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September 23, 2013

Dare to Love -- {Poem: Fan-Fiction}

I wanted to do a little spin-off of some poetry I read by Anne Elizabeth Stengl (see her blog HERE; she's amazing!); so below is a piece she had tagged on with her pitch for Shadow Hand, followed by my fanfiction, if you will it :P It's not a complete nor fantastic work of art. Just something I scribbled out in 5 or so minutes.

Be bold, my heart!
Now is the hour
You've dared to love
The maid Starflower.
--Anne Elizabeth Stengl 




Dare to Love

Be bold, my heart!
Now is the time
You've dared to love
And deal in crime.

Be bold, my soul!
Your steadfast beat
Has parried off
The incomplete.

For in your haste
You've left a hole
And opened up
Your childish soul.

And from the outside,
To the inn
The darkest world
Will chase and pin.

Your heart is beating
Yet it will stop
If you should lose it
To the fop

They hurry out
In dandy glaze
With eyes a flutter
And tongues of praise

Their jowls glisten
And purses clink
With cruel jest
And lies in ink.

Beware your beauty,
It draws a beast
And from the forest
A pagan priest.

And on your chest
They'll flay you out
And sacrifice
Without a doubt

Your tender soul-
Will darken yet
When love's fool heart
Bequeath's a threat

And that once innocent
Turns to shade
A deeper darkness
And tarnished maid.

Be bold, my heart!
Now is the time
You've dared to love
Now risk the climb.

Be bold, my soul!
Your steadfast beat
Has parried off
To winter, sweet.


That's all for now my dears,

Signed with a little bit of Lemna minor,



  1. You're a Goldstone Woods fan? Coolness! I haven't found many other elves who've read those books!

    I like your poem. Sad, but well-written.

  2. @ Sarah, Yes! I discovered her 2 summers ago. I have to admit I wasn't very intrigued by her first two books, but lately she's really gotten better (probably because the world she's working with has developed so much). Or perhaps it's because she's written more on Eanrin :P (my favourite character).

    @Jess, Thanks! :)

    Glad you gals enjoyed it!


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