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September 7, 2013

A Source of Solitary Breath -- A Poem

Here's a small poem for you guys :) Enjoy! And yes, inspired by Mosani Pi by E.S. Posthumus. Glory! I honestly don't even know what the poem means...I just wrote what came to mind. It's nonsense to me. If you think otherwise then please do share and maybe the inner workings of my mind will be revealed to me :P


A Source of Solitary Breath

Closing upon oneself, a flower, a flower,
Petals and colour [thick colour, the kind that
just. The kind that is. The kind that I. The kind.
The colour. It's just. It is. You taste and feel,
Earthy, velvet colour, so thick and full
So thick, full, thick, oozing and plastic]
and striking sunlight and moonlight
Stars breathe.
Standing and shrinking, blooming, bursting,
Stretching to the sky and collapsing and caving
Withered and earthy.
Wind blows, leaves crack and fall and disperse

Trust and compassion,
Hope. Love. Peace. Virtuous.
Touch my hand, take a grip
A small grip.
A small touch. [it gives life and life is]
A little bit of life between death.
An inhale and an exhale.
A smile and a glance
A true love.
Love. Waterfall, kaleidoscope of brilliance.
Brushed with artistry and glory
A masterpiece,
Not framed, free, free as life.

I shoot, I writhe, inside outside back forth
I extend my soul, plasma hot
Hot hot, burning, skin, touch
Velocity and scream and glance and touch
Dispersing through the universe to touch
One touch, one glazing of a shoulder
One heavy breath, miasmal air.
One simple and only -
One small -

A break. A snap. A silence.

Closing upon oneself, a root, a shoot,
Believing in oneself, or not,
It's universal, what you extend to.
[extended so far, I split my mind thinking about it
Across the world even! in two places but one time]
Planted and rooted, then -
Time. It stretches us. Weaves us
Breaks us
Pulsation of life.

I escape through the barricade,
Pounding feet on pavement,
Exempt of it and free
Soul- soul! free as light
Light rays spilling everywhere,
A broken body, light spilling, flooding,
Immersed in light and light and light.
Snap back, neck, front drenched, sweat
Camouflage and combat gear and mud and sweat
Human, mortal, finite,

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