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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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January 15, 2014

Of Grub & Drink -- A Small Tale

The Adventures of My Meal:

I was scrounging around the cupboards looking for something that would satisfy my growing hunger...and really, I came up dry. There was nothing except for left-over this and that. I wanted something other than the shepherds pie I'd been having for the last three days. So...I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich (with gluten free bread). Then I sat down at the island armed with a bottle of ketchup, a tall glass, and a 4L jug of milk (I had a bit more than 4 tall glasses of milk! deeelightful!). And this... :P this was the scene that played out in my head (I love my imagination some days).


The door to the tavern swished and shut with a clunk, and a cold draft of air swept through the room. The newcomer was tall and broad-chested. He wore an axe at his side and his clothing was of rough fur adorned with bone. He gave a pull at his beard and shoved his way through the regular crowd, making for a free table near the fire.

The regulars whispered and shot him furtive glances as he passed. It was mostly his broad back that drew their attention; across it was firmly stretched a hauberk of toughened leather. Gouges criss-crossed upon it, indicating previous melees.

He sat himself in the far corner, with his back to the wall and his roguish face to the regulars. A barmaid swept up by his side and gave him a cheerful grin,

"How can I serve you, sir?" she asked.
"Give me whatever is fresh. And mead. Give me mead."
"For certain," she made to leave but then swung back and questioned, "Whereabouts? It's not often we get such men as you at this crossroad. Most are chicken farmers and shepherds from the south-east, and I'm certain you would rather eat a chicken raw than muck out its coop."
The man grunted and tugged his beard, "It wouldn't concern you. The lands I hail from are unknown in these parts."
"Give me my food and maybe I'll share one tale."
The barmaid tossed her long braid over her shoulder and hurried off.
The man looked back at the regulars, his left thumb hitching against the grooves in his axe handle.
It was a delicious meal most certainly, and for it he told the girl of how he had travelled from the far western sea to meet the King of the Eastern Valley - what news he bore, he could not say. He was, however, a stormwarden and he had nearly fought one skirmish too many with bandits and thieves and blackwires before he stumbled upon this little inn. For this, he was entirely grateful.

The stormwarden now sat, brushing the crumbs from his beard with thick, meaty fingers. He grasped his tankard of mead and took a deep draught, after which he stopped only to wipe the foam from his lip.

His gaze softened and the regulars which once seemed dangerous and mysterious now appeared only curious and rather plain.

The fire's soothing heat wrapped tendrils beneath his hauberk and thick animal skins; the continuous background din of the room became melodious and within a few moments, the stormwarden found himself hypnotically lulled to sleep by the tavern's inviting atmosphere.


I hope you enjoyed!

Signed with a whistle,


January 1, 2014

There & Back Again - A Short Tale of Adventures & Disasters

My dash is flooded with posts of "Happy New Year" and "All the best on 2014!" etc, etc. Originally I wasn't going to write anything about this last year or the new year...however, I suppose I succumbed to the inner desire to provide information.

Looking back, 2013 was a good year and a sad year. I think it's time for a list & plenty of Tolkien quotes (because we always need those in times like these).

The Good Things

  • We did a LOT of hiking together as a family :) great memories
  • The parentals celebrated their 22nd! woop woop! So glad they're together through it all; takes gut to stay together these days & they're strong through everything. My folks are the best. 
  • Got to visit lots of family this year, both mom's side and dad's side. 
  • Spent lots of time out in the sun this summer, working beside my mom, dad, brother, and childhood friend. 
  • Read a ton of books I've been wanting to read!
  • Wrote bits of a new book (which really was just for fun, nothing serious there folks)
  • Went to a medical conference for the first time (and discovered my interest in microbiology and immunology really paid off)
  • Climbed Mt. Begbie straight up to the glacier :D 
  • Went to my best girl friend's wedding!
  • Did a lot of fun activities with the young adults people :P (swimming, hiking, treasure hunting for phones at a local ski hill, etc etc)
  • Got to hold my little baby second cousins in my arms <3
  • Went to see an old friend play piano this summer; he's so dog-gone amazing!!!
  • Skiied successfully for the second time (back in February I think) and didn't get injured :P
  • Saw The Desolation of Smaug (good stuff!)
  • Did super duper good in school this last term (I fulfilled the promise I made to myself)
  • FINISHED MY B.Sc. !!
  • Have nearly all my references for my application to an M.Sc. program. 

The Not Good Things (from my point of view)
  • Our amazing lead pastor passed away
  • Quite a few other people passed away too
    • My great aunt
    • A neighbour
    • An ex-neighbour
    • A family friend
    • Several more family friends from our church
    • A lil' kid from the town over
    • To be honest I've been to more funerals this last year than I have in my whole life combined.
  • My brother broke his clavicle (funny story, but painful)
  • I got stuck on chemotherapy nearly 3 weeks ago (woopdeedooda)
  • We had quite a number of beloved animals pass away over the last month
    • My brother's horse died from a stroke/seizure
    • Our beautiful black lab died from kidney + pancreatic failure and septic shock just this Sunday
    • My baby, our purebred Akita, Shinzou, died from sudden bloating on Christmas Day
    • A lil' baby calf was slain by coyotes
  • Went gluten free. 
    • Why's this on the "bad" list?? BECAUSE BREAD! TOAST! CRUMPETS! GLUTEN-OUS FLOURY DELICIOUS SUSTENANCE!! Folks, I miss it. It is torment some days, but well worth it others :P 


This last week has been a really tough one. It's supposedly the most wonderful time of the year; I dunno 'bout you but I've done a lot of crying and questioning. Still, through all the trials and whatnot, I recall all the wonderful memories 2013 has brought me. It's really been a good year despite the sledge-hammering of this last month. And despite all of my losses, I have amazing memories to recall in the years to come. Pain doesn't last forever unless you let it. 
Plus, I have a wonderful family that sticks together like family should. Sure, we have our sore spots and the folks get over-parental sometimes and I act like a little brat other times and some days I feel like my brother should be back on baby food and Pampers, but hey! Every family has its ups and downs...afterall, it wouldn't be family if it wasn't like that. But we stick together like glue because we love each other to death. I'm so thankful I've got the family I have right now because I'm not sure how else I'd be able to handle all this stuff that's coming down the pipe. 

So here's to a new year with new adventures and exciting stories to be written and challenges, dares, and stupid mistakes (because we all know we're going to make a few).

Now, my dears, I have a sliver of delightful gluten-free cheesecake sitting in the fridge. It is my most imminent wish to devour that slice and experience the entire ecstasy and adipose slapping deal it offers (because ya'll know cheesecake is my favourite thing under the sun). However, I have a brother...and he too wishes to consume said last-slice of heaven. So I shall remove this temptation from his eye-view by taking it upon me to exterminate the evidence :D :D

Signed with a wisp of smoke from the fireplace, 



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