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April 7, 2014

Life Update

Hey ya'll, here's a weird life update to read :)


My days usually consist of some kind of work + tea
Yellow is not my favourite colour

Lots of my friends are getting married/are married/will be married soon
Igloos are pretty radical but they'd all be melting right about now.
Fridays I help out with youth group
Everyone I know in university is just about stressed to maximum right now (finals starting :P)

Ice is all gone; so's most of the snow (there's a lil bit left!)
Silence holds a new appreciation in my heart :) and so does sleep, come to think of it.

A is a great letter!

Let's all listen to country music ;) I've been doing that a lot. Country & Ed Sheeran.
I'm waiting to hear back about my MSc application...really praying about it!
Too much music can be a bad thing (especially if it's junky music)
Too little music can also be a bad thing (music is awesome; that is, if it's good)
Learning new things every day is a great way to live life!
Every time you think everything is perfect, it'll bounce in your face and splat everywhere :P

Brace yourselves for spring weather posts on FB / oh immature middle aged adults!
Oh! I found out you can eat kiwis without peeling them; they're super tasty that way!
Really, bandaids are amazing; I skinned myself this last week so they've come in handy
Indeed, growing up is a life changing experience >.<
New books are the best, especially if you can actually smell them, haha
God is everything.

Babies that cry are probably the most annoying ever (no offence, babies)
Under every face is a person with a real life, so treat them like they're special :)
Tinkerbell was actually very wicked.

I've already been swimming in our creek
Tomatoes are yucky
'Sunshine is wonderful & I love it; also, t-shirts!

Aww yeah! Learning new things about zapping people in a neuromuscular lab Woohoo
Wendy's is really bad for your health :| eat healthy, folks!
Everyone doubts themselves at some point in life.
So, your parents are very special people...might want to remind them about it ;)
Oh dance with me!
My finger nails are man nails, because I work outside. Take that!
Eating gluten free has become a reality in the last 6 months

New friends are cool friends
Exercise is nasty (sometimes), but necessary
Variety in everything is a good thing :)
Except when it comes to milk...then it's skim milk all the way
Reading has been something I'm not doing a ton of lately
The best orchestral music has been written by Howard Shore (no joke)
Helping out with church stuff is satisfying, generally
Existential crisis - it can happen to anyone at any time and you should expect it at least once
Love. It's everything. 1James4!
Endless amounts of farm work.
Saturdays & Sundays & Singing <3
Sharing your mind; I sometimes do it too much :P


Well that's pretty much what's on my mind. Also, if you're savvy enough to have discovered my other public blog (*cough* Minstrel Warrior *cough*), then you'll know I just posted a pointless update to it as well :)

Signed with an arrow feather,

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