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June 19, 2013

5 New Song Inspired Poems (Randomness & So Forth)

Hallo folks! I wrote 5 new poems while the internet was down at home. They're inspired by various songs. I tried to do a little bit of everything... so hopefully there will be one in there that appeals to you :) Enjoy!

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Moonlight/Waterlight – Inspired by Hidden Lakes by Shearwater

Tiny trickles.
Moonlit trickles.
Trickles and trickles and splishing squish of water,
Seeping and spreading and splashing around,
Cascading upon the worn, torn ground.
Heat, heading east, holding high reddened hopes,
Raising sacrificial bodies upward to universal emptiness.
Grasp my wrist, pull me upward,
Body twisting, coalescing together, every cell,
Inspire another breath, feel ligaments stretch, strain
Up toward skylight, moonlight, waterlight.
Feel the pull of the sliding droplets,
Negative pull against the earth,
Released from gravity.
Wounded animal,
Howling into moonlight,
Twitch and curl of neck,
Curve of spine and crisp fur to skin,
Wild wind, whispering secrets to those unbound,
Freedom and sanctuary between solitary pines
Shadowed by dark and light, moonlight, waterlight,
Wait for the call of the deep
Darkened dusk, dampened paw pads,
Free, like the crystalline drops,


Iced Around -- Inspired by The Snow Leopard by Shearwater

Sensitive and craving.
Flowing and earthly,
Curvature amidst the dips.
Sunlight embraces,
Seeping through the dark,
Melting ice and warming satin.
Hushed wind, breathing softly,
Rushing over crests and into gullies,
Pooling beside oceans before sinking.
Blinded suffering, coughed away,
Thrown aside for new life,
Sensations, separate and singular,
Melding and mixing:
Cataclysmic conjoining of three things –
Love, hate, and trust.

Everest, I cannot breathe,
My soul is not for sale,
Send word.


Martial Lantern -- Inspired by Star of the Age by Shearwater

Broken pebbles, crunching underneath every step,
Every footstep, shadowed by lantern light –
Swinging back and forth, to and fro,
Lantern light, spilling over cobblestone, searching
Searching for crevasses to fill
Frothing light, bubbling all around, over leathered soles
Through dirt and mist and pools of stagnant rainwater.
Swinging all around.
Crunch, crich, crunch, crich, crunch,
Forward bound – toes pointing and thrusting,
Cleaving the air and conquering the soil,
Micro gunshots, cracking through the dawn.
A revolutionary battle, fought in inches and centimeters,
Pulsating life connecting and brushing past the inanimate
Gliding through history, making history, leaving history.
Conquer, claim, and change.
Shine and fill.


Roses and Wells -- Inspired by If This Was a Movie by Taylor Swift

Sitting by the dresser is another book,
Wait. Not another book,
A book. Just a regular book, but
Look inside, there’s so much more.
There’s a story of my life, between pages 130 and 131.
Opened pages, sunlight hiding, rain slipping down the terrace,
Sit in my chair and pull it close,
Crushed a bit, dead and dried, still beautiful…
Remember this? This rose. So many memories.
Drying my tears with softened fingertips,
Brushing back hair with calloused palms,
Drawing hugs from a well of infinite belief,
A well that lied and ran dry.
Running on the railway,
Holding intertwined thoughts between the oak,
Perfected scene from a film,
Pass the souls, pass the elixir of joy,
Pass the rose,
Pass the keys,
Pass the eviction notification,
Pass the draught of pain.
Crushed. Dead and dried. Still beautiful.
Here’s to the memories,
Have another smile and draw from another well.


Stealing and Revenge are Poison – inspired by Better than Revenge by Taylor Swift

Hands on my waistline,
Trigger finger posed,
You’ve asked for friendship,
You get revenge.
Stealing has consequences,
But I’m no cop,
Stand in the corner or
I shoot.
It’s quite simplistic,
Raise your eyebrow and roll your eyes,
But all the acting is about to end,
It’s obvious that you had ulterior motives,
Got what you wanted,
Sneaking and stealing,
But there are bills to pay
For all the withdrawals you made
From my life.
There’s just one lesson you will learn:

Guilt is arsenic and you’ve been out-witted.


There ya go! That's all for now; I know some of the poems are weird and perhaps a little not-me, but eh...I was really bored and tired and needed something to write :P Anywhoodles,

Signed with cat whiskers,



  1. Wow - those are amazing. Definitely not like anything I've read before. But then again, I usually try to stay away from poetry. xD The fact that I read those should tell you something.

    I wondered if you knew I had a giveaway/contest going on, and if you'd be interested? (I promise I didn't just come here to promote it, really. I love your blog. ^_^ )

  2. Thanks! Glad you like them :P yeah, to be honest I don't generally enjoy reading poetry...writing it is rather cathartic though.

    I will definitely check out your blog :D


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