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June 19, 2014

Lupus: The Cynosure (a poem) || Wolf Bite

If any of my readers are fans of Owl City, they'll be aware that Adam released the full track Wolf Bite just the other day (for his new EP, Ultraviolet). I've been quite enraptured by it and as a result it's been on repeat. Have a listen!

I love it! The beat is catchy and the music is peppy, despite the dark lyrics. In fact, to quote Adam, 
Spoiler: Owl City is 95% sad lyrics over uplifting chords. (Source)
 Needless to say, I love Wolf Bite - as my auto-replay button on Youtube can attest :P Now, from the pattern of my previous posts, if you've read here often, you'll recall I sometimes like to write poems to accompany the songs I listen to; I'm a bit hesitant to write to Wolf Bite though, simply because in my opinion the song is so beautiful I don't know if I can do it justice. However, for the sake of my own curiosity, I will attempt to do just that and I hope I do not grievously err (but really, how much worse can my poetry get? :P).

With all that being said, I present to you my poetry :D



Lupus: The Cynosure

The wall is white, and I am still
My hands are ghosts beneath the sky,
I look ahead and breathe my fill
And watch the wind exhale a sigh.

This paint I stir is thick and green
Its colours match my thoughts unseen
And still I hold my passion in,
Its waves unfold beneath my skin.

My mind is lost among the stars
I cannot comprehend my path
And so my dreams are stirred to scars,
The empty wall devoid of wrath.

Oh Lupus how you ran unseen,
From end to end, so strong and lean.
The ancients thought you simple prey
For Centaurus', his spear to slay.

Yet I know different, here above -
For sharper teeth have bitten clean;
And so you leapt, still undreampt of,
Your sparkling eyes with knowledge gleam.

My path is lost among the stars,
Will Lupus show me not the way?
How must I go and why so far
Cannot the ancients hear me pray?

And so I trekked between the clouds
My eyes now dim, with sadness shroud;
My hope of somewhere finding light
Had been extinguished in this night.

And Lupus answered not my call,
For all I knew, no All in All -
Perhaps the world went stiffly blind
And I, now lost, among my kind.

In my despair, my angel called -
His voice throughout the heavens rang,
And then I knew without a doubt
This was the one to face the fang.

My arms were chained to Lupus' feet
My legs enslaved by starry heat
Yet look, my saving grace arose
And swung His blade as Lupus froze.

With solemn pace I followed, free,
His footsteps, till they reached the sea
And there I stood, my paint-stained hands,
Now dripping from my heart's demands.

My back and thighs, they burned with pain
And looking down, I gasped with shame.
For underneath my bloodstained clothes,
Were Lupus' bites from Lupus' woes.

My eyes upturned to saving grace,
And, quaking, dared my voice to ask,
"Will you appear then, to this place
If Lupus fells the cosmos' mask?

And plunges all we know to dark,
Will I be left to seek my mark?
Won't you proclaim a firm decree,
And send your hope to set me free?"

Then, softly there came His reply
At first, less ardent than a sigh,
Until it swelled and overwhelmed
Each universe and earthly realm.

The skies roiled, violent with their load
And stars outstretched and darkness slowed
Till softly split the night in half
And summits glowed with strains of wrath.

And shaking now, I stood once more,
Calm, before my wall of white.
Paint dripped softly to the floor
Yet no more was I plagued with fright.

There reaching out, my fingers fell
Upon the wall that was my hell,
And swiftly they erased the pain,
As swift as hope had severed chains.

And now my masterpiece remains,
Thickly coating what was dry,
With strains of grief from opened veins,
Now scarring over back and thigh.

It was so fierce, this nightmare dark
And choked through with despair,
But now what's left is but a mark -
My saving grace was truly there.


Signed with starflowers,


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  1. That was a beautiful poem. And Owl City's music is awesome.


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