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June 11, 2014

Five Glass Slippers - A Review

Five Glass Slippers is a collection of Cinderella-esque stories written by young authors from all over the place - several of these ladies have never before been published! I received an e-copy of the book in exchange for my honest review - so here we go :)

Despite my excitement, I was a little hesitant about reading some of these stories, simply because I knew all the submissions had been for a contest and (as I mentioned) some of the authors had never been published. However, by the time I finished, I was thoroughly impressed and realized my fears had all been for nothing. The stories are charming, unique, and well crafted. Several had plot twists I didn't expect and left me feeling quite comforted with the various happy-endings. Let me give you a bit more detail.

What Eyes Can See - by Elizabeth Brown
This short romance brings us into the world of an introverted, shy Cinderella who wants nothing to do with royalty. You'll be surprised! Of the five, What Eyes Can See is the most similar to the original Cinderella story...but at the same time, while maintaining all of its similarity, it is vastly different. Brown leads us through the normal paces of the tale, but alters the character of each player in a special way to bring a new feel to the reader. It was a superb start to the collection.

Broken Glass - by Emma Clifton
As the comedy out of the collection, Broken Glass does a good job of maintaining familiarity while flipping everyone's expectations upside down. It's a page-turning, prank-riddled pot magical of fun. The characters are outrageous and funny - but beware! The slipper fits the wrong girl, and things could very well all go up in smoke!

The Windy Side of Care - by Rachel Heffington
As a follower of Rachel's blog, I looked forward to reading this piece - it did not disappoint. In a battle of character, we discover that the prince and the princess have essentially switched dispositions. Here, the Cinderella player (Alisandra) is the true heir to the throne and (from my point of view) plays the part of the hero, while the prince is an imposter. I loved Alisandra for her strong, demanding character - it was truly a unique twist on the story and it still managed to have a delightful happy ending.

A Cinder's Tale - by Stephanie Ricker
Out of the five shorts, this one was the most displaced from the original Cinderella story, yet it managed to captivate my utter attention and fascination. A Cinder's Tale is the sci/fi twist that takes us to the edge of the space frontier where mining cendrillion proves to be a well-paying, albeit dangerous job for the brave cinder. Elsa (our Cinderella-like character) works together with her companions to save her mining station from disaster. Her happy ending differs drastically from the rest, yet by the end I left the story with a satisfied sensation - it was a wonderfully different tale to experience!

The Moon Master's Ball - by Clara Diane Thompson
This short was my absolute favourite out the five - I thought it was well placed to end the collection. Wreathed in mystery and magic, The Moon Master's Ball delivers a chilling, spellbinding tale of sacrifice and enchantment, in which Tilly (our Cinderella-like character) must overcome her greatest fear. It seems that everyone hides behind a mask, and only until the end is their true character revealed. If you are a fan of magic, mystery, and masquerades...this is definitely the story for you!


All in all, Five Glass Slippers is a wonderful collection. The stories are neither too long nor too short - they're just right for a mid-afternoon break, accompanied with a cup of tea, some biscuits, and a cozy spot on the couch. If you're a fan of fairytales, happy endings, and well-written characters, then I think you'll really enjoy reading these tales.

My rating: 5/5


Signed with periwinkle,



  1. I want to read these so much. I love Cinderella remakes, and the winning stories all sound so cool. Plus, the people who've read them all seem to love them.

  2. What great reviews! I reviewed The Moon Master's Ball myself, but have yet to read the others ... will be doing that quite soon!


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