a word.
I’m fine. Really.
Life is so much better
When you taste the poison…

(I have no clue what this means, I wrote what came to heart)

Before I Fall

Pick up the pieces from where you last left off.
I see you counting down.
Clear – violet – purple – blood – heart.
It’s a fish. Opening & closing its mouth.
Anxiety, remorse, regret. No.
It’s a beaver. Slapping water, sprishh, spray.
Diseased bones, my soul!
It’s a lion. Running & hiding from terror.
Drown my sympathies.
Carry these broken bones, this fractured body,
Down from the mountain.
Carry me away, far far away.
6 ft. under flowers’ roots, I am at rest.
The joy of peace, the ray of truth.
                                                                Tell me everything.


So it's a little bit sombre, I get that...but I do hope you folks enjoyed :) I pretty much spent eh...45 minutes cranking that stuff out...and it's all rough (no editing) so I don't expect a hugely grand response :P 

Signed with blossoms, 


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